355-353 Japanese bowl

 Thus, the forest's elven control was complete.

 You didn't want to overrun them.

 You wanted their help in planting trees.
 How is this developing into a bloody and humane conflict?

Are you still saying that?

 When I protested in bewilderment, Elzariel-san let out a sigh as the status quo supervisor.

''It's because these guys are so hard-headed and won't listen to you, isn't it? These guys didn't just refuse to cooperate, they even sabotaged it. We'll have to beat them to death.

 Saying that, he looked at the captured forest elf group.

 Although they were easily subdued, if it wasn't for Gobukichi, there would have been casualties on both sides and it would have been a shura.

''O you invaders!''

 There was one elf in the midst of the captivity who was still very vigorous.
 He was the last captured High Elf child.

 His name was......... I don't want to. I don't want to say it.

''You Ellelcy! I will not tolerate your insolence! I'll continue to resist even if I'm the last of the forest elves!
'So that's a hard name to say!

 I discussed with everyone that we needed to do something about it.

...huh? It's hard to call her name, so can't you give her some kind of nickname or abbreviation?
How about four El's and four El's?
"Okay, well, since there's a she on the end, I'll just abbreviate her as L4C.

 Congratulations on the abbreviation.

Hey! Don't abbreviate the sacred name without permission!

 L4C interrupts our conversation with an angry voice.

 Her rebelliousness is at a level where I'd like to think it's built into her genes, but if we can't talk about it at this point, we're really just invaders.

 Even if it's a decision to finally let her go, we must somehow negotiate with her before then to get her to cooperate in the planting process.

Then let's start negotiating.

 Mr. Elzariel said.

'We're going to cut off one finger at a time until we say we're going to help with the planting process.
"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey!

 It's not a negotiation!
 It's a severe form of torture!

"Can't we have a more open-ended discussion? Let's see what we have to say and come to a conclusion to everyone's satisfaction!
That being said, their arguments and ours are completely parallel...

 There was complete resignation in Elzariel-san's eyes.

 Incidentally, Gobukichi is currently cutting the grass, saying, 'I'm worried about the bushes over there.
 Maybe it's an occupational disease from years of mowing the grass, or maybe it's just that I can't seem to stay when I see a bush that has grown beyond a certain point.

 I'll let the gobbledygooks who run to hobbies do what they want.

''Um........L4C-san, would you listen to us?''
So don't call me that!

 Anyway, I want to keep things quiet and I'm going to try to negotiate boldly.

"We're not trying to harm this forest. Rather, we're trying to help.

 The elven forest, which has shrunk to a fraction of its original size, will be made large again.
 That's why we're planting trees.

''And I'd like the local forest elves to help... or at least watch over it without interfering...''
You don't know what the forest is. You don't understand what the forest is all about, do you?

 L4C was looking down on me like I was an idiot.

''........good? A forest is a gift of nature. They spring up naturally, they grow, they flourish, and they die out. That's the meaning of it.
But what arrogance is it to have these activities managed by human hands? That's what you're talking about, isn't it? We have been with nature, and we have been made to live with nature, and this is unacceptable to us!

 No.........well, if you put it that way, is that so?


In this case.

 Just when I was about to give up, my savior showed up.

'I guess I'll just have to do something about it,'
What, aileron?

 The head of the elves on our farm?
 All this time I was like, "Why did they take this guy here? She had a very strong sense of humor, but now she's finally on stage!

''Saint, Miss, can you leave it to me? I'm sure I'll convince the elven chief of that.
Yeah... ''Well........?''

 The enigmatic confidence of both me and Elsariel-san was overwhelming.
 Then, Elron, kneeled in front of L4C-san.

''..........................What? You're an elf who left the forest to go out? You're not worthy of being an elf if you're away from the forest!
Dear L4C. You're so stubborn in your quest for survival that no words can make sense to you. I'm not going to tell you anything. So I will not tell you anything. Instead, I would like you to see this.

 Aileron, take down the furoshiki wrapping strapped to his back and open the wrapping.
''Well, you brought something like that with you, what's that thing? I thought, but what was in the open package was...?

 It was a plate.

What is this.........?

 Huh? Why?
 Why the plate?
 At this time?

What's that a**h*le doing?

 Even your sister, Elzariel-san, has a disgusted look on her face!

"What a wonderful plate.........?


This plate........did you make this plate?
Yes, sir.

 Aileron's job on our farm is to make pottery.
 He makes tableware, jars, turtles, and other tools of life.

 That plate may be one of the pieces of pottery made by aileron, but....
 The plate that aileron held out to me was not just a plate, it was something.......avant-garde.

 If it was an ordinary plate, it would naturally be circular, but that plate made by aileron, while based on a circle, seemed to wave with considerable distortion.
 Moreover, the color of the plate was a dark green, like green tea.

 That's what caught L4C's eye, why?

The color of the plate...? A thick green, as if it were mossy? It's not evenly distributed, it's rippling and uneven in shade, just like moss growing on a rock...?
I experimented many times with this green glaze to get as close as possible to the natural greenery of the leaves and moss. Thanks to this, we were able to create a clean, natural-looking product that still feels natural.
'Moreover, the shape of the plate........ It's not a perfect circle, it's distorted. But this distortion creates the same atmosphere as wood and stone. It's like something that can be found anywhere in nature...

 L4C has been raving about it.
 To me, it just looks like a plate.

I have brought it to you that you, the High Elf, will understand. I have gone to great lengths to capture the beauty of nature on this plate.

 And aileron.

'He's putting his heart into that right now? Stupid, huh?
You're in a heated artistic debate with the dwarf Edward...?
You're an idiot.

 Mr. Elzariel, you are relentless.
 But what's going on, is L4C's gaze glued to that plate?

'Lord L4C said: "Man's handiwork is not natural,' and maybe it is. But I created these plates to recreate the beauty of nature with human hands!

 Such a grand concept?

Of course, it was not an easy task, and I failed many times. However, it was worth it, and I was able to complete this plate. I am still far from the ultimate goal, but I think I have managed to capture the beauty of nature. For a dish made by human hands

 Is L4C making some kind of noise?
 What if it's working? You don't make sense to me, do you?

What has been created by human hands is not without natural beauty. Human beings are one of the first things born of nature. There is no such thing as being separate from nature!
So you're saying that a tree planted by man can be part of the natural forest?
Wise counsel.
"That's a cheeky little girl teaching a high elf strawberry.

 L4C stood up with an aileron distortion plate in his hand.

Very well, the forest elves will help you with your tree planting project.
We agreed to it!

 Elzariel-san and I were truly astonished at our unexpected success in persuading him.

It seems that even the werewolves had a narrow view. It is true that people are part of nature. As nature gives birth to nature, so nature is born from human hands. Just like this plate....

 It was a world I still didn't understand.
 Even to Elzariel, who stood stunned next to me.

'Do I have to live another hundred years or so to understand it, too? That feeling...?

 Huh? What do you mean, a hundred years...?
 That high elf is 200 years old? Isn't he a lolioli hag?

 Thus, the problem was solved with many surprises, and the Elf Forest planting project began to move forward again.
 Incidentally, Gobkichi continued to cut the grass diligently during the negotiations, creating a single, well-maintained path that connected the Elf settlement deep in the forest to the outside.

''This will make it easier for you to come and go!
"ohhhhh? What are you doing to the hideout of the ghostly elves, you goblins!

 To the elves, Gobkichi was like a natural enemy.