373-371 Battle of Mountain Dungeon

 Watching (or participating in) a martial arts swimming competition The event is over....
 I came back to the farm that I call home.

'No, it's nice to be on the ground after all...'

 As a land-dwelling creature by nature, I realized this as soon as I came back from the bottom of the ocean.
 I like the fact that I can breathe anywhere without hesitation!

 The air is great!
 Breathing is fun!

 I can say that being aware of this feeling is one of the things I gained from my journey to the bottom of the sea.

''That was fun, master!

 That's what Veerle, the dragon, shouts.
 She, too, was on a tour to watch the martial arts competition, but her presence was airy from the middle of the tour.

 It's amazing that the presence of the dragon disappears from the tournament, but Veerle seemed to enjoy watching it with her fellow competitors Ardheg and Marie in Veerle.

 I was very grateful to them for taking over and watching Junior when I decided to join the tournament and Prathi started to imitate seconds.

 In a way, Veal was more experienced with Junior than us, his parents.

I'm excited! Even though it was a shabby battle between the lower races, it's still very exciting to see them get down and dirty with each other and try to take the victory! Shush!

 Veerle is really excited and starts shadow boxing in human form.
 Is it shadow if he's excited in another world?

 He is the strongest race of dragons to begin with, so he must have the will to fight.
 Veerle was like this all the way back from the mermaid kingdom.

 I was so excited that I was chilled out, wondering if he would turn back into a dragon.

'Master! I have a newfound appreciation for that! After all, the essence of living things is struggle! Fighting is what elevates the organism!

 That's a very strange thing to say.

That's why I'm going to fight! You will live to be the most powerful dragon in the world!

 Did you just say something rash under the influence?

 Stop it!
 You're a dragon, and once you start fighting, you have no idea how much trouble you'll get in.
 It's a high probability that everything will fall apart!

And what are you going to fight? How many of them are there to oppose the strongest dragon in the world?

 The only one that can do that is the same dragon.
 Don't tell me you're going to pick a fight with your compatriot, Mr. Alexander or Mr. Ardhegg?

No, I don't. No, I've had enemies a long time ago. This is a fight or flight.
'What? !'
I should have put him down a long time ago. But I gave myself all kinds of reasons to postpone. I must say, it made me less ferocious as a dragon!
''Even if it's dull, it's totally fine!

 Hate seems to be pouring out of Veerle's tone, and I'm confused as to what kind of opponent would make this guy, a dragon, feel so much hostility.

It's the day you crush them and feel good about it! The mermaids remind me to release my battle instincts!

 And then Veerle runs off.
 I can't leave her alone because she is too boisterous to say anything, so I run out after her.

I run after her. Where do you think you're going? I mean, don't you want to fly back to your dragon form?

 The only thing I can do is to run after her, and the continuous motion makes it hard to breathe.

"I just came back from the bottom of the ocean...! You're losing oxygen again?

    * * * *

 So that's how I followed Veerle and arrived at the place....

''Isn't it a mountain dungeon?''

 A dungeon with Veerle as the master, located near the farm.
 I wondered where he was going to attack it after being so brave, but it's his own home.

''Who do you think you're going to come back to your home base to beat up?''
'You know as well as I do, master! These people have been living in my dungeon for quite some time now!

 As I was tilting my head to see what on earth they were talking about, a buzzing sound approached me from the back of the dungeon.

''Saint-sama! Aren't you a saint?
Welcome, Your Majesty!
"Do you want to see us?

 We have a lot of colorful fruits that say, "Do you want to see us?

 Are the fruits talking?
 I should explain the wonder that I don't know how to do this.

 Here in the mountain dungeon, I plant fruit trees and grow fruit as part of my farm work.
 This is because the mountain dungeon is essentially a sub-space with a stable climate and many slopes, which is ideal for growing fruit.

 The fruit trees, which prospered to the point where they were named "Dungeon Orchard", began to be possessed by a spirit of the tree.

