349-347 Disappearance Adventurer's Return

 I'm Shabe. I'm a humble budding adventurer.

 When I heard about it, I freaked out.
 A dead S-class adventurer, Silverwolf?

 The adventurers were talking about him.

 Mr. Silver Wolf was one of the only five S-class adventurers in the world.
 Among them, he is known for his skillfulness.

 He's a lone wolf and doesn't form a party, always challenging dungeons alone.
 His solitary behavior is admired by many adventurers.

 I'm a big fan of my brother Silverwolf, too.
 The mainstream adventurers usually choose either the Golden Bad or the Black Cat faction when deciding which of the current S-class adventurers they are fans of.
 The connoisseurs usually choose the Silver Wolf brother.

 That's why I was shocked when I heard the news of Brother Wolf's death.
''How absurd! Oh, my God! I don't believe it! I thought.

 I heard that Brother Wolf had disappeared while he was regularly attacking the six-star dungeon, "Holy White Maiden Mountain".
 Some witnesses said that just before he disappeared, he was called in by the guild.

 From there, various speculations flew about his disappearance.

The theory that he was forced to marry the guild master's daughter and ran away.
The theory is that he was caught having an affair with the guildmaster's daughter-in-law and ran away.
The theory is that the guild master forced me to be a homos*xual and I escaped.

 There were various rumors.
 Incidentally, he later denied any lustful relationship with the guildmaster and his family.
 Why did those rumors start?

 Anyway, it's been a week or two, but I still haven't heard from Brother Wolf....
 Has he finally died in a dungeon somewhere?
 If a monster eats you, there's no corpse left and there's no way to confirm your death.

 Just when I was told that.........

 Silver Wolf's brother came back.
 He hadn't been back in about a month.

 Since we had assumed that he was completely dead, everyone was truly surprised.

 I also witnessed the miraculous return of my brother Wolf with my own eyes.

 I was so concerned about his safety that I went to the Holy White Maiden's Mountain, where he was last seen, and used it as a base to attack the dungeon.

 I'm glad the renovation work is done.
 It's a good thing I registered a lot of stuff when I was here before.

 So that's why Brother Silverwolf showed up at the Sacred White Maiden's Mountain Guild Branch again...

 The atmosphere was very different!
 It's quiet and yet it's very impressive...?

 It was as if he'd gone up to a higher level than we'd ever seen before.

 Of course, I was the lowest-ranked person on the team, so I had to watch it from a distance.
 The A- and B-grade people were trying to talk to him, but he didn't seem to be saying anything.

 Where the hell were they for a month when they were missing and what were they doing?
 When asked, he doesn't answer any questions.

 So the rumor is, 'What did Silverwolf do for a blank month?' It spread in this direction....

The theory that 'I was confined under house arrest because I was forced to marry the guild master's daughter.
The theory that he was under house arrest because he was caught having an affair with the guildmaster's wife.
The theory: "I was under house arrest because the guild master forced me to be a homos*xual.

 He later denied having any lustful relationship with the guildmasters.
 However, the brother Wolf, who is the guildmaster, has never spoken about it, so there's no way for it to develop, and before long the rumors are gone.

 My brother himself has been attacking the Sacred White Maiden's Mountain as if he had never been away from home before, and has been making his way to the upper levels.
 I've been struggling with the zakkofrog monster at the lower levels.

 ........that day too.
 I managed to exchange the flesh, skin and oil from the frog monster I defeated for money to pay for lodging that day.
 When I was drinking with the little money I had left over.

'.........sharing a seat, okay?

 The unbelievable thing happened.
 My brother Wolf was sitting across from me.

 Brother Silverwolf! Does he really have the face of a wolf?
 Beastman War Wolf is so cool!

 I profess to be a fan of my brother Wolf, but of course I don't know him and I've never spoken to him.
 I'm sure they don't even know my name or my existence.
 That's what I thought, so why did you come out of nowhere?

I'm not going to be able to tell you what is going on. With such a surprised look on your face?
What? Um..........?
Sometimes we adventurers drink in the same tavern. Or do you not want to eat with me?
'No way! Cheers!

 And then we smash our drinks against each other.

 So cool~!
 Brother Wolf's way of calling a toast is so cool~~~!

 A toast?
 I don't know what it means, but it's so cool! I'll use it next time!

You, by the way...
I hear you're trying to get to the saint's farm?

 How did you know that?

Yeah, yeah! I dream of discovering a saint's farm and going down in history!
It's a big dream.... But does the farm of the saints really exist?
'The only information we have is rumors that raise eyebrows. There is no evidence or witnesses to determine its existence. Maybe there is no such thing as a saint's farm. Yet you continue to search for it?

 What is this, some kind of serious question?
 I feel like my adventuring life is going to be ruined if I answer this question without being careful.

 I have to be very careful what I say.

"There's always a saint's farm. I'm going to find it. That's my adventurous spirit!

 Brother Wolf smiled with satisfaction.

'Your determination to put your saint's farm on the line is well understood. In spite of your passion, I have some good things to tell you.

 My brother quirked his finger and gestured, 'Lend me your ears'.
 When he did as he said, Wolf's brother whispered in a small voice that no one but his ears could hear.

'The Saints' farm exists!

 What did you say?

 Brother! Why are you so sure about this?
 You're not actually going to find the farm of the saint?

I'm not qualified to claim to have discovered that place anymore. You're going to have to find it for me. ........Find it, the whole world is there!

 What a strong word!
 My brother has not been seen for a month...?

"Silverwolf's brother........! I'll find the saint's farm! And I'll be the first to report to my brother!
'That's what makes you a hot soul adventurer. I can't tell you many things, but I will give you one piece of advice.

 Brother Wolf said.

'There's a No-Life King on the Saints' farm!
The No-Life King?

 The two biggest disasters in the world?
 Did you come back from a place with such a vicious presence?

 Oh, speaking of the No-Life King, the Earl of Country Castle is in the news recently for his disappearance.

''Huh, I can't say any more from you, but I'll give you one last piece of advice. There's not only a No-Life King in the Saint's Farm, there's also a dragon!
What did you say?

 The two biggest disasters in the world are lined up!

 Speaking of which, I heard that a dragon claiming to be the saint's servant was attacked during the war...?

 This is an even more bizarre world than I imagined.........................the farm of the saints.
 But Brother Silverwolf has survived such an atrocious shroud of violence.

'I can't tell you anything about it, but I wish you the best of luck in fulfilling your dream of being an adventurer...! Adios!

 And then Brother Silverwolf left.

 You entrusted me with your dream of becoming an adventurer, didn't you...?
 I'm going to do my best to find the saint's farm so that I can live up to your expectations!

 .........by the way.
 Silver Wolf's brother, who had left my seat, went two seats away from me and sat down again.
 We were sharing a seat, after all.
 Across from Brother Wolf was a young female adventurer sitting across from him.

''By the way, I hear you're going to the saint's farm?

 Are you saying the same thing you said about me?
 Could it be that you're talking to each and every adventurer who professes to be aiming for the saint's farm!

'I am no longer qualified to aspire to that place, but still, let me tell you one thing...'
'Oh, shit! I'll get to the saint's farm without you telling me!

 Momoko-chan, that's a tough one....
 You should have at least listened to her.