350-348 Looking at the stars

 When Junior is chagrined, I generally take him outside.
 I've found that it's easier to get the baby to stop crying outside because there are multiple things that interest him.

 That day, Junior started to get antsy before bedtime, so I decided to go outside and soothe him.
'I'm glad it wasn't after I fell asleep...! I thought to myself.
 I also thought that it was starting to get cold, so I should stop nursing him outside.

 Junior immediately stopped crying as he was intrigued by the scenery outside.
 It was the starry sky that he was obsessed with.

 It was night now.
 Moreover, the clear night sky was full of twinkling stardust, spreading out countless times, as bright as midday.


 With me holding him in my arms, Junior stretched out his hand towards the top of his head.
 He then grasps his outstretched hand in a tight grip when it is stretched to its limit.
 He stretches his fist out again and grabs it again, reaching up to the sky.
 He repeated the process.

 Guffaw, guffaw, guffaw, guffaw, guffaw....

 The repetition of the inexplicable motion made me go, '? I just twisted my head around, but gradually I realized what my child was trying to do.

 He is trying to grab a star.

 That star shining in the night sky. She mistakenly believes that it is within reach if she can reach it.
 It's a childish misconception.
 It's a cute and romantic movement.

"Everyone is attracted to the starry sky that floats in the night sky........

 I felt a little bit like a galactic hero.

 Then I thought to myself.
 As Junior gets older, he'll be interested in all kinds of things.

 Even the countless stars floating in the night sky.

 There is a romance in the stars.
 That romance will stimulate a child's rich sensibilities and play a role in building his or her character.

 For Junior to eventually become an adult with a rich heart....
 The stars matter!

    * * *

 So I decided to make an astronomical telescope.

 Speaking of stars, astronomical observation!
 Speaking of astronomical observation, telescopes!

 When Junior's grown up and smart enough to understand how nature works, we'll look through the telescope together to strengthen the bond between parent and child!

"Hey, Junior, that's the M45 Predacious Cluster.
"You know everything, Dad!

 You can expect an exchange of "You know everything, don't you!
 Father's dignity eels!

 Let's build a telescope for that!
Is it possible to build an astronomical telescope and other things that smell like civilization? It sounds like it's going to be okay.
 It's not that complicated structurally, and we've made a lot of things in the past.
 If we put our know-how into it, there is no reason why we can't make it.

 Let's make an astronomical telescope!

    * * *

 As a layman, I have a preconceived notion that there are two important elements in making an astronomical telescope.

 The body and the lens.

 The lens, well, it's not a telescope without it.

 I'll ask the glasswork team of the elves to make it.
 The lens is originally made of glass, and I'm sure that Poel's glasswork team has accumulated a lot of experience in making lenses from their past work on the microscope.

 Gara Rufa's passion for studying bacteria = perfecting the microscope is now put to good use here!
 As far as the Pauers are concerned, it's 'Nightmare Again! I guess that's what it's all about.

 The lens is fine, but the next most important thing is the body of the camera.

 The next most important part is the tube to which the lens is attached.
 I decided to form this from paper.

 According to what I heard, the old telescope was made from paper.
 In fact, our farm also produces paper.
 The goblins strain paper out of the high-quality wood from the dungeon orchard.

 However, it's only used as memo paper on the farm, and since there's not much use for it, we were about to stop producing it when Shax from the Pandemonium Trading Company came to our attention and said, 'We'd love to sell this paper to you! He cried out to me.
 So I'm still making some of the paper for wholesale to the Chamber of Commerce.

 The goblins seem to enjoy making paper, so there's no problem.

 I borrowed some of the paper and made it into a tube like a poster.
 After adjusting the thickness of the tube, I coated it with lacquer and hardened it.

 Now the tube was completed.

 Edward and aileron were arguing again about whether to decorate the surface with gold leaf or to keep the natural texture of the lacquer, but they ignored it.

 The telephoto lens, which the Poel with Glasswork team had worked so hard to complete, was attached, and it was finally complete!
 An otherworldly astronomical telescope!

    * * * *

That's not food?

 Veerle lost interest with that word and left.

 But there were many others in the crowd, curiously surrounding the completed telescope.

''A tube like that...? What can you do with something like that...?
They say you can see things in the distance with it.
Like clairvoyant magic?