 The tree spirit is a product of our fantasy world, a kind of spirit that possesses trees.
 It is a kind of spirit that possesses the trees and makes use of their characteristics to coexist and prosper.

 I was surprised when I first confirmed its existence, but since it wasn't harmful, I eventually tolerated it.
 On the contrary, it manages the growth of the possessed fruit trees and helps me to harvest more fruit.

 That's why most of the fruit trees planted in the dungeon orchard are now possessed by tree spirits....
 These tree spirits are the ones that greet me now.

 Kaka-Oh, the spirit of the cacao tree. Kakiemon, the tree spirit of the persimmon. Ringo, the spirit of the apple tree. Arumikan, the spirit of the tangerine. Mama Lemon, the spirit of the lemon. The Vine Spirit Strong the Grape. The banana tree spirit Sonja Banana. Berry Tree Spirit Berry Nice. Chestnut Tree Spirit Chris. Plum Tree Spirit Ume Emperor. Peach Tree Spirit Peachtitanba. The cherry tree spirit Kyoranbo.

 There are a lot of them anyway.
 I don't know why, but these tree spirits were the fruits themselves.
 If it's oranges, it's oranges, and if it's apples, it's apples that are possessed by the tree spirits, or it floats around and comes close to me.

 I was very popular.

Thank you guys for taking care of the trees. Is everything OK?

 As a greeting, I asked........

'Everything is fine! "The orchard that our saint has carved out cannot be in trouble! 'We're managing it as best we can, sir! "All hail the saints!

 The level of loyalty is comfortable.
 The mountain dungeon is becoming more and more crowded with tree spirits like this....


 Suddenly, Veerle spat out a breath of fire in his human form and attacked the tree spirits.
 In other words, he could spit out breaths as a human?

''What's the matter with you, Veerle? Are you suddenly a rebel?
I didn't say that! I told you I was going to destroy the enemy!

 Yeah, that's what I said.

"These tree spirits are our enemies! It's a nasty one, encroaching on my domain! Today is the day we'll get rid of every last one of these guys!

 Speaking of which.
 For some time now, there has been trouble between the spirits of the trees and Veerle, who have newly begun to live in the dungeon orchard.

 Originally, the owner of this dungeon was Veerle.
 I built the dungeon orchard with Veerle's consent, but the spirits that sprang up there hadn't gotten permission from him.

 The monsters are genuinely derived from the dungeon and are useful to the viel for food and guarding the dungeon, so he allows them.

 However, it seems that tree spirits are fundamentally spirits and not monsters, and they have a different view of the world.

They live in the dungeon without my permission, and most importantly, they have no respect for me! I don't want them in the corner of my dungeon!

 said Veerle.
 It's true that there's a problem with unauthorized access.

 You can't just ask the spirits of the trees for their permission.

'I have permission to do so, if you don't mind.
"I took it from the saint!

 You can't just get permission from me!
 It's true that I'm the creator of the dungeon orchard, and I'm the owner (?) of the Veerle who controls the dungeon. Although I'm also me.

 Ultimately, Veerle is the master of the mountain dungeon, so I want him to show his humanity.

 I know that Veerle tried to control the spirits of the trees whenever he could, but Junior was born and Veerle was left alone in the meantime.

 So Viel is determined to finally get down to brass tacks and resume control of the situation.

"I'm the master of this dungeon! Show me some respect! Or else I'll die!

 Veerle approaches the tree spirits.

''We refuse!''
"We, the spirits of the dungeon orchard, owe our allegiance only to our saint.
"I do not serve two masters!

 Why are you so loyal?
 Only to me?

This is an invasion! An invasion of our dungeon orchard!
No, no!

 It's been in the Veerle's domain from the start, not to mention taken!

We've no choice but to ask him to leave! 'We have a tree spirit representative!
'Oh! He must be able to repel the vicious invading dragons!''

 A representative of the tree spirit?
 I've never even heard of such a thing before.

 A representative of the tree spirits who rely on all kinds of fruit.
 He could even go toe-to-toe with dragons.

 He was truly the king of fruits.