354-352 Goblin vs High Elves

 Well, it has become a one-sided development.

 In the forest, the elves who were claimed to be invincible were stunned one after another and fell from the trees.
 It's all the work of Gobukichi.
 He can immediately determine the location of the archer by looking at the angle of incidence of the arrows fired when attacking, and when he gets close enough, he silences them with a single blow.


 Gobukichi, who knows it by heart, stunned the enemy elf without hurting him and gently lowered him to the ground.
 It is retrieved by me, Elron and Elzariel-san, who follow. We hang it on a rope and restrain it.

It's a good thing that you're not the only one who can do this. Isn't that all it takes to bring this thing to an end?
That's why we brought him here, after all.

 Strike the lurking elves without hurting the forest where they are holed up.
 The gobbler carries out that difficult order without difficulty.

'His daily work must have paid off.
What's your daily work?

 The main work of our farm goblins.
 Although it could be considered the core work of the farm, it was the goblins' responsibility to grow the crops to provide daily sustenance for the inhabitants, and to take daily care of them so that they would grow to a fine end.

 Day after day, they would cut the weeds, exterminate pests, and check the crops for disease.
 It was the goblins who were in charge of this task.

'It's because of their leader, Gobkichi, that they can accurately take out only the elves hiding in the forest. It's because he's the one who pinches out the pests and weeds while avoiding the important crops.
''Hey, you put an elf and a pest weed together!

 Elzariel-san's protests were also there.
 The elves that were neutralized by Gobukichi are accumulating more and more.

 It's a good idea to stop using it soon because the ropes we prepared to restrain them will run out before they do...?

"Don't worry, I'm just tying up some ivy and making a new rope.
Making improvised tools out of natural materials is the elf's forte.

 Aileron and Elzariel tying the rope.
 That's very reliable! I'm not very impressed, though.

 In the meantime, a change seems to have occurred in the battle that Gobukichi is passing through.

''Little wise gaijin.......!

 Oh, what a clearly different atmosphere of elves appeared.
 Or rather, it's completely different than before.

''Huh? Is that an elf too?
The High Elves...?

 What is he, a high priest?

 It's a good thing that you're able to get a good deal more out of it.
 It looks like white porcelain or marble.
 And the color of his hair is a shimmering blonde, which is also different from the normal elves.

 The only thing they had in common was their long, pinned-up, pointed ears.


 And the body.
 I've only met buxom elves before, but that white blonde one, how slender...?

Hmm? What are you thinking?
"It's nothing...?

 When I was so relieved that Plati wasn't there, Aileron saw right through me!

"That's a high elf, a higher type of elf, and naturally more powerful than ordinary elves. Naturally, they're tougher than ordinary elves.

 Elzariel said with a shiver.

'He's an elf who lived for a long time in the forest and took that clean mana and air deep inside his body and adapted to it. Their basic amount of magic power and their handling of magic is off the charts.
That skin and hair color is said to be a sign of complete union with nature...?
As I recall, the High Elf was also the last remaining chief of the Elven Forest. His name was .............
A name with four El inscriptions? That's how powerful he is?

 No, that's confusing.
 If you keep writing "El" over and over again, you're gonna have to use a word.

 No, please don't say that.

Anyway, the fact that he's out there indicates that he's planning to start a fight. You can't make any more sacrifices...?

 We've tied up a lot of elves on the other side, you know.
 I'm sure the village is on the verge of ruin, and the human losses will be more than normal.

"You insolent people, how dare you harm our lovely daughters?
"No, I didn't kill him, but...?

 He's just unconscious.
 Not a scratch on him.

"This is the chief of the true elves, the straw that will take care of me. This High Elf, El-Llsey.

 It's still confusing...?
 On the other hand, Gobukichi doesn't seem to be in a hurry to get lost...?

"You wish to be on friendly terms with your people.

 A gentleman's response!

"If you will listen to us again, we would like to stop fighting now and set up a meeting.
How convenient for you to attack us. Realize that you are the aggressor.

 Not good, I can't say a word back.

 Yes, objectively speaking, we are clearly the aggressor, but we need to fight first for the sake of conversation, so please, one!

"Evil is a fool, and evil is defeated. That means you will be defeated. Let us prove that now, with the power of this high elf, Ellelsi.

 For a moment, her blonde hair seemed to flutter up.
 It was the magical power she was releasing that was as dense as an air current, blowing up her light hair.

'The High Elves can control the forest itself by becoming one with it. The power of the forest is the power of the straw. The power of the forest is the power of the straw, and the straw and the forest are one and the same. Know that this is the power of the Elves beyond the Elves!

 At the same time as her declaration, an amazing phenomenon happened.

 Inside the forest we were in, the trees and grasses that make up the forest itself began to grow at a furious pace.

 It was as if we were watching a fast forward video.

 That wasn't enough, the growing vegetation undulated like a snake, following that high elf like a fierce beast with a beastmaster as its master.

'The vegetation..., like an animal...?
'Are you surprised? This is the magic of the warawa as a High Elf. The trees and plants are like arms and legs to the warrior who is the forest itself. It's as if you've wandered into the warrior's hands and into his body.

 This is an awesome development.
 If this forest itself works according to her will, then yes, we are indeed rats in a sack.
 Not only are we enemies in all directions, even the ground we're treading on is an enemy.

 The high elves that have the forest as their ally, the high elves that have the forest as their ally, have a sense of 'having the forest as their ally' that is on a different order of magnitude.

''You can no longer apologize for that. You may be swallowed up by these plants and sink into the soil to feed the plants and trees.
I'm sorry to say that...

 Gov. Yoshi replies.

'You can't beat me with grass and trees. Ever. I have my reasons.'
What? If you have a reason, just tell me! Before you get swallowed up and disappear!

 Following the will of the High Elves, the super-grown plants and trees attacked Gobukichi in a serpentine swell all at once.
 It was like a tidal wave of plants and trees, but it did not swallow Gobukichi.

 That's because it was slashed and scattered before it could.


 A surprised high elf person.
 ''I won't call you by your name at will!

"What's going on here? All those magical plants with their magic in them...?
She cut them.

 Goblin Kichi, holding up his scythe, says, "Our Goblin team's job is to manage our land.

"Our job as a goblin team is to maintain the farmland. Our mission is to keep mowing the weeds that grow day in and day out...

 Well, okay!
 For such goblins, fighting the high elves who control the plants and trees is an everyday task.
 Because it's all about cutting the grass.

 From Gobukichi's point of view, the High Elves were the most adept opponent he had ever faced!

''Stupid? You can't bear to break the magic of the strawberry for such a stupid reason! ............

 Her protestations were in vain, as Gobukichi slashed through the multiple layers of grass and trees in a wave attack, and approached close to her.

''It's useless, this sickle is a tool for cutting grass. It is the most suitable weapon for controlling the grass.'

 Checkmate thrust a scythe blade at the High Elf's throat.

 The fearsome forest manhunter army was overpowered by Gobukichi alone.