 Everyone is curious about the telescope.

 It is already set on a wooden base, facing diagonally upwards.
 For it is far up in the sky that this sees through.

'Look at this, Platy! When Junior gets a little older, we're going to do some stargazing with this!

 A wife with a face that clearly doesn't understand the romance of men.
 It's okay! Father and son alone in the night sky, staring up at the sky, just you and me!

 Do you want to check the performance of the telescope now for that?
 When the time comes for Junior to grow up, 'There was a defect! I can't help it if that's the case.

 Also, I realized while building the telescope that we are in a different world.

 There is no way that the structure of a celestial body is the same as the one in the previous world.
 Why didn't I notice it first?

 In other words, although there are countless stars twinkling in the night sky in the same way, the position and brilliance of the stars are completely different.
 Even the total number of stars is incomparable.

 That's why there's no way he can win respect by disregarding his knowledge of the previous world's celestial bodies.
 There would be no Orion, the Great Triangle in winter, or the Great Triangle in summer in this world.
 I looked at it with the naked eye and found that there was not even the North Star. There was no Big Dipper either, so there would be no dead star.

''Then Junior will be observing all the stars while he's a baby to accumulate astronomical knowledge in this world...!

 You could even create your own constellations on the celestial chart of this world.

"Hey, hey, those tools are for looking at stars at night, right?

 Prathi, who didn't seem particularly interested, said while picking up Junior.

'But it's daytime now?'

 Yes, the timing of the completion of the telescope was just at midday. We have to wait until the sun goes down to do full-scale astronomical observation.

 But I thought I could at least check the telescope's performance during the daytime, so I looked through the lens.

Oh, it looks good.

 I took a look at the distant mountains as a test, and was able to see the detailed shapes of the trees that covered the surface.

 Nice work, an otherworldly telescope!
 This is the result of the amazing skills of Poel and his glasswork elves.

 Now let's take a look at the sky in earnest.
 It's daytime, but if we're lucky, we might be able to see something Venus-like!
 I looked into the sun, being careful not to look directly at it only........

'.........what is it?

 Within the lens of the telescope, I saw a strange, unexpected reflection.
 A cloud.
 The telescope is pointing upwards, so it's only natural to see clouds in the sky....
 The subject of the strange thing is not the clouds.
 It's the person standing on the cloud.

 A person on a cloud?
 What do you mean? Isn't he like a god or thunderbolt like the old TV?
 Hmm? God?
 Me, puzzled, not stopping to peek. The person standing on the cloud didn't seem to notice that he was being watched from afar.
 He was a beautiful, beautiful young man who was easily recognizable at a glance, but that beautiful young man was suddenly on top of the clouds.......

''A~~~! Porong!

 he shouted out.
 It didn't make sense.
 It was also unclear why he could hear the voice when he was looking through the telescope, but I put that aside....

''A~~~! Polonk!  A~~~! !  Aaah~~~~~! ! ! Polonk!''

 He repeated a mysterious scream.
 Incidentally, he also faked it. It's a good idea to make a move like a parody of a coma Chi in response to the shouting.
 I watched such a surreal scene through the telescope.
 Soon, a beautiful young man screams in frustration. Above the clouds.

'No! Between "ahh" and "polon" isn't perfect! If we don't figure out the ultimate pause here, it won't be a one-shot gag that will cause a thumping laugh among the gods!''

 And the beautiful young man said again, ''Ahh! And then the beautiful young man again said, "Ah! And then the beautiful young man repeated the movement again, shouting in a strange voice like a coma-chi.

 I took my eyes off the telescope.
 It was impossible to see the beautiful young man in the heavens with the naked eye, and the white clouds were just shimmering with ease.


 I asked one of the people close at hand, who looked like he knew what he was talking about.

'Are there any gods in the heavenly realm, Apollo?'
'What? There is. Apollo, one of the children of the celestial god Zeus, is the most fatherly god of art, along with Athena, the god of war!

 I knew it.
'Is comedy an art form? I was caught up for a moment.
 ........The otherworldly telescope was sealed because it was a serious violation of the privacy of the gods who live in the heavenly realm.

 Me and Junior have ambitions to do parent-child astronomical observations!
 You gods of heaven!