356-354 New Emperor Development Part 1

 My name is Ardheg.
 The man who was chosen to be the new Geyser Dragon.

 ...though I was being pushed around halfway through the process.

 He destroyed his father, who was the previous Geyser Dragon, and was retained as his successor due to his merits.......

 Even though in terms of strength, there are higher ranks like Brother Alexander and Sister Veerle.
 Neither of them are interested in the title........

 So, if someone else has to do it, I'll have to be the Geyser Dragon.

 A new age of dragons.
 I want to usher in an era where dragons will be able to blend in with humans and other species.

 I will be the emperor dragon.

 The first thing I have to do after I take the throne is to build a castle.
 If I don't have a stronghold, the emperor dragon won't know what to do.

    * * * *

 That's when I came to the ruins of the Dragon Emperor's Castle.

 It was a huge dungeon that my father, who was a Geyser Dragon before me, had used as his base.
 But now, it's just a vacant lot.


 I'm just standing there, it's too bleak.

 There's nothing.
 There's nothing but bare earth.

 The world's only and largest walled dungeon, the Dragon Emperor's Castle.
 It should have once been here, but it should have stood tall with a majestic presence that made you look up.
 There was no shadow or shape left.


"No..., I had a feeling that you might be...?

 I had an idea.

 The castle-shaped dungeon, the Dragon Emperor's Castle, is a dungeon that was materialized by the mana released by Father, the Geyser Dragon.
 Normally, the terrain creates stagnation in the mana that convects around the world, and the stagnant, highly concentrated mana distorts space to create dungeons.

 However, dungeons are created by the density of mana released by a single life, which should only be created by the action of the majestic nature.

 The only entity that could do this was the Geyser Dragon.
 Father had distorted space-time and materialized it with the mana spewed from him to create a giant castle.

 That was why defeating Father had caused the Dragon Emperor's Castle to disappear.
 It was only logical that if the cause disappeared, the result would also disappear.

 That's why the current site of the Dragon Emperor's Castle had turned into an empty wilderness.

''I was going to sit in the castle and make you feel like an emperor...?

 He was a dragon that had received the title of emperor.
 You have to live in a suitably luxurious nest to show that you are still a good fit.

 Since I inherited the title of Geyser Dragon from my father, I was thinking of taking over his residence as well...?
 I didn't know that the residence had disappeared like a haze...?

'Why are you so stunned by the obvious?'
"What? Father!''

 He suddenly spoke to me from behind, so I turned around and saw a little dragon that looked like a pea grain.
 I'm not going to be the only one who has a problem with it.

 He was defeated by me, Lord Arowana and the others, who beat him to a pulp, and he lost his former versatility and became this small.

'Father, when did you get here? "I thought it was left over from the saint's farm...
I was planning to live out my days sleeping and eating there, but that saintly fellow started asking me to work. I didn't want to work, so I ran away.
"Work your ass off...?
"Godd*mn saintly insularity. Why do I have to work while Veerle's people are practically sleeping off their food?

 You don't want to make any more special exceptions because you already have your sister Veerle.
 Is that why you came running to me?

"Why, of all places, would you come to me?
"Maybe because you're the next Geyser Dragon, you'll be the one who pays homage to the old me.

 Don't be selfish, this dragon.
 Well, since I don't feel like destroying my father dragon even more after he died once and turned into such a diminutive existence.......
 I'm not going to let you go.

It's a good thing that you've come to rely on me, but I don't have the time to worry about anything else.
''It's because I've suddenly stretched from a houseless dragon that doesn't even have its own dungeon to a geyser dragon. Finding a new home is the immediate problem.''

 The Dragon Emperor's Castle, which I had been using as an atheist, has dissipated as you can see.......
 It's hard to show that the Emperor Dragon is a homeless child.

''What are you talking about? If you don't have a home, why not build one?'
'You ... don't understand how much of a transcendent being you've become, do you? Okay? You have become a Geyser Dragon, remember?

 Yes, that's why you're struggling.
 Isn't that why you're struggling?

 It really isn't a title you can live up to.

''Then why don't you use your power to create a new Dragon Emperor's City?

 No, no, no, wait.
 Generating dungeons, especially on terrain where mana stagnation is not possible, is impossible with an ordinary mana concentration.

''If there's a single life form that can release such a high concentration and high output of mana, that would be none other than a Geyser Dragon.''
So, I'm guessing you're the Geyser Dragon now.

 Well, it was.

''You already know that it's not just the name of Geyser Dragon that you inherited, you already know that. With the 'Dragon Ball' implanted in your body, you are also a Geyser Dragon, the power you possess is also a Geyser Dragon.'

 If you ask me........
 In the past, when I fought Bloody Mary's sister, the power I displayed was incomparably stronger than before.
 ........well, I think it was mostly Veerle who fought her.......

 Anyway, I was so strong that I was surprised at myself.

''That was also because I became a Geyser Dragon. ''You think it was because you inherited the Dragon Ball?''
"Try releasing your mana. I'm sure you'll have a Dragon Emperor's Castle you'll like.

 I'm still a little skeptical.
 Shall I do as your father suggested...?

 Mana release!


 It's really starting to materialize.
 My Dragon Emperor's Castle, which took the form of my image...!

"This is my castle...?

 My new Dragon Emperor's Castle is to be built on the site where your father's Dragon Emperor's Castle once stood.
 I will reign as the new emperor of dragons, and this is my new claim to fame.

 Finished, but...?

'What is this?

 It wasn't a castle at all.
 Or rather, it wasn't even a building.
 It's not even a building. It's more like a mountain heaped up from some unknown material.

"The image is not good enough for you, immature man.

 He was chided by his father in his little dragon form.

He said, "You need to materialize under a clearer image, otherwise you won't be able to build a proper Dragon Emperor's Castle. You still seem to lack many things. You can't call yourself a Geyser Dragon with just a vast amount of dragon power.''

 No, Father.
 You sound like a respectable senior citizen?

''It means that you need to accumulate more than just the power you've inherited to become the real thing. You must become a true Geyser Dragon. Looks like it's worth training for.
What do you think you're doing?
Your time is hard, isn't it? After all, there are a lot of guys who aren't geyser dragons but have geyser dragon level powers. Alexander, Bloody Mary, and then Veerle. I can't wait to stand in the same line as those guys.''
"Do you really need to be on par with those people?
''If you're going to be a Geyser Dragon, of course. The first thing we need to do is to build up our image to be as good as theirs! Create a huge and detailed image of the Dragon Emperor's City!
"Don't do it!

 I don't know what it is, but I was to receive a lecture on the Emperor's Dragon from my father, whom I had defeated once.

 I'm not going to be able to get my hands on any of them.