384-382  Opening

 My name is Pazussey.
 I'm the guildmaster of the Leatherworkers Guild.

 The economy is not good these days.
 This is because a powerful business enemy has appeared.

 I've been marketing the Farm brand through the Pandemonium Chamber of Commerce.
 Their customers, the senior demon tribe, are buying their products because they are so good.

 They didn't even pay attention to our products.

 In the first place, when you sell something in the Demon City, you must belong to an artisan's guild that deals with the product you are selling and reveal your origin. The brand that calls itself "Farm" doesn't do this at all and keeps everything a mystery.

 We don't know the manufacturing methods, the location of the workshops, or even the faces of the artisans.

 We'd like to protest their lack of respect for our territory, but there's no way to do so since we don't know where they are.
 We had no choice but to protest to the Pandemonium Trading Company, which dealt in their products...

''The Farm's workshop is not located in the Demon City. Isn't it necessary to have a workshop in the Demon City to join each artisan's guild?

 I was distracted.

''We have signed a contract with a farm workshop in a certain place far away from the Demon City to import their goods. Therefore, we do not violate the honor of your guild.

 I've been told off.
 I've done a thorough investigation, but there's no evidence that the farm's work is manufactured in the demon city, and it's true that it's imported from outside.

 This is unheard of.

 Highly skilled craftsmen open their workshops in the magical city without exception. It's because this is the way to sell your name and become the best.
 All of the craftsmen outside of the Demon City are inferior to those in the Demon City, and it is impossible for them to import them on purpose. Hence, the guild was also not prepared to take any countermeasures.

 Moreover, farm brands are not just leather products.
 They also sell crockery, glasswork, and woodwork, so the types of jobs affected were not just ours.

 They were originally established as a fashion brand, you know.

 The Chamber of Commerce says, 'We've narrowed down the number of products, so there shouldn't be any impact on our competitors'.

 There is a sufficient impact.
 The other side was so overwhelmed by the quality of the products that the rich people who were our customers said, 'I'll wait for years until I can get my hands on the farm's products! and turned their backs on our products, saying, 'I'll wait for years to get the farm products!

 We can't keep going like this.
 If we can't somehow make our products better than the farm's, or at least close to the quality of the farm's products, the guild's artisans will have to hang themselves in line.

 That being said, they couldn't suddenly change the skills of the masters that they had worked so hard to protect, and they were pondering what on earth they were going to do.

 The pandemonium trading company in question sent us news.

'We're holding an exposition,' they said.

 It sounds familiar.

 They used to be held all the time during the time of Lord Baal's reign as Demon King.
 Come to think of it, I don't think we've had one since Lord Zedan took over.

 Well, why don't we join in?
 Let's use the exhibition to display our best work to get more visitors, right?

 Huh? No, it's not!
 Not an invitation to join, but an invitation?

 What did you say? An expo for farm workers only?
 They've been shrouded in mystery until now!

 If you go there, you'll find out the manufacturing process and the secrets of their high quality?

 Yes, it's frustrating to accept their invitation to go there, but....
 But for those of us who can't produce anything close to the farm, it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get to know our enemies.

 So, I'll take the offer.

 For craftsmen, technology must be kept secret, so why not open it up to the public and see what happens!

    * * *

 And the day.
 I heard that the exposition is going to be held today.

 I wasn't the only one heading out to observe.
 Various guild masters from the Sewing Guild, Stonemason's Guild, and Ceramic Crafters Guild had gathered there, and there were many distinguished faces.
 They must all be troubled by the farm brand.

 They don't have a clue what they're doing, they're releasing all kinds of products.

 Where is the venue for the exposition? But to my surprise, it was outside the city.
 It seems that they went out of their way to set up a venue in a vacant lot in the suburbs.

 Why can't they just rent out an empty lot or an empty house in the city and hold the event?
 It takes a long time to get there and back..." we complained, but we were still rocked by the carriage that the Chamber of Commerce had prepared for us, and that's about it.

 After a short time, the exhibition hall came into view.
 We were surprised to see the exhibition hall.

"This is the fairgrounds!

 It's a town!
 I didn't even know there was a city here!

 It's on a plain halfway from the Demon City, not even on the main road.
 The guild masters who were invited, including me, were just stunned, but the guiding officer of the Chamber of Commerce told us something even more surprising.

This city-like venue was built in three days by the farm staff.

 How can that be?
 I'm a craftsman, for one thing, and I know what I'm doing!

 A city like this, a carpenter's guild and a mason's guild all working together would take a year to complete.

Even if you say so, it's true.... You all know that just a few days ago, this was just a field, right?

 I mean, I guess so...?

 No, it's not time to dwell, we have to surprise ourselves in other areas.

 What we want to know most right now is what the guys at the Farm have to offer!
 That's what you're going to see here!

Yes, the exposition hall is divided into themed pavilions. From here, everyone is free to take their turn at the pavilion.

 As soon as the usher announced it, we rushed out as quickly as we could.
 Our goal was to find a pavilion for each type of work.

 There is a sign at the entrance of the pavilion that says "XX pavilion", so you can find it there.

"Here? What is this place? What is this place a pavilion to show us? What? What's with the gooey beans? I made a mistake! Coming up? No, wait. It's just a big mistake! Mistake...! Noaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah?

 You idiot. The Guildmaster of the Stonemasons Guild brilliantly walked into the wrong pavilion and blew up the wrong one.
 But........what is the Natto Pavilion?
 I'm very curious about it, but I can't bring myself to go there later.

 I should always aim for one thing and one thing only.

    * * * *.

 And here we are.
 Are you sure this is the right place?

 There is no mistaking the name "Leather Museum" scrawled at the entrance of the museum.
 So this is where the secrets of the farm's leather goods lie.

 Let's go in and seize the future of our guild!


 I was greeted as soon as I entered the building.
 Quite a pretty young lady, is she a guide?

Thank you for coming to the "Leather Museum"! I will serve as your Companion, Humanized Automata #37!
Oh, wow...?

 That's an unusual name...?

 But it would be nice if you could show me around.
 I'll have to make use of everything available and steal as much knowledge as I can steal here!

 You don't miss any little thing........?
 I almost missed it as soon as it happened.
 The companion who came to meet me first...?

You're wearing...?

 Isn't what she's wearing made of all leather?
 And it's top-notch?

'You see what I'm talking about. Each of the pavilions in the expo has its own unique uniform for the companions to wear.

 That's it?

Our companion uniforms are of course all leather, in keeping with the theme of the Leathernecks. These uniforms were designed by Mr. Bhatti, the dressmaker, using tanned leather provided by the farm's leather making team. All uniforms at the venue were designed by Mr. Bhatti.

 You designed all the uniforms all by yourself?
 You said you set up this venue in only three days, how did you make it in time!

 That's not what I'm surprised about.
 I'm a master of the Leather Workers Guild. So I should be surprised about the leather...?

 The leather in your companion's uniform is...?

Hydrolex...! Kirisaxica. Oppison...! Dinogator...! Sun Bison...! All of them are made of ultra-premium leather, a three-star or better monster! Connect them together like a patchwork...!
'As you well know! That's as good as the guildmaster of the Magic City, isn't it?

 I couldn't even think of making a uniform out of such a luxury item.
 I'm not sure if this expo is anything more than what I imagined it would be.