372-370 General view of martial arts competition, viewpoint of spectators

 My name is Iwa.

 I'm a common mermaid living in the land of mermaids.
 I am a commoner who lives in the land of mermaids, but the one event that I look forward to every year is the Wuxing Tournament.

 Male mermaids from all over the country gather to fight and battle it out to determine the strongest.
 No matter who you are, it's a blood-curdling event.

 Normally I work in the country selling salmon roe, but when the day arrives, I can't help but jab into the void.

 The highlight of this year's tournament is the Arowana Prince.
 He's not only the next mermaid king of the world, but he's also the winner of last year's competition, which is a great name for him.
 In addition, he has been training for almost a year on the land of hell without being proud of his glory.

 Everyone was looking at this year's competition as the perfect opportunity to see the results of Prince Arowana's training.

 Other final tournament regulars, such as General Shark, Zangyou Touhou Master Tachibana, and Fighting Debater Hendler, were also expected to compete.

 I was able to get a ticket for the tournament, which was sold out by a tremendous ratio, and I was able to watch the tournament live.
 I'll be taking a day off from work, so I'll let my customers eat some tobiko (Japanese tobiko) and be patient with the salmon roe.

 My attention is also on Prince Arowana. He's going to win again this year.
 I'm going to witness the prince's successive victory with my own eyes.

    * * * *

 When the tournament actually began, it was even more exciting than we had expected.
 His Majesty, the current Mermaid King, Nargus, participated in the tournament with a blitz.

 His Majesty, who hadn't participated in a single tournament since he declared his retirement after winning the championship for 15 consecutive years, was the last to do so.
 This was a very exciting moment for the martial arts swimmers of yesteryear, and they speculated on what was going on in his heart.
 What was going through His Majesty's mind as he returned to the ring after nearly ten years of silence?

 The majority agreed that it was still a matter of 'assessing the qualities of Prince Arowana, his successor.
 Depending on the outcome of the match, would he be able to succeed to the throne? The excitement in the audience was at its peak.

 We could be witnessing a moment that would change history.

 Prince Arowana and King Nagas both won their preliminary fights to advance to the finals in the fastest time possible.
 They're too strong.
 It was no surprise that King Nagas was strong, and Prince Arowana was just as strong, crushing his opponents one by one.

 As I suspected, the prince had done some significant training...!
 Power up to prove it!

 And who is the female mermaid who stands by Prince Arowana and provides proper support in all the games?
 I think he was at last year's convention?

 I asked a Genin watcher about it, and she said she was one of the Six Mad Demonesses, the "Frozen Cold Witch" Puffa.
 I don't know much about her, so I didn't recognize her, but according to the top-secret information, she's the fiancée of Prince Arowana.

 It's amazing to have a witch as a wife!
 Prince Arowana is a rare hero!

 He's shown he's strong enough to take over as the Mermaid King even today, and the Mermaid Kingdom is safe and sound.
 This year's tournament is going to be the sole domain of the father and son of the mermaid king.

 Just when it seemed like that.
 An unexpected turn of events occurred at the Wushuushu swimming competition.

    * * * *

 It happened in the final match of the tournament.

 The incident happened in the final match of the tournament, where one of the finalists had a s*x change and had to leave the tournament.
The hall was shaken with anxiety, saying "It's not the same as that, it's the same as the Ishidai," but the surprise was just beginning.

 The absent swimmer was replaced by the first non-Indian swimmer in the history of the martial arts competition.

 Princess Prati's husband.
 A land man called a saint.

 Princess Prati, the eldest daughter of the Mermaid King, was overwhelmingly popular among the mermaid people for being an outstanding potions user herself.
 Many male citizens were secretly shocked to learn that the princess had gotten married.
 To tell you the truth, I was one of them.

 The fact that Princess Prati had married a land-based man was a hot topic of conversation for a while, and I wondered what kind of man he would be like. The interest in the project was very high.

 We recently entered the mermaid kingdom together as Princess Prathi's homecoming, and it was the first time we appeared publicly, but just by showing our faces, I said, 'Isn't that normal? The only impression I was left with was.

 Prati-sama's husband is participating in a martial arts swimming competition?

 Although there may be pros and cons to the participation of other species in the venerable mermaid martial arts festival, the audience ignored them and paid attention to her.

