369-367 Martial Arts Competition-Four strong teams

 The martial arts competition continues to be very exciting.

 However, it's a big day.
 The final tournament is well underway and there are only a few matches left.

 The mermaid fighters were also eliminated and narrowed down one by one.

 Now, there were only four players left on the playing field.
 And it was up to the four of them to determine the winner.

 Who are the four chosen fighters?

 First of all, Nagas, the Mermaid King.
 He is the best of the mermaid kingdom in both name and reality. The champion, who has won the championship for the past fifteen years in a row, will be back after a long absence. Will the legend continue? Are we going to snatch the championship again this year as a matter of course?

 Next, the mermaid prince Arowana.
 Winner of the previous year's tournament. He has proven himself in his previous matches. Will he be able to defeat the great father-king in the tournament and become the next standard-bearer?

 The controversial Hendler.
The second son of the Betas, a family of soldiers, known as the "Fighting Fish" family. He is the second son of the Betas, a family of soldiers. And a flood of tweaks.

 The fourth.
 I'm sorry for being out of place.

 The semi-finals and the final will be held among these four.
 The highlight of the show will be the match between His Majesty King Nargus, the King of Mermaids, and Prince Arowana and his son.

 The strength of King Nargus is legendary in the mermaid world, and now Prince Arowana's bravery is gaining momentum.

 Will a new generation rise to power?
 Or will the older generation stay on?

 It's a match that must be watched because it even involves the issue of succession to the throne of the Mermaid Kingdom.

 This matchup between the King and the Prince will take place in the final.
 Since the tournament has been divided into different blocks, the only way for the father and son to face each other in the final is to advance to the semifinals.

 The cards for the semifinals are....

 The first match.
 The Mermaid King Nargus vs.

 Second match.
 Prince Arowana vs. Hendler.

 This is the card.

I'm going to fight your father-in-law?

 The fact that I'm fighting my father-in-law makes me wince.
 I'm in an airy area during the break, so I can talk normally.

It's not a bad idea to have a hardball fight with your wife's father? I don't care if he's strong or weak, I don't want to fight him. I'm scared!
I'll be fine.

 Prathi, who connected me to him, said as if it were a completely different person.

My dad is a pretty martial artist, so he's a guy who's happy to take a real swing at anyone, even his immediate family!
''That's so scary!

 Take a real punch from that massive body of the Mermaid King!
 My head is going to fly off the tee like a golf ball!

Can't we abstain now? Haven't I fought enough?

 You're in the semifinals.
 So we've come this far, assuming we've made progress, we can start thinking about pulling out...?

'What are you talking about, sir? We've come this far, we're going for the win!
We are going to win!

 My wife's ambitions have no bounds.

The first time in history that a different species has won a martial arts competition. Isn't my husband the one who deserves that crown? Now is the time to show the whole mermaid kingdom that my master is the best in the world!

 Please control yourself, Platy.
 I'm glad you're so proud of me, but too much self-aggrandizement is not good for you.
 And though I, too, think my wife is the best in the universe!

........haha, sweet, sweet. Such a sweet prospect, isn't it, like turning the ocean water into sugar water?
"What did you say?

 The one who appeared with such a provocative tone was the Frozen Witch, Puffa.
 She's a fellow witch.

"Puffa! You ditched work on the farm again, didn't you?
You'll be fine with Gala Rufa staying on, won't you?

 You guys are going to apologize to Gala Rufa when you get home, aren't you?
 And so the tongue-twisters continue.

'The martial swimming competition is a venerable mermaid race, you know? There's no way another species is going to win! The winner is supposed to be Prince Arowana of Atai!
"What did you say?

 It was common for witches to clash with each other when they met.
 A common scene on the farm was also happening here at the Wushuushu competition site.

''It's only natural. The winner of the Wushuushu competition is the one who stands at the top of the mermaid world! And if anyone deserves it, it's our youngest and strongest member of mermaid royalty! He's both noble and strong, Prince Arowana!
"Don't be an idiot! Of course my husband can win the championship more than my brother, you idiot! How blinded by love do you think I am?
That's my line!

 You'll be able to get a good look at the prince as the fiancée of Prince Arowana, so of course he's going to be favored.
 In contrast, Prathi, too, has no doubt that her husband, me, is the best.

 This argument could go on and on and on and on!


 Then a new witch appears.
The "Hellfire Witch" Lamp Eye.

"Ladies and gentlemen, you have been sorely mistaken. The winner is going to be my lover, Miss Hendler!
This is getting more and more complicated.

 Instead of putting their fights to rest, they came to the fight because they wanted to be in love with their own girlfriends, and the fight just got worse and worse!

"Mmm-hmm... it's going to be noisy, you little whiny little girls.

 Even Queen Sheila came out?

"You don't understand the history of the Wushuushu Martial Arts Competition, do you? How can my darling, who has won the Wushuushu Martial Arts Competition for the past 15 consecutive years, be so far behind all those other young lads?

 Then he began to declare his own husband, King Nagas, the winner.

 Prathi, Puffa, Lampay, and Queen Sheila, glaring at each other and sending sparks flying.

 Prati is me.
 Puffa is Prince Arowana.
 Lamp-Eye is Hendler.
 Queen Sheila is with King Nargus.

 I'm the spouse or lover of all the warriors who made it to the top four.

"With all due respect, ma'am? One of the 'poppycock' you're referring to includes your own son, doesn't it?
'Yes, Mom! I will not have you calling my chosen husband a "young man"! The winner will be my husband!
"My Lord Hendler is not a young man, either! I'm a man of substance, hard-working, literary and military bravery!

 And the young witches bravely talk back.

 Thinking back, the women gathered here are called the "Crowned Witches," Prati, Puffa, the "Freezing Cold Witch," and Lampuai, the "Hellfire Witch.
 Prathi, the Crowned Witch, Puffa, the Frozen Witch, and Lampuai, the Hellfire Witch, and Queen Sheila, the Dark Witch.
 And Queen Sheila, the Dark (adobeer) Witch, is a secret, but she is the Queen.

 They were all witches.

 The term "witch" is a designation given to the best potion users among female mermaids.
 Currently, there are only six people in the world who are officially called witches, and four of them are here...!

'Anyway! The winner will be my darling! A dandy darling with a lot of connotation and fat, there's no way a twenty-something or so boy could take a back seat to that!
'Times are changing! You'll see the climax of my master beating my dad to the end of the ocean!
So when that little boy was born with a stomachache, you gave birth to a son...!
''Lady Hendler is second to none!

 If the high achievers of the Wushu competition were the stardom of male mermaids, then the Six Witches were the pinnacle of the female mermaids' admiration.

 Four of these witches (though it's a secret that one of them is a secret) have met and are having a great battle.
 It also draws the gazes from the surroundings.

'Hey...! Princess Prati and Queen Sheila are having a father-son fight over there?
"And joining them are the Frost Frosty Witch and the Fiery Witch?
Is it true that Prince Arowana is engaged to the Frosty Witch? Isn't this a national crisis?
No, considering the princess is already a witch, maybe it's not so critical.
I mean, how could Hendler be dating a witch?
He's got everything but his job title!

 The situation is unprecedented, with everyone who has made it to the top four having a witch's second.
 With all of this, the tournament heads towards its climax.