381-379 Build a pavilion

 I'm going to do an exposition.

 No, I don't know what we'll be doing myself.
 The point is, it's going to be an exhibition of our farm's products, right?

We'll have to come up with a concrete plan for what to do.

 Great Demon Baal said.
 He's a sponsor, advisor and producer, and he's going to interfere in a lot of ways.

The first thing we need to do is decide where to hold the event. That's the foundation of everything.

 The venue......

Is it the Demon City after all? And it's an event to show the demon tribe's artisans.
Well, I think we'll have a prime location in the Demon City.


There must be some old houses in the prime real estate that have no use. "There were some old mansions that were in prime locations but had no use for them. And build a new venue on top of them.
"Wait a minute!

 Don't you think that's a bit much?

Why do we have to demolish it? Why don't we just rent that house and use it as a venue?
Fools, when it comes to expositions, even the hall where they take place is built to be one of the exhibits. A first-class exposition is one that has a unified theme and a commitment to everything related to it!

 How can you be so particular about it?
 Do you think I've been fooling around with the exposition?

"The Great Demon Lord has a point, but...

 Mr. Shaks says to keep him guessing.

I'm sure there will be a backlash if we have to demolish the existing building. We can't afford to be grudgingly stingy with this exhibition.
No... but I can get away with a little...!
Do you understand now that during your reign, those violent measures have caused a decline in public opinion, and led to Lord Zedan's coup d'état? Please be careful with yourself.

 In this way, wasn't Mr. Baal a real dark monarch? I can't help but feel that this is not the case.

However, it is true what you say about 'the building in the hall is one of the exhibits'. That's exactly what Master Baal, the exposition master who held 500 expositions during his reign, would have said.

 Is that a compliment?
 I'll take that as a compliment. You are indeed an exposition master!

''Well then, the exposition is about building the venue from scratch. ........What do you really want to do about the location?
''There are vacant lots in the Demon City too. Although they are not in the prime area. I think it would be better to find a suitable location and size among them.

 I see.........
 If it's a vacant lot that's up for sale from the beginning, there won't be any trouble, right?

Ah, um.........!

 Those who timidly interrupted our conversation.
 It was the Orcs.

 They are a large group, led by the representative of the Orcubo.
 Is this all of our Orcs?

What's up, Okubo?
I've heard that you're planning to build this fair from scratch, my lord?


"I beg you, then, to entrust this task to our orc army...

 Here they come.
 My orcs have a build mania.

 They get fidgety whenever they try to build something. As they got involved in the construction of all the houses on the farm, the Orcs truly became aware of their love of plumbing.

What do you think, Mr. Shaks...?

 In the meantime, I'll check with Shax-san, who is the most straightforward person in the room to give his opinion.

''Isn't it fine? Given the policy of the venue itself as an exhibit, it would be appropriate to have the building built by Lord Okubo and his team.

Yeah! And high-fives to Okubo and the others.
 But are you sure you're OK? And right after this is over, there's Oakbo Castle, right?

Then the real question now is where to set up the venue. I'll have to find that for you.

 Mr. Shaks gets up from his seat.
 So you've decided everything that can be decided here today.

''Yo, if you don't mind, I'll accompany you...!

 Okubo raised his hand in a biting manner.

The location of the house has to be the first thing to consider when building a good house! Let us choose the perfect place to build the perfect venue!

 Shax-san glanced at me.
 I nodded my head in silence. I don't want to pour water on it since Okubo and the others are trying to do their best.

 If we all worked hard, we could do something good.
 With that in mind, I decided to add Oakbo to the venue selection team.
 And then.....

    * * * *

You can't decide.

 A few days later, Mr. Shaks arrived with a sullen look on his face.
 It seems that the search for a venue is difficult.

''Okubo-dono's conditions are too strict, we can't find any land that meets our demands at all...? I've already cleaned out all the empty lots in the Demon City...!

 When I glared at him, Okubo looked away from me as if he was in a bad mood.
 He is usually the most calm and accurate judge on the farm, but when buildings are involved, he goes berserk.
 When the things you like are involved........
 Who does he look like?

But, my lord! This is what we need to do!
'Yes, sir! The vacant land in the Demon City is too small and too small to be a very suitable venue!
'If we set up in a place like that, it's going to be small and white! More! We need more space!

 Not only the Orcbos, but other orcs as well.
 Their obsession with building has gone too far.
 How did all the Orcs become such a building maniac?

"But there's no convenient place for them to build in the Demon City...?
''Since it's the capital of the Demon Nation, it's only natural...?

 In order to secure a land that meets the needs of the Oakbos, they would have to demolish the original buildings.

"That's why I've said that from the beginning!

 Leave Mr. Baal, who is drinking beer and rolling around in the dark over there....

To tell you the truth, I agree with the policy of Lord Okubo and the others. There is no doubt that if the exposition is led by the saint, it will be an unprecedented one! We can't keep it small and cozy!

 Did you get all hot and bothered, Mr. Shaks?

If that happens, it will be a disgrace for us, the Pandemonium Chamber of Commerce, to the end of our days of helping to organize it! So I have a suggestion for you!

 What is it?

How about we build a venue outside the Demon City?
What do you mean?

 Does that mean it's going to be held in a city or a village other than the Demon City?
 But apparently it's not.

''The Demon City is a big city, but if you step outside the walls that surround the city, there are still unspoiled lands. It doesn't belong to anyone.

 That's the fantasy part.

You can use as much land as you want as much as you want as long as you have permission from the demon king. With the Demon Lord's permission, we can do construction work on it, so why don't we just use the outside of the city as a venue?
There's no limit to the amount of land we can use!

 The Oakbos were excited.
 This would allow them to use an unlimited amount of space to set up the exposition hall the way they wanted.

'Isn't it a disadvantage to be away from the city?

 As usual, Daimajio-san said with a beer mug in one hand.

He said, "The traffic is very inconvenient, but it's a bottleneck to attract customers. Even in the Demon City, there have been cases where people didn't prosper because of the distance between the Demon City and the center of the city, but isn't it too adventurous to go outside the Demon City?

 Especially in a fantasy world like this, it becomes a danger zone where monsters might attack if you step out of the city walls.

 Some of the people living in the Demon City have never been outside the city since they were born. They think that the other side of the wall that surrounds the city is hell.

 Go out behind those walls and look at the exposition! The opinion that this is also a tough one.

'No! The displays provided by the farm are awesome, and they bounce off even such bad conditions! I want to make it a priority to unleash that awesomeness without limit!

 Mr. Shaks said passionately.

'My dear! We'd like to build an awesome venue outside the city too!
Please give me permission! My lord!

 I couldn't say no as the orcs also pleaded, and I gave my permission in a rooted way.

    * * * *.

 But even for me, I had my own agenda in deciding where to set up.
 I didn't want to disclose too much about the farm, even if I did. I didn't want to create too much noise in our neighborhood because I didn't want people to know too much about the farm.
 So even if we do hold an expo, we don't want too many visitors to show up. The number of people in the know should be minimal.
 In view of that, I thought it would be more convenient to have the exhibition site in a remote location.

 However, I would later realize how naive my decision was.
 The problem was that it removed restrictions on those who wanted to hold the exposition.
 By building a venue outside the city, the space limitations were removed.

 What would be the consequences for them...or me included, of being unstoppable?
 I had no idea at the time what the consequences would be for them.