 Princess Prati's husband.

 Since the princess herself is a great person, the land man chosen to be her partner must be great too.
 It's rather unconvincing if it's not awesome.
 If you have a monopoly on Princess Plati, who has tens of thousands of fans in the mermaid kingdom.

 It was jealousy.

 But the person in question. At least from the outside, he looks normal.
 He doesn't look strong, in fact, he looks weak.
 Is he okay?
 Is she really so special that she deserves to be Princess Prati?

 In order to find out the truth, today's hasty entry into the tournament was a good idea.
 What's more, the man who was to face Master Prathi's husband in the first round was the shark general.

 The ferocious General Shark.

 Although he was a soldier in the Mermaid Royal Palace, he had risen to the rank of general by virtue of his naturally belligerent nature.
 He is a battle maniac who loves to fight and participates in the annual swimming competition.
 He has won the championship in the past, and he's skilled enough to expose the strength of the Rikujin.

''General, go ahead!
"Kill the enviable Rikuto who is flirting with Master Prati!

 Cheers from the audience also overflowed from the audience with personal grudges.

 General Shark's ability is so real that if his opponent is a small fry, he would be crushed in less than a moment.
 Since you're in the enviable position of having Princess Plati as your possession, it would be more balanced if you had that much difficulty, right? As a fan of fish fighting, I watched the unknown match while including some of my support for the "why" of the match.

 The fight began.
 And the result was horrendous.

The result was horrendous. I'm being swallowed up! You're being swallowed up by the vortex! You can't go against the flow! You're spinning! It's going round and round!

 A whirlpool has swallowed General Shark!
 A landman is trying to drag seawater into a whirlpool!

 How is that even possible?
 Can a land man do that? ! Can a land man do that?

 Anyway, the game was over in an instant, and the land man, who had married Lady Plati, easily defeated one of the strongest mermaids in the world.
 Is this ability real........?

    * * * *

 It was the real thing.

 Princess Plati's husband, the Rikito, killed his opponent in the second round with a whirlpool attack, and in the semi-finals, his opponent, His Majesty Nagas, the Mermaid King, was the one to beat.

 And in the semi-finals, she faced the hottest player of the tournament, our mermaid king, His Majesty Nargus.

 It looked like a digestible match until he faced Prince Arowana in the finals, but in the semifinals, they had a great match.

 You're not backing down against His Majesty, the legendary Nargus, who has been the strongest swimmer in the past Wushuushu competitions...?
 You let His Majesty Nagas use the trident! Even though King Nagas has won the past fifteen years in a row without wielding a single trident, he won it with his bare hands!
 And not only did you let him use the trident, you're going head to head with the trident! What is the sword of a landman that goes toe-to-toe with a divine contraption!

 Is it the legendary weapon of the land?

 The fierce battle between His Majesty's Nargus and the Rikito was one of the longest of all the matches, and yet it was a great battle that didn't have a single moment of boredom.

 And the decision was something no one expected.

 His Majesty Nargus had given up first.
 Even though it was inevitable since he was already old, in the end, Rikuto won the game with the stamina of youth.

 The legend was shattered.

 The living legend of His Majesty Nargus, who continued to renew the myth of his invincibility in the Wushu competition, has finally been shattered.
 And by the hands of another race.

 This may be an insult to the pride of mermaids, but for some reason, the audience, including me, was satisfied with the outcome.

 We had just witnessed such an exciting match.
 I had seen such a heated match, so I was naturally satisfied.

 My opponent might have been frustrated if it had been any other landlord, but the best thing about him was that he was Princess Prati's husband.
 As expected of a man chosen by Princess Plati.

 Princess Prati's husband.
 I'm very happy to hear that a saint has a friendship with the Mermaid Royal Family.
 Now both the Mermaid Kingdom and the Mermaid Royal Family are safe and sound.

 ...Well, I wasn't so sure about the final match with Prince Arowana.

 I had heard that land people couldn't breathe under the sea, but I didn't know that the special potion that made it possible for them to do so would run out and they would drown.
 So Prince Arowana hadn't won a battle.
 There was nothing to be ashamed of, though.

 But all in all, it was a good tournament, with more matches than usual, and a lot more worth watching!
 I'm a fan of the genin, and I'm very happy with it.

 Let's fill up on energy and sell shishamoko from tomorrow!