360-358 Ryuen Cherubim

 It's Shabe.
 I'm working as an adventurer today.

 I've been working exclusively on the Holy White Maiden's Mountain.
 It's the world's finest dungeon ruled by the strongest dragon, Mr. Alexander.

 Challenging the dungeon is a great way to learn and grow as an adventurer.

 The dungeon itself is huge, with many different types of fields, so you can experience multiple situations and encounter many different monsters and learn their characteristics.
 Most importantly, because the dungeons are of the highest quality and attract many adventurers, you will have many opportunities to work with veteran adventurers of A level and above.

 They're all good people, and they can teach you a lot.
 There's no other dungeon where you can learn so much.

 And because the owner of the dungeon, Mr. Alexander, has taken a liking to the humans, the survival rate is unusually high.

 In fact, I started off challenging the Holy White Maiden's Mountain as a tourist, but now I'm taking it seriously.
 I believe that challenging this ultimate dungeon is the best way to improve myself.

 I've actually grown.

 In the beginning, I used to run out of steam on the first layer of dungeons and retreat from them.
 But now I'm able to make it to the halfway mark!

 It's a great thing!
 Under the terms set by the Adventurer's Guild, solo adventurers who can reach the halfway point of the Sacred White Maiden's Mountain are unconditionally allowed to move up to Class C!
 I'll make it to the halfway point in the next attack, no matter what I have to do in order to get promoted too!

    * * * *

 I'm actually attacking "The Holy White Maiden's Mountain".

 We're on a roll!
 We're lucky, we don't run into any nasty monsters along the way, and we have items and energy to spare!
 I've got some extra time on my hands, and I don't have a stomach ache along the way, so I'm sure I can go on!

 The familiar path is about to end.
 There should be a middle ground just ahead when you step into unknown territory!
 The goal is right around the corner!

 As long as I can keep up this pace, I'll be able to step on the ground in the middle of the road for sure.
 The title of C-level adventurer is right around the corner!

 The higher you go up to C level, the more dungeons you can get into and the more income you'll earn!
 If we can afford it, we can focus more than we already do on finding the saint's farm!

 I feel like I'm living the dream step by step!
 No, don't get carried away. We'll make sure we get the results in front of us. I won't feel sorry for my Silver Wolf brother if I forget to be that steady!

 Let's go!
 First of all, checkmate to reach the midpoint of the 'Holy White Maiden Mountain', a condition for promotion to C class!
 It's the last step.
 .... hmm?


 ... yes.
 This is Hackai of Flamingo Oak.

 ..................Ah, this feeling that I miss again.
 Today we are visiting Alexander-sama's dungeon, the Holy White Maiden's Mountain, today.

 My errand is to see my former traveling companion.

 The angel Songgokphong has been officially appointed as the guardian of the dungeon.

''Hee hee hee hee, you can call me anywhere you want, but it's fine...''

 Sunggok Phone shoots Manakanon wildly.
 The power is said to be kept to a level where it won't kill you even if you're hit.

 How did this happen...?

 The trigger for this was a common sense test by the god Hermes.
 After Songgokhovon's poor test results, he decided that more guidance was needed.

 Alexander, the strongest dragon, was chosen as the new educator.

''He has the power to destroy even gods, but he is a genuine sensible person. Mr. Alexander is the only one who can teach common sense to Songgokphon!

 Or something like that.

 It seems that it also helped that Songgokphon originally worked part-time in Alexander-san's dungeon before he visited the farm.

''Please manage it at your place until Songgokfon learns common sense!

 The strongest dragon readily agreed to the Hermes God's full-hearted request for his own convenience, ''I'm sorry.

''A man as strong as Songgok Phone walks around the world without any sense of decency. That would certainly be a crisis for the world. If it's up to me, I will guide him as best I can.

 What a sensible word.
 With that in mind, Songgokphong has been assigned to work at the Holy White Maiden's Mountain in earnest, and will be learning a lot of things under Master Alexander.

 I, Hakkai, came to check on Songgokphon on behalf of the saint, but from a quick glance, he seems to be doing okay.
 He's working well and properly.

 He's working well and properly, and he's reaping the benefits of the adventurers who are attacking the dungeon.


 Another adventurer in range was blown away by a direct hit from Manakanon.

 With that, Sunggokphong's shooting is so accurate and agile that, well, it's impossible to avoid it.
 Defense is even more impossible.
 Even just suppressing the power so as not to die.

''Holy crap! Foul bastard!

 One of the blown up adventurers yells out in a desperate manner.

You said it's impossible to break through if you're in position, no matter where you are! And now you're setting up at the key point that you must pass through in order to get to the back of the building.
Hi, Osan. How are you doing today?

 Songgokhon seems to be familiar with that middle-aged adventurer.
 He has been playing the role of a guardian in Alexander-sama's dungeon for a part-time job for a while now, so he seems to be acquainted with the aggressive adventurer as well.

''Osaan, you know what? You worked here part-time, and you said you were going to be a warrior for a while. That was a lie.
What the hell?
I'm officially going to work here. I'll continue to exterminate men without mercy. Yello.
''It's not nice to meet you!

 To the adventurers of the human race, when they were being protected by Songgok Phone, they had almost hit a dead end.
 A mid-boss with the strength of a last boss is the ultimate nuisance.

''Not yet, not yet...!

 Adventurers rising up from another direction?
 They are young over there. It's like they're just starting out.

I've decided today that I'm going to reach the halfway point and get to the C grade by any means necessary. I don't care what obstacles are standing in my way! I'm going to get over it with my hot, burning spirit of adventure!

 And then, in a straight line, they charge at Songgokphone.

"Whoa! Walls are meant to be smashed!
'Manakanon bang!'

 The young adventurer who daringly challenged him was blown away by a single blow.
 There are situations in which fervor alone will not help.

 In this way, Alexander's dungeon has a new specialty.
In this way, Alexander-sama's dungeon was born with a new specialty: "Son Gokphon, the angel of death who retires immediately upon encountering it.

''Yeeeee! It's fun to hunt small fry with an overwhelming force! I'm going to steadily and steadily work hard in this new home!

 I could see how many simple adventurers were sacrificing their lives to this life.

It's a good thing you're right, huh? Since you came all the way to check up on us, why don't you come over here with us today?

 Eh, me?

We dodged a bullet together, didn't we? I'll miss my sister and the prince, but today it's just the two of us to exterminate them!

 Well, I guess so. I've come all this way.
 I'll reminisce about the time of my trip and let my guard down for a change, shall I?

"Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! What is that orc?
''It's so strong you can't believe it's an Orc! I've never heard of an orc attacking with holy attributes before!
"That two-top can't even break through on defense! Not even an S-level adventurer could do that!

 Seeing the adventurers who were being cleaved off like dust, I began to feel a bit distressed as well.

 I felt sorry for the adventurers too much at this point, so I poured out my anointing to Alexander-sama to reconsider the operation of Songgok Phone.

 Anyway, since the specification is that encounters and instant game over, it's too egregious to keep her fixed to block the routes that she must pass.

 So I had her wander around freely, not staying in one place, and if she happened to encounter one, the game was over.

 Even with that specification, it's still a game of luck, but the adventurers will have to do their best in that situation.
 Everything is about to go well, but it will collapse just by hitting Sunggok Phone.
 I hope that you will not be frustrated by the demons.