383-381 Stage completion

 And so, while preparations for the exposition were steadily underway....
 I didn't get too involved in that side of things.

 That's because Junior wasn't feeling well.
 He's just recently started eating his baby food, but his appetite seems to be low.
 Wouldn't he normally eat a lot more? I think.

 People around him say it's just his imagination, but what if it's a sign of a serious illness?

 I was worried that it was a sign of a serious illness, so Prathi and I stayed with him all the time, but he finally ate a lot this morning, so I was relieved.

 Now that I felt at ease, I was concerned about the progress of the exposition, so I decided to see how it went.
 According to what I heard, Okubo and his team have already picked out a suitable location outside the city and started construction.

''I wonder how much progress we've made...? So I visited it....

    * * * *

 ........It was already finished.


 Everything at the proposed exposition site I visited was so neat and clean that it was ready to open without any worries.
 There was no sign of clutter from the production process.

What do you mean?
We did it.

 With a satisfied look on his face, it was Okubo who came to greet him.
 This guy is the main culprit, after all.

''We have done everything in our power to finish it at a rapid pace so that it will live up to your name. It's the fastest job we can do. I hope you will be satisfied with it...?
Yes, you're fast. You're fast. Because...!

 I think it's only been three days since construction started.

"You're going too fast! You're working too fast! Is this thing strong enough? Isn't it gonna collapse in an earthquake?
Shall we play games like that? Don't worry. We did the fastest job possible with maximum safety.
In three days?

 That's clearly a speed that struck a security chord, don't you think?

 The reason I'm so anxious about such a fast job is because...
 It's not just the speed. It's not just because of their speed, it's also because the finished product is far better than I expected.

 What they built was an exposition hall.
 .........it was supposed to be.

 Just from the letter alone, I had imagined it to be about the size of a circus tent built in the suburbs.

 That was not the case.
 It was a city.

 It was a city.

 It's much more compact in scale than the Magic City, which is just a stone's throw away.
 However, the buildings and paved roads that line the streets, and the well-maintained scenery are perfect for a city!

 Isn't this civilization more advanced than the Demon City? It was a beautiful city that made me want to say, ''Isn't it more civilized than the Demon City?

''Yes, but according to the advice from the Great Demon Lord, I heard that the exposition hall should be as neat as this one, otherwise it would be embarrassing...!
That cultured bastard again!

 Orkbo's who instigate and make it in three days.
 All this stuff!

 Have these guys advanced to a point where I can't even imagine what they're capable of?

Do we really need to go this far? I'll tell you again, this is a city. Isn't this a city where people could live?
''According to the Great Demon Lord, the exposition needs a 'pavilion' with a theme for each and every one of the pavilions. Accordingly, we have built as many pavilions as needed for this exhibition.

 What is it, Kakukan?

The main one is the Cloth Hall, which is mainly run by Lord Batty. The Pottery Hall, which is mainly run by Lord Elon, and Maerga's Leather Hall. Maerga's Leather Hall. Poel's Glass Hall. The woodworking hall of Lord Mieral.

 I see.
 The buildings themselves look like they could be home to a normal person.

Hm? But wait. Isn't that a bit odd?
What is this?

 If the pavilion is an exhibition hall, then the exhibition section Okubo just enumerated should be enough to run out of material.
 Roughly five or so........

 But........I'll say it again?
 For an exposition hall the size of this city, there are at least 20 pavilions, no matter how you estimate it!
 The other fifteen? What's in the pavilion that's about to be built?

''The thing is........the construction of the venue is underway. We've received requests from various departments...?
What do you mean by departments?
We want to take part in the exposition, and we want to have our own exhibition hall. And then we got to this point where we had to listen to all these requests.
Who the hell do they want?
Well, I guess we start with Master Bacchus.

 That demigod!
 What's up with that trickster who is half god and half man and has been living with a love of alcohol for thousands of years?

''He wants to use this expo as an opportunity to announce his newly developed liquor on the farm...! That's the one that stands over there...!

 Okubo, pointing to a strikingly bizarre building that seems to be inspired by a brewery.

The exhibition hall hosted by Bacchus-sama.... It's the 'Sake House'!
That's just the way it is!

 According to Okubo's explanation, all the beer, sake, shochu, whiskey and fruit wine developed on the farm can be tasted there.

It's a facility that's sure to cause trouble...?
Yes, sir. We will have extra security for the event.

 That's wise.

  A number of people said, "I'm sorry, but that's not what happened.
 It's not going to be like that, is it?

And then that building...

 Okubo explained matter-of-factly.

'That's the 'Natto Hall' hosted by Lord Holkosfon.

 Natto! Horqosfon!

 I knew he'd show up too, didn't I?
 Is this a good opportunity to spread the wonders of Natto to the world?

Next to it is the sister museum, the Beans Hall. Princess Lettuce Slate's Hall.
"Is that guy in there too?

 Isn't there a compliance issue with that?
 I mean, she's not supposed to be allowed in the public eye, right?

The princess's ambition is to share the wonders of beans with the world. She's going to appeal to people with all kinds of legumes: soybeans, red beans, peas, plantains and peanuts. According to her, 'This is a battle for balls! And...

 They called it "balls" or "beans".

 So, he has teamed up with the Natto Museum in Holkosfon and hopes to conquer the whole country by means of beans.
 Her ambition is growing like a princess.

The mermaids want to take this opportunity to tell the humans and demons on the ground about potions. They have opened the Potions Hall. In addition, the children of the former automatons will hold the Puppet House and present the results of their research on the automatons left by the late Mariage Alchemist.

 A lot of flowers are blooming.

"Gobukichi-dono is also excited. They are going to present a systematic method of weaving silk and cotton into cloth. It seems that they are going to present a systematic method of field management. It is presumptuous of us, Orcs, to present our research on the original method of construction that we have cultivated through our construction experience...!

 It was too gorgeous.
 For me, it's an expo that I started lightly, but it's turned out to be a big deal.

 Wisdom packed into a city-sized expo hall like this.
 Of course, this is not all there is to the farm, but even so, it's still a superb technology for the outside world.

 What will be the impact on the world when it leaks out...?

 When I'm thinking with a difficult look on my face, Okubo asked me if I could sense his anguish.

It's a good idea to have a good time. Would it be better to cancel it?

 But how anxious you seem to be asking that question...?

 That's right.
 We've all worked so hard to prepare.....

 You have a chance to present what you've developed on the farm....

Let's just keep going...
We've all worked so hard on this. Let's make it the best expo ever!

 And so our farm fair began.
 I knew it was going to be a bigger deal than I thought...?