380-378 Standing the Great Demon King


 That's something I've heard of.
 What was it........Osaka? Nagoya?

An exposition is an event to display the fruits of technology. The goal of an exposition is to show off the technology of our country and to enhance our national prestige.

 Mr. Shaks explains.

'In this case, we'll be showcasing the tremendous skills of the farm. The clothes that Batty made. The clothes that Batty made, the crafts that the elves made, all of those things will be on display.

 But that's not all.

"By exhibiting and explaining not only the resulting work, but also the process of its production. "Not only the resulting pieces, but also the process of their production can be displayed and explained, allowing visitors to see the demon craftsmen and satisfy their demands. Because what they want to see is the farm's generations-old mastery of excellence.

 Well, when I'm lifted up so high.........
 I'm embarrassed........!

Moreover, when it comes to an exhibition, the period of time must be divided. Once the exhibition is over, it will be the end of the period, and the craftsmen will not pursue it.

 In other words, once you've taught it, you can cut off the endless requests to teach it again.
 It was an "I see" idea that dared to disclose the technology as an event, so that there would be no consequences for the future.
 It was a clever idea, as expected of a merchant. Cunning.

I would like to ask you, saint, to positively consider holding an exposition...!
Am I in charge?
'Of course, sir! If it's a farm fair, there's no one else who can take the center stage but the saint!

 Hmm, I don't know.

 Normally I wouldn't like to do something so public, but....

 But I've been a big part of the reason why we've gotten to this point.
 If the exposition is the solution to this problem, what do you do without me taking the lead in taking responsibility for it? There's also a feeling that this is a good thing.

 And another thing that was important was the timing.
 We're about to enter winter.
 This will be the first winter since Junior was born.

 We can't work in the winter on our farm because the ground is covered with snow.
 In general, winter is a time of leisure.

 We could use the free time to prepare for the exposition.

'Yeah, I'm starting to feel like we can do something.

    * * *

 However, it's not a decision I can make on my own, so I've decided to try and get everyone to agree on something.

 The main people I consulted with were the elves' team leaders, Batty, and Okubo and Gobukichi.
 The vocational side of the farm is their domain.


 When I first approached them for advice, they didn't look like they were on the same page.
 I don't blame them for that. I don't really know what I'm going to do when I hear about the expo.

'In short, it's about showing the world what everyone else is doing on the farm. Sewing clothes, frying dishes. We're sewing clothes, we're burning dishes, we're chopping wood. That's the part of the process that people in other parts of the world hadn't seen before.

 And the result is the only thing that gets out into the world in the form of a work of art.
 If only the results were shown to the public without a process, people would be confused.

 Because of all the confusion this time, I would like to make the manufacturing process open to the public in order to clear up the confusion.
 In the form of an exposition.

I think it's a good idea.

 The first person to speak up was Batty.
 The demon girl in charge of our farm's clothing.

 Her opinion should be listened to since the idea of selling the clothes she made to the outside world in the first place was the beginning of the connection between the farm and the outside world.

'The technology on this farm is transcendent in every way. I can understand why people are confused when they're only shown the fruits of their labors.

 Batty said that if left unchecked, there might be some who would make a bad move to find out the secret.
 To avoid that, it would be good to disclose a little information.

If we take the form of an exposition, we can adjust the degree of information to be disclosed at our discretion, and I don't think that's a bad thing. It's not a bad thing. It's just the bad idea of a merchant.

 And it was Batty, whose casual manner of speaking was harsh.

'Where are the elves?'
We don't mind. You want to see it, we'll show it to you.

 On behalf of the elf team, Elon says emphatically.

''In this kind of situation, the less skilled people seem to be more wary of having their skills stolen, but it's not a problem for us farm elves. In fact, if you can steal something, try to steal it! No one else can duplicate the superlative!

 The ailerons were confident in their skills with a mysterious professionalism.
 I mean, they finally called themselves Farm Elves.

'What do you think, Okubo and Gobb Kichi?'

 I'll talk to the remaining farm dupes.

'We will do whatever it is you wish, my lord.
I will do so in good time.

 They were the same as ever.

'But doesn't Oakbo have some preparations for Oakbo Castle or something? Can you afford it?
It won't take place in late winter for them to meet, and even if they do, I have no intention of making a difference to your life and your promise to Lord Dalkish. And even if they do, I will not make a mistake in serving my life and the promise I made to Mr. Darquish.

 Oakbo is so serious.

 With the agreement of these friends, it was decided to hold another farm exposition.

    * * * *

But first and foremost, though, we have to start with the preparations.

 Batty raised his hand.

'Is there anything that's set in stone? Like where it's going to be held and how long it's going to last. Any specifics about what you're going to exhibit?
Nope, it's nothing.

"We're having an expo! It's just that one word that set the project in motion.
 We haven't decided what we're going to do.

So we'll start talking about it. I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with!

 There was an air of disappointment from the people around me, 'This is no good'.

 Because it can't be helped!
 I've never planned or even seen an expo before! You're starting with absolutely zero knowledge!

'But don't worry. Naturally, I've got a reliable consultant for this project!
A consultant?
Mr. Shaks, who initiated the plan.

 Mr. Shax bowed silently behind me, looking uncomfortable.

'And one more...!
Are you still here?
''It's Great Demon King Baal-san!''

 The old demon tribe appeared with a dignified appearance while wearing a tremendous amount of spirit.
 His supremacy was natural, after all, he was once the top demon king of the demon tribe.
 His predecessor was the Grand Demon King.

''........Why is the Great Demon Lord here?''

 However, they all had a rather thin reaction to Baal-san's appearance.
 Even Batty, the former Demon King's Army, was not surprised.

 He is after all a retired person.

''........I have told the Great Demon Lord about this story.

 And Mr. Shaks.

Why do you have to go through all that trouble...?
It's inevitable that he'll find out later, if the story gets too big...? I think it's better to tell you at the earliest opportunity than to have you harp on and on about it all the time...!

 The Great Merchant has a lot of hardships too.
 And then there's the Great Demon King. You are as lively as a fish with a lot of water.

"Since I'm here, you may think you're in a big boat. After all, I am an expert in expositions!
Is that so?
When I was the active Demon King, I used to organize expositions on my own initiative. About 500 times during my reign!
Too many.

 You should have done something else.

I'm sure you've already heard of this, but there was one policy that Baal-sama was particularly focused on as the previous Demon King. To improve the culture of the Demon Kingdom.
I know.
That's why Master Baal, during his time in office, greatly promoted crafts and invested heavily in them. The frequent fairs were part of this.

 At the time, however, the country was in an all-out war with humanity.
 At such a time, Mr. Baal's policies, which could be seen as a game, did not gain the support of the people, and he was forced to abdicate in a change of government that could be described as a coup d'état by Mr. Zedan.

"No exposition has been held since Baal's abdication," he said. But it's been a while since Master Zedan replaced him, and above all, the war is over.
So much for cooling off, eh?

 Great Demon King, he was so lively.

''Now is the time to show the wisdom of the culture to the entire demon race! When it comes to the exposition, it's only natural to burn! And when the theme is this farm, success is as good as guaranteed!

 He's very enthusiastic.

I'm giving my full support to the exposition! We'll make sure it's done to perfection! I won't spare you any money!
This money came from the state budget, didn't it, Mr. Zedan?

 Without knowing what it was, we got a strong sponsor and our expo organizing project has started in earnest.

 I still don't really know what we're going to do....