359-357 angel test

 It's me.

 I have an unusual guest in mind today.
 Or should I say, I barged in on my own....

 Hermes, the God of Wisdom.

 He is a god who makes regular visits to our farm, which is rare in the heavenly realm of affiliation.
 The god of the earth and the god of the sea are all frequent visitors, though.

 So, what's this Hermes God up to today? I asked him....

''No, I'm sorry, saint. I didn't mean to barge in on you like that, but...'

 I said as I ate some of the farm's special sake lees.

I'm going to perform a very important ceremony. We could have done it in the heavenly realm, but I thought that having you and Puffa-kun in attendance will help us make a better decision.

 Can you make me make any decisions?
 You don't think it's going to be a decision that will determine the fate of the world, do you? "Are we evil or not?
 I'm afraid that the God of Heaven is going to catastrophize that kind of thing to an easy conclusion.

 And Puffa is going to attend?
 What do you want with Puffa, one of the six witches of the mermaid race, who is engaged to Arowana, the prince of the mermaid kingdom?
 I didn't think there was any connection to the God in heaven?

''No, I just wanted to hear her opinion on the journey with that girl. Or rather, the person in question hasn't come here yet, but...''

 What the hell was that?
 Who's coming?

 As I was wondering more and more, I heard a roaring sound coming from somewhere.
 It's a high-pitched sound that slices through the air and sounds like it's getting closer to us.
 It must be the Doppler effect that makes it sound so high pitched.

 The sound gets higher and louder the closer it gets, and it ceases to be above us.
 Then it came down with a whimper.

'Hehehey, hi-hi-hi!'
Songgokphone, eh?

 The angel girl.
 Sunggokphone was destroyed thousands of years ago and I repaired it and brought it back to life.
 In this day and age, there are only two angels in existence today, Holkosfone and Songgokhoun.

 Compared to the other one, Holkosfon, she is smaller and slower in stature.
 She has the impression of a young girl.

I'm not going to be able to get it right. I'm seriously busy... I mean, who are you really, calling out to me?
"Is that a god?

 There's something odd about the way he speaks, though.

 If I had to guess, the main thing today is Songgok Phone?
 If that's the case, it makes sense that Puffa would be in attendance. Paffa used to travel around the world with Songgok Phone for a while.
 Is that why?

''Well speaking of which, what did Songgokfon do after the trip was over?''
They didn't tell me what to do. I was just going through the motions.

 It's no wonder I never saw you at the farm.

Recently, I was invited to join Alekki's husband's dungeon, and I was the middle boss. It's so refreshing to be a warrior.
'Such bloodlessness...'

 A divine weapon that once nearly literally destroyed the world is the middle boss........
 Even though there's no shortage of Lasbos........

''But I knew we couldn't just leave it at that.

 God Hermes says.

'Recall, too,' said the god Hermes, 'why I sent Prince Arowana with you on your journey. Why did I take Songokphong with me on the journey of Prince Arowana?'
I didn't ask you anything.

 To begin with, I was the one who asked Songgokphon to go on the trip afterwards.
 Why did Songgokhoun go with Prince Arowana and the others?

It's all about using common sense! You can't have a being with epic power like an angel moving around without straightforward judgment! If they buzzed full power on a whim, that would be the end of the world!''

 I see.
 So, he decided to give me Prince Arouwaana and Puffa to guide me, and also to give me a treasure trove of travel experiences to hone my common sense.

 That's a fair decision for a god, isn't it?
 If you don't mind the inconvenience of Prince Arowana and Puffa being forced into it.

After the princes' trip was over, I'd like to see if Sunggok-dong has acquired the common sense I've been expecting from him!
"So now!
'Why didn't you do it right after the trip?'
"I didn't forget about it!

 You forgot?

 Well, in any case, it would be unbearable if a Transcendent like Songgok Phone were to suddenly destroy the world, so the test is meaningful.
 I'll be watching with respect.

'Well, I'm going to ask Songgok Phone a lot of questions now! Let's use the simulations to determine how to handle various situations!'

 Question one.

'Son Gokhwon was walking down the road.'
I can fly. There's no way I'm going to walk, though.
It's a simulation! ........and there was a man down in the street. He seems to be in bad shape. What would you do?

 In this quiz that asks for common sense, the correct answer would be to take care of the fallen man and carry him to a nearby house.
 How would Sunggok-dong answer?

"I'll deal with the bad guy who's making the person suffer.

 Both me and the Hermes God screamed.

 How did you come up with that answer?
Does "execute" mean "to execute"? There's no bad guy in this world that needs to be executed, don't spread it out!

I know. Every time someone is in pain, there's an evil person behind them. Evil lords, vampires...
He's not here!

 He's not here, hey...?

If we don't help him, he'll be unhappy again. It's best to destroy the evil from the source. The prince and his sister also did it well.

 I approached my traveling companion, Puffa, and he immediately looked away.

"What do you mean? You did it!
'Everywhere we traveled, there were conveniently such things.... No life kings, vampires, automatons and evil lords.
Why does it have to be such an all-star affair?

 You guys have a lot of fun with all the events on your trip, don't you?

I mean, all suffering is rooted in evil. I mean, apart from the evil, I'm happy.
Isn't that a dangerous idea?

 The idea that getting rid of something undesirable will solve the problem.
 It's easy to take a turn for the worse.

What are you going to do about it? Isn't the common sense you've acquired as a result of your travels leaning in the wrong direction?
"Hmmm, did I choose the wrong person? No, but I believe in you! Question two! I'm sure the second question will give you a better answer! Hurry!

 Let's put our hopes on the next question.

 Probably the final question. That's how bad the answer to the first question was.

 So, let's go!

"You are in desperate need of help. To save the world, you'll have to sacrifice the lives of your friends! Who do you want to take, the world or your friends?

 That's a pretty common one!
 It's the ultimate choice.

 Will you put all the peace in the world first, or will you help your fellow man, a family member who has shared your pain and suffering?

 All or nothing? Public or private? Reason or compassion?

 It is indeed a big picture issue that can never overlap. Not everyone will be able to come to the same conclusion on a question that should be correct in both cases.
 How would Songgok Phone respond to that question?


 He didn't worry too much, and he said it decisively.

"There's no such thing as a victory in abandoning your friends. We need our friends to save the world! So I will never abandon my friends!

 Good, I don't know what kind of sensible thing to say.

 So that's the most important thing you've developed through your travels!
 And that's what Prince Arowana and Puffa taught her.

 Hey Puffa!


 Embarrassed, Puffa averted her gaze, embarrassed.
 I knew I could count on you.
 Songgok-dong has learned something important as a result of his journey!

And then we'll join forces with our friends and beat the crap out of our enemies!
When you beat up the enemy, you beat them up together. My brother and sister taught me that the best way to beat up the enemy is to beat them up! Whenever the world is a bad place, there's always a bad guy doing bad things! If we can beat up that guy, everything will be fine!

 Friends were important, but friends were important for everyone to sack.
 And you just talk about how the only way to deal with a crisis is to get rid of the bad guys!

 Is this answer the right answer?
 The test was subtle as to whether Songgokphong had gained decency through his travels.