371-369 Martial Arts Competition-Winner decision

 The second semi-final match was Prince Arowana vs. Mr. Hendler.

 This was also an unexpectedly good match, and it was a long drawn-out affair.
 Overall, Prince Arowana was the better player, but Hendler was unusually tenacious, and at times got the upper hand.

 However, in the end, Prince Arowana won the match due to a difference in basic skills, and Hendler was dispersed in the semi-finals.
 By the way, I heard that Hendler's appearance in the last four is the best record for him.
 He was steadily building up a career that had nothing to do with being a debater.

 The pairings for the finals were thus determined...

 Prince Arowana versus me.

 Most of us were expecting a father-and-son showdown between Prince Arowana and King Nagas.
 I think people are getting excited because they didn't see it coming. It was enough to make me worry.

 But in reality, the enthusiasm did not wane.

 Even though the father-son showdown was foregone, the replacement card was the future mermaid king and his sister-in-law.
 In other words, a brother-in-law showdown.

 I, who was entrusted with the baton by my father, the aged king, will be challenging my brother-in-law to the final of this year's tournament to see if he has what it takes to be the next king.
 That's the way it's supposed to be played.

 As I'm getting ready for the final, Prathi says, "Don't worry about the voices around you.

I don't care what they say! Let's continue to defeat your brother and let the master become the king of the mermaid kingdom!
"Don't reveal your ambition.

 When I'm king, who will run the farm?

 I'm on my way to the big stage, where winning would be a hassle, but I can't cut corners now.

"Platy, can I have an air drop?
No more swallowing and spitting.

    * * *

 I went into battle with an air mop and was able to breathe underwater.

 The stage for the finals was one of the most gorgeous match grounds.
 Because there will be no more matches after this one. It's the big stage that the whole audience is watching.

 There, he will face Prince Arowana.

 Although he was in awe with his mouth, the concentration of fighting spirit rising from the surface of his body was tremendous.
 He was like a different person from Prince Arowana, who always comes to the farm to play and do stupid things and go home.

 But this is Prince Arowana's true form.
 He's the future king of the mermaid kingdom on his back.

 To show his greatness, the finals are the most important event of the tournament.
 As long as you've been chosen as the opponent, you have to fight a battle that you won't be ashamed of.

"...Prince Arowana.

 I opened my mouth.

'You are my wife Prathi's brother and dear friend. It is unpleasant to cross blades with that you, but think of it as a kind of competition and bob-bob-bob-bob-bob...?

 What is it, it's kind of stuffy in here?

 Speaking of which!
 Now I was chewing air droplets so I could breathe underwater!

 If you talk and open your mouth, the air droplets in your mouth will drift out into the ocean.

"Aga-baba-baba! Wrecking ball!
So how many times do you keep repeating the same mistake, sir! Are you stupid?

 You know what? I thought it would be disrespectful to my sworn enemy if I didn't return the favor to Prince Arowana here.
 You know what? What do men have to do to get through to each other?


 !" No, wait!
 Right now it's not even close anyway!

 I can't breathe with more and more seawater in my mouth!

 Platy! Hurry up, Platy, get a new air drop!
 Now, before I choke on it!

Can't help it, you really are an idiot master...? Err, what?

 Prathi rummaging in his pocket for a new air drop.

 What's the matter with you, quickly! What's the big deal, we need fresh oxygen as soon as possible or we'll die!

I'm going to run out of air drops.

 What did you say?

It's his fault! It's easy to vomit and swallow as if you were eating grass around here or there, and the amount you consume is just too much! In the first place, I never dreamed that my husband would participate in this event, and it was only as a precaution that I carried a cell phone, so the amount is not that large!

 It's true that I may have been a bit of a mess, and I apologize!
 But right now, we need to get our oxygen fix somehow, sooner rather than later!
 He's breathing in the water! Naturally, you're breathing!

 Isn't there any other way?

 Oh, I can't breathe!
 I can't breathe!

 Breathe! Come on...?


 I thought I heard Prathi's stupid voice, but I couldn't help myself.
 Isn't it funny to watch yourself drifting underwater? I was thinking, 'Oh, that's an astral projection, isn't it?' He realized after a moment's delay that he was not the only one.

''Gyahhhh! The master is dead! The master is dead ah!

 As it turns out, I didn't die.

 I was immediately pulled into the Shabong by Prathi, and a quick artificial respiration brought me back to life and I was able to survive.

 The only problem is that all that commotion blew up the final of the martial arts competition, and it ended up being a blur.

    * * * *

 The winner of this year's martial swimming competition is Prince Arowana.

 He won for the second year in a row in glory.

 The final match was treated as a no-win situation.

 Because it's basically impossible for me, a terrestrial, to do underwater activities.
 Prathi's genius invention had made the impossible possible, and if that invention was lost, it would be impossible.

 Therefore, the winner was Prince Arowana.

''It's not very tight...?

 If it were true, I was hoping for a more heated final.
 It's going to take about fifty weeks in manga magazine terms.

 And yet it ended in the worst possible self-destruction pattern, with the enemy drowning on its own and dying....

''Don't mind me, Sage Lord...!

 Prince Arowana, who was the clear winner of V2, would follow up.

 The tournament was already over until the awarding ceremony, and it had become a quiet after the festival.

''We are the ones who forced you to participate in the competition...! I hope the saintly lord enjoyed it...!

 The event was over, and we were ready to leave now that we had nothing to do.
 We had no more business to attend to, and I had to take care of the farm.

We'd like you to come to watch the swimming competition next year, too. I don't mind if you want to participate in it from the start.
No, no...! Now that I've realized that this kind of thing is definitely not in my nature...!

 It really is.

 Tilling the soil and building houses seems to suit me a lot better than fighting battles.

 It's just.
 And yet, Prathi is muttering to himself next to me.

I'll have to triple the amount of air drops next time I come back...! No, five times? It's better to be creative in preventing accidental ingestion and spitting up, and it's also better to examine other media besides mozuku...!

 Can we please stop planning a new strategy for the next tournament?

''Hmmm........my son-in-law, I won't let you get away with it, will I?

 Queen Sheila said some scary things about the group that was going to see you off.

"My darling will make it up to you. You'll come again next year, won't you?

 Unlike the men, the women are left with some kind of grudge.

''Well come to think of it, now that Prince Arowana has won, what are you going to do? Isn't it about time you acknowledged your marriage to Pfafa in earnest?
What are you talking about?

 Queen Sheila plays dumb.
 Prince Arowana and Puffa still have a long way to go in their love affair.

I don't think I'll make a decision this year because there was no direct confrontation between Prince Arowana and Darling. You'll have to wait until next year to find out.
"Oh no!

 She put off her wedding plans to next year.
 Pahwa was saddened to hear that. I feel bad for causing such a mess.

 Well, I'm happy to spend my days with my family.
 I would like to visit again and again if I have the opportunity.

''That's why, next time I'll come for the purpose of watching the game completely.......!

 The Mermaid King and his family saw us off and we left the mermaid kingdom in peace.