370-368 Martial Arts Competition-The Strongest Enemy

 Well, for me, there's more to be shaken up than that.

 More than the excitement of the whole tournament, more than the wives who are cheering me on.
 It's far more important than any discussion about who is the best.

 The fact that his next opponent is King Nagas...!
 Mr. Nagas the Mermaid King is Prati's father.
 In other words, to me, he's my father-in-law.

 ........to fight someone like that, even if it is a match.......

 ........It's hard to do!
 I'm telling you, it's not going to be easy!

 I'm the number one son-in-law in the world who shouldn't cheat!
 How can we fight against such a man?
 If you really fight against him, you might harm your relationship with him and he might get angry with you if you cut corners.
 Can you entertain people?

What are you looking at, mister?

 Prathi said in a voice that exuded ruthlessness.

'You must win! When we've come this far, we'll crush every enemy that stands in our way and reign supreme! You're gonna kill my father and your brother!
That's your kin, isn't it?

 What's wrong with the Mermaid King family?
 Cut it out, Junior, don't you think you're going to show him a boneheaded fight just because he's been born?

"No... let's just stop worrying about what we have to do and focus on what we do best.

 Maybe it's the only choice I won't regret.

 I throw the air droplets into my mouth again, allowing me to breathe underwater.

'You're not going to accidentally drink or vomit again, are you? We don't have much left.
... (Goggles). Okay! "Bababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababababut?

 Prathi gave me a new air-drop and I won't talk anymore.

 I'm not going to talk anymore.
 The first semi-final match venue.

 I'm not going to be able to get to the bottom of it.

 His Majesty the Mermaid King Nagas.
 The king who rules the mermaid race that governs the sea.

 I think I was able to really feel the size and magnitude of this in one day.
 I hadn't really understood it until now, but.

 What's the point of winning the tournament for fifteen years in a row?
 He's completely built up an era, isn't he?

 He's become so strong that he's refrained from competing, perhaps because he's become too strong, or maybe he's withdrawn from the tournament in the last ten years to let the next generation take over, but this year he's reversed course.

 But this year, he's reversed his policy and is now competing in the tournament, and I don't think Prince Arowana, who has just returned from his training trip, had anything to do with it.

 He's probably starting to think about leaving it to the next generation as a king, too.
 For that reason, he needs to be in the final and relative to his own son.

 I want to hand it over........!

 I thought with all my heart.
 I don't want to be the one to interfere with such a dramatic tournament structure.
 I want to back off before I incur the wrath of the people from all walks of life.

 But my wife would not allow me to do so.

"Instant kill! Daddy, I'm going to tear you to pieces and feed you to the crabs!

 So how can you relentlessly say that to your own father?

There's more...!

 Look, your stepfather is hurt!

Don't lose, darling! I'm going to teach my languid son-in-law to be a real dandy!
''I'm not feeling good, gabobobobobobobobobob...?''

 d*mn, I couldn't help but correct him even if he spat out an air squirt.
 Prathi gave me a new droplet........!

 And finally, the semifinals.
 The match begins!

    * * *

 In this situation, the first move is a must.
 I decided to fight quickly and get it over with, so I decided to use an in-depth technique from my first move.

I activate the "Supreme Bearer" and grab the seawater.
 The seawater then demonstrates its full potential and creates a current.

 Whirlpool tide, activate.

The vortex created by the supreme bearer is a tornado in the sea.
 The first round and the second round were won with this.
 The third round, the semifinals, will be decided by this, too!

 ...if only it were that easy.


 The mermaid king was not in the least bit intimidated by the whirlpool that was approaching like a demonic dragon.
 Rather, he held out his hands to intercept it.

''Moss, moss, moss, moss, moss...!''

 And then, to my surprise, a whirlpool was generated from each of the Mermaid King's right and left hands that he held up!
 Just like I created it.

 Or rather, two at the same time?
 The whirlpools collide and cancel each other out, but King Nargas's was superior in power because it had two, and only one whirlpool reached me.
 If I hadn't avoided it, I would have been swallowed up and whirled around.

 I was able to create a whirlpool with the 'supreme bearer', but King Nargus naturally doesn't have that gift.
 Then how did they manipulate the currents and create the vortex?

That's a darling dandy.

 Queen Sheila at ringside.
 Commentary is not commentary.

A darling outpouring of dandies means that they follow even the tide. You know you're a boy when you need a reason to do something!

 I don't understand.
 But this is not a good time to keep your distance.
 This is because the firepower of the long-range attack by the whirlpool tide is clearly superior to that of the other side. It's a good idea to bring the game into close quarters.

 Now is the time to draw the Evil Sacred Sword Dry Schwartz and slash at it with a lunge!

 But that doesn't mean they don't have a plan to deal with it, too.

 Speaking of male mermaids, they have a shield and a pike.
 The mermaid king Nargas also carried the one he had on his back as part of his fighting etiquette, but he held it in his hands and attacked.

 A metallic sound was heard with a click.

 The three-pronged spear thrust out by the mermaid king clashed head-on with my evil holy sword.
 It's an even match.

 No, wait.
 Evenly matched with the Evil Sacred Sword Dry Schwartz?

 One of the seven holy swords that the Dark God Hades created to conquer the earth?

You look surprised.

Queen Sheila translates for King Nargus, who can only say "Mos". Braggingly.

"That holy halberd is the trident, the divine weapon of the sea god Poseidon. A facsimile!

 I don't want a replica.

"A royal token passed down from generation to generation in the House of the Mermaid King. By inheriting the trident, the Mermaid King will cement his claim to the throne!

 If it is a copy of God's things, it is God's creation.
 Just like my Evil Sacred Sword.

 Does that give us enough evidence to properly fight each other?

 The Mermaid King is far more massive than you can imagine.

 If you get far enough away from him, he'll attack you with a whirlpool, and if you get close enough, he'll use his divine weapon, a trident.
 This is definitely a Demon King-grade skill.

 Do the kings of this world really have to be this strong?
 If you don't take this seriously, you'll be pushed aside in a hurry.

 To begin with, have I ever fought this seriously before?
 I feel like I didn't leave it up to Okubo, Gov. Yoshi and the others to do it at all.

 If you don't fight on a regular basis, you don't develop a fundamental fighting instinct and you're likely to be pushed down quickly.
 In that sense, I was brought into a very close contest, and it was very close to the edge...

    * * * *

"Fight's over, winner-take-all, Master of the Princess Platy.

 The audience sprang to life.
 It was probably so.
 The unbeaten king, who had won many championships since his days as a fighter, was finally defeated.

 He lost because he was out of stamina.
 The reason for his defeat was his lack of stamina.

"Yes, yes...!

 No, I'm pretty much out of breath too, but...!

"Puh-lease, Prati, get some new drops...! Fresh oxygen...!
You deserve all the credit for your hard work.

 I found out after straining my body to the limit.
 These air drops are not only good for breathing in the water, but also for replenishing oxygen after a rapid workout.

 To be honest, I couldn't hold my breath to fight anymore either, so I would have lost if King Nagas hadn't surrendered first.
 I don't even know if I could have avoided the attack without my body moving.


 King Nargus, who should have surrendered, walked towards me.
 I'm the one who won, but I'm too tired to move...!

He says, "You've shown me what a saint can do. It makes me feel more secure in my daughter's hands.

 Thank you, Queen Sheila, for the translation.
 I'm glad that after a fierce battle, you have been more strongly approved as your daughter's marriage partner.

 Well, anyway, there's one more game left to play, and that's the final.
 And I can't even move a muscle.