361-359 Sleeping Beauty

We're doing a play!

 Veerle said out of the blue.

'A play?'
'Yes, the play! I'm going to show Junior the play and make him happy!

 I say.
 I see.
 It's very good, isn't it?
 A play sounds like something that children would enjoy, and it would be good for their emotional education.

 I could tell that Veerle really cared about junior high school students, that he had planned such an event with them in mind.

I'll be able to watch it.

 Me, Prathi, Junior and I decided to watch the play.

 The only problem is that I don't know if baby Junior can understand the play or not.
 It would be fine if his parents, Prathi and I, understood it instead.
 Junior is on the lap of his mother, Prathi, 'What's going to happen?' He looks around.

'Let the show begin then! The play is 'Sleeping Beauty'!

 It's an old story I've told to Veerle.

 In the original world, it's an orthodox story about a princess who falls asleep under a curse and is awakened by a prince's kiss.
 I was surprised that Veerle chose to make a romantic performance.

 At the beginning.
 The scene where the fairies give the newborn princess a gift.

 Something is rushing in.
 A small, cute group.

We're ready to go!
You must give them your sustenance!

 They were the spirits of the earth.
 Spiritual beings that governed the operation of nature, beings that materialized and took the form of pretty girls.
 Moreover, there is more than one of them, and even now more than one of them are gathering like a haze of clouds.

'I see, you are the fairies.

 It's kind of bewildering to be called a genie playing a fairy....
 What is the difference between a fairy and a genie?

We're the good guys!
It's Master Veerle's yosei, and he's playing the yosei!
I've been yelled at, and I've been yelled at, and I've been yelled at!

 Okay, so don't fold it up.
 The spirits who play the fairies. Their role in the story is to give various gifts to the princess to celebrate her birthday.
 The gifts are all vague, like beauty and virtue, like a fairy tale....

Junior-sama and lukewarmness!
Tanjo's gift to you!
Bibo, the song is for you!

 And why are you all flocking to our Junior?
 You're wrong. I think you should be crowdsourcing the princess from Sleeping Beauty.
 I mean, is there no one to play that all-important princess?

'Gah-ha-ha, did you see that, master!

 Veerle laughed out loud.

'This is the highlight of the play! The star of the show is Junior!
I've gone out of my way to make Junior the star of a story with a baby in it! This allows Junior to experience the extraordinary feeling of being the star of the story!

 Veerle, you had to come up with such an unpleasant stunt under the guise of a play?
 It sounds like a great fun project for children, but wait a minute.

The Sleeping Beauty" stars a princess, right?
 My junior is a boy!
 The fact that he and our actor are not of the same gender could be a fatal mistake!


 The eerie laughter that comes out of nowhere?
 What now!

 Even the spirits of the performers react to follow the script.

''Mmmm, this is it!
What's the next line?
It's a witch!
"She's coming!

 Although there were a few spirits who forgot to say their lines.

 The character wearing a black cloak that appeared to match the groove of the scene change was.......

Isn't that........Gala Rufa?

 One of the mermaids who serves on our farm and is known as "The Plague Witch".
 She even appeared on the show?

What is she doing?

 Even Prathi watching the play next to her had a dumbfounded expression on her face.

 Gala Rufa, in a bar stoic tone, as if she were reciting lines she had memorized.

'I mean, is Gala Rufa playing a witch? Even though they called you a witch in the first place?
I guess you could say that's why I'm so into it. It's too much of a dialogue, isn't it?

 Gala Rufa's barbs were enough to make me and Prati on edge as we watched.

''I'll put a curse on that girl to get back at you for making me out to be an outcast. To get back at you for treating me like an outcast, I'll put a curse on her.

 That's the part.
In Sleeping Beauty, she's the witch who curses the princess in anger when she's not invited to her birthday celebration and gets hacked off.

 Gala Rufa for that casting.
 There's something too addictive and scary about it.

'A curse on the princess to die........ Hee! No matter how much of a play it is, I can't do such a horrible thing to the saint and Prati-sama's child! This place ... well, let's make it a softer curse!

 He took the liberty of changing the subject.

'Well let's do this then! I put a curse on Master Junior to be liked and swarmed by every germ imaginable! I'm rather glad the germs are so popular! This is no longer a curse, but a celebration!

 Gara Rufa's love of germs has come to the fore.
 Because Gala Rufa is the only person in otherworldly fantasy who knows about the existence of germs, her love of germs knows no bounds.

''Gee! What a curse!

 Prathi screams as a mother.

I know from my studies that germs can cause diseases and are dangerous! I'm not strong enough yet to be a baby, and if Junior gets swarmed by germs, he'll die!
'Calm down, Prati. It's just the setting in the story...!

 Gala Rufa creates a super duper curse with the intention of making it mild.
 As expected of the six witches, the title of madest of the six witches is not to be scoffed at.

 For the time being, Gala Rufa, who played the role of a witch, left the stage after finishing her role.
 The performance was more than enough.

"And here I am at last!

 Veerle came out.
 The timing couldn't have been better. In light of the development of Sleeping Beauty, are you the last fairy to fight against the witch's curse?
 You're trying to get me the best role possible.

But the witch has the nerve to ignore my perfect script and improvise. I'll be d*mned if I'm not going to improvise even more.

 You're the star of this movie?

"Therefore, I will give you a blessing that far surpasses the witch's curse. Dragon armor, dragon magic, and dragon life span to Junior.

 Veerle's body began to shine, and just before he activated his dragon magic in a stiff, not theatrical way........

''Don't get serious with the play!''

 Prati kicked me off.

''That's why I usually say I won't give Junior any reckless enhancements! Isn't that the course for the gods to follow?
"Geeeeeeee...! It was....!

 The gods of the earth and sea have caused a ruckus before when they tried to give Junior a ridiculous blessing.

    * * * *.

 So in the end, the play "Sleeping Beauty" by Veerle was stopped there.
 Most importantly, I made the heroine's princess look like our junior, so there was no way to go any further.
 How should we play out what happens after the princess grows up many years later?
 I'll say it again, Junior is a boy, not a princess.

''Ummm...! I thought it would be fun to incorporate Junior into the play...! I didn't know there was a pitfall like this!

 Veerle was shaken by the lack of workmanship in his script.

 Well, this guy also planned a play to make Junior interesting, and as a parent, I'll thank him.

"Oshibai was interesting!
I'll do it again!
It's going to be a spectacle of love and wonder!

 As an actor, the spirits of the earth seemed to enjoy the play.
 The project of the play itself was good, and I'm happy to try it again when Junior is a little older and able to make decisions.

'I chose the sleepy thing because I wanted a play with a baby in it so I could get Junior to perform, but I should have screened him more severely. ....At least the main character has to be the same gender as Junior!

 Veerle was still reflecting on the situation.
 And he was trying to connect it to the next one.

'Then do the next play with a baby boy in it! That means Momotaro! Master! Put Junior in this thing!
"Hi, it's Peach Tree Spirit Peachtitanba.

 Veerle held out some kind of giant, talking peach.

'Let Junior experience the exhilaration of cracking and coming out of this thing with a bang! And you'll feel like a hero as Momotaro!
Stop it.

 Junior is too young to ask for such a hard performance.