348-346 Return as a special teacher

 Yes, it's me.

 Suddenly I'm bored.

 The teacher left, saying 'I'm going to teach the students a lesson on the horrors of No Life King'........
 For some reason, I was the only one left behind.

 I was also interested in No Life King other than the teacher, so I wanted to take a look at it, but I thought, 'Why don't we leave the adventurers we invited to go out? I stayed because I had an opinion that I was going to be a good guest.

 Well, I'm the owner of the farm, so the host can't just leave the guests alone.

 So I followed Mr. Silverwolf into Veerle's dungeon.
 Viel, in a fit of rivalry, half-heartedly took Silverwolf away from me.

 Since Silverwolf was raving about his dungeon, he wanted to have his own dungeon praised as well.
 A guy with a deep need for approval.

 I went into the mountain dungeon in the Viel and after searching everywhere, I finally found it, only to find Silverwolf in tears.

''I didn't know there was still this.......such a tremendous dungeon.......?

 It seemed that he had already experienced the dungeon of Veerle.

''The monsters that come out and the materials you can pick up are of the highest quality. The dungeon orchard is above all........the origin of Alexander-sama's dungeon, the original orchard was here....
"Master, this guy is terrible! They say that the dungeon orchard that Master and I started is a rip-off of your brother Alexander. It was your brother who copied it!

 Veerle said pruriently.

''Even the cave dungeon just now is of such superb quality that the guild would be turned over if it were to become public knowledge...? A mountain dungeon of the same level of superlative quality from the side that I only thought was unprecedented.......?

 Mr. Silver Wolf?
 Well please don't cry?

'Praise the structure of the dungeon as well as the materials that come out? A multi-seasonal dungeon of my own design, created by God!
Veerle I'll praise him immensely later, but for now, just leave him alone...!

 I've heard that my mind's capacity has been overwhelmed by the events I've faced....
 Give it all a little more time to sink in.

"Hey you.........? What the hell is this place!

 And Mr. Silver Wolf clutched at me.

''There are two dungeons lined up in such close proximity, and two of them are super good! If we submit it to the guild's review, we're sure to get five stars, maybe even six!
''Brother Alexander's dungeon is six stars, right? Then I'll have seven stars!

 Veerle, can you not come in right now...?

What is this place with all these awesome dungeons?
So what is this place, the Farm of the Saints?

 Silverwolf-san huffs at Veerle's tea that was put in without punishment.

''I see........? The Saint's Farm........? The frontier that has been widely rumored and explorer-type adventurers are trying to find it all.......? Oh, that's right...?

 Mr. Silverwolf starts mumbling as if he were convinced by one person.
 It's scary.

''That's why everyone is trying to search for it so bloodily.......! Such an immense amount of wealth is lying dormant...! The Saint's Farm. It's the last unexplored place left in this world...!

 No, it's not that big of a deal, is it?
 It's just a place where we live in peace and quiet on a daily basis.

I know, I know. I'm not going to tell anyone.

 I didn't say anything.

"...I did not find this place by myself. I was only brought here by the hand of a transcendent named Alexander-sama. I won't be shameless enough to call myself the First Discoverer of the Secret Region with such good fortune!
That's the work of a man who has never known pride in his adventures.

 I don't know about this, Silverwolf, but I hear you don't tell anyone about this place.

 I don't mind if you don't, though, do you?

So what do we do now? I'd like to continue to have the young ones taught the way of the adventurer, but...?

 There is no one to teach them that important lesson.
 That's because they are on a social field trip with their teacher.

 I'm sure you'll be back by supper, but what should I ask Silverwolf-san to do in the meantime?

Well........... In that case.........?

 That Silver Wolf-san says with a fidgety expression.

''Can I challenge this dungeon while I have some free time? I couldn't help but get my temper up when I saw this new dungeon...! And all the more so when it's such a good dungeon...!

 When you see a dungeon, you can't help but conquer it.
 This is the way of the adventurer, isn't it?

    * * *

 Thus, Silver Wolf-san enjoyed the dungeon attack to his heart's content.
 Both Sensei's dungeon and Veerle's dungeon.

 Of course, he couldn't conquer them all in one day, so he spent many days on them.

 I was impressed by the fact that he was so devoted to dungeons, forgetting to eat and sleep while giving an adventurer's lecture to farm students, which was originally a requirement for him, and I was impressed by his obsession with dungeons.

 For me, it was meaningful to hear from Silverwolf's adventurer's knowledge about what parts of the dead monsters he defeated and how they were used in the dungeon.

 No one surpasses adventurers in their knowledge of how to make good use of the monsters and materials they can pick up from dungeons.

 We even learned how to make good use of the parts we used to throw away because we thought we couldn't use them.
 This should be called an unexpected harvest.

 For the next month or so, Silver Wolf-san camped in the dungeon without staying in the farm house, and trudged through both the teacher and Veerle's dungeon.

 By that time, I and my students had learned everything we needed to learn, so Mr. Silverwolf left the farm triumphantly.

 It was a good time for us to get to know each other.

 By the way, I heard that Silverwolf-san was treated as a missing person by his peers due to his stay on the farm for the past month, and there was a theory that he had died.

 It's a common story in the adventurer's industry.

 Thus, our farm's plan to invite a special instructor (adventurer) to teach at our farm was a success.

    * * * *

 The following is an aside.

 Since the Demon King has been here for a while, we talked about the adventurer, Silver Wolf, who had recently returned.

 If the Demon King had come to visit us a little earlier or if Silver Wolf had stayed a little longer, we could have introduced each other.

''An adventurer........I've recently become interested in that profession as well.
'What? Don't tell me you want to turn into an adventurer, Demon King?
''It's not that. With the end of the Human-Devil War, the Demon King's Army is slowly being reduced in size. In the Demon Kingdom, the management of dungeons has been led by the Demon King's Army, but there is a proposal to outsource this type of work to the private sector.

 I see.
 The guild of adventurers will be the consignee.

 We'll be able to make use of the institutions unique to the human race in the demon kingdom where there are demons.
 This is exactly what we can do now that the war is over. It's a great feeling to feel that the world is progressing.

Of course there are many dungeons in the Demon Kingdom, but every manageable dungeon has a member of the Demon King's army stationed in it. If we let the Adventurer's Guild take over the management of those dungeons, and the Demon King's Army is out of the picture, I think we can cut down on a lot of personnel...

 As far as I'm concerned, I think it's a pretty good idea.
 So why would the Demon King, who is cheating on such a dream plan, have a somber expression on his face.

''Actually, that plan isn't going well...''
Why is that again?

 The leader of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King's Army.
Belphegamilia of 'Fallen'.

You are now the commander of the Demon Army and the head of the military. You can't do anything about it if she doesn't agree with you. Normally, you can just say 'Isn't it okay?' to any issue, but this time, why...?

 I don't think it's a good idea to just say 'isn't it good?
 You are in a position of responsibility, aren't you?

"...what's that person against?
That's the wrong question. The only thing I blurted out was...!

 A word?

"She's going to make her move...

What are you doing?

    * * *

 I couldn't have imagined it at the time.

 The strongest of mankind, making even the Four Heavenly Kings, Belfegamilia, afraid.
 The president of the No Life King.

 Its hidden shadow lies deep within the Devil's Land.