385-383 Looking into the Cave

 The Guild of Leatherworkers Guild's Guildmaster, Pazussey, continues to see the show.
 I'm going to visit the farm brand's independent exhibition.

 I'm not going to be able to get away with it," he said, "but I am interested in the same area as I am in my profession.
 I'm going to make a thorough observation of the Leather Museum and gather all the information I can in my brain.

 I started my tour with the idea that I would be able to see the place....
 As soon as I stepped in, I was amazed.

 No, it was a different matter than the companion's uniform.


 When I entered the museum, there was a line of monsters near the entrance.
 Hyderock. Kirisaxica. Oppaisons. Dinogator. Sun bison and yon bison. Even gobison! Square Boa and Erimaki Wyvern?

 Are those vicious monsters lined up in the building?

"Don't worry, sir. They're all stuffed.

 I managed to stop myself from sitting up at the companion's explanation.

If you ask me, they don't move at all, they don't feel alive...?
As part of the 'Leather Museum' exhibit, it was created with the intention of letting consumers, who usually see only processed goods, see the actual material, the actual monster.

 It's the first time I've ever seen one of these monsters in person, and I've only seen a few of them in picture books.

 I've never seen many of them before, but they are all high quality leather materials.
 Do all the leatherworkers on the farm usually process such good materials on a regular basis?

''By the way, these stuffed animals will no longer have any use after the exposition is over, so we plan to sell them to those who wish to buy them.

 Sell me!
 I want that stuffed Ogbison!

 ... no.

"Further down the line, you can see the farm's leather goods team at work in real time.
What? You mean to tell me I get to see you at work?

 The companion readily admitted it!

We try to move our workplaces to this area during the expo. That goes for Master Bati, the pottery team, the glass team, and the woodwork team as well. The purpose of the expo is to show you how the farm works.

 Aren't you being a little generous?

 The finished product is displayed at best in my estimation, and I observe it to the point of being piercing.
 It would be good if I could see from the workmanship and details of the product what technology was being used and if I could incorporate that into my work.

 ........or so I thought.

 But to show me what they are doing is just like asking me to steal their skills.
 Are you quite an idiot?
 Or are you so confident that if someone steals your skills, they won't become a business enemy like us?

 It's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
 Feel free to steal all of our technology if you're willing to let us steal it!
 That's what craftsmen do without honor!

By the way...

 My companion asks me if I'm alone.

I understand you are the only guest. Do you have any companions with you?
Hmm, I came alone, but so what?
"The guests who headed to the 'Clothesline' had a lot of company with them...

 The guys from the clothing guild have brought a lot of brand representatives to join the guild.
They said it was for their own benefit, but....

 I debated about bringing one of the guild's artisans with me, but in the end I came alone.
 We don't know what's in store for us yet, so it's just a precaution just in case.

''Here we are, this is the leatherwork team's temporary workshop.
"This is ahhhhhhh!

 Clear glass? Workers are working in the space beyond, separated from the rest of the building by a wooden partition!

 Is that an elf?
 Are they elves?

These are the elves who make the products...?
This is the leather goods team, headed by Maelga-sama. Maelga is known as the coolest number two in the elven team.

 While listening to the companion's explanation of 'That's definitely extra information...'....

 If the elves are involved in manufacturing, then of course we can't win.
 I thought to myself.

 The Elves, also known as the Forest People, are a mysterious race that never mixes with other races.
 Their dexterity is said to be one or two of the best in all races, and the tools they make are said to be worth a thousand dollars just by picking up discarded items in the forest.

''If they were made with the best materials for such elves, they would be the best products...!

 Can't win...?

Look further to the right.

 The companion points to something.
 What's more?

'That's the sewing machine that's running over there, sir.
Sewing machine?

 What is that, about the fish?

The master of the farm invented these treasures, and they sew faster and more rhythmically than anything else on the market. Only the leatherworkers and Master Batty's dressing room are equipped with one of these on the farm.


''No........I can't imitate that.......!

 I collapsed to the spot.
 The elves as a race and the hidden treasures like sewing machines are far beyond the level that can be managed by trying to imitate them.......?

 And to top it off, the super high-grade monsters that are used as materials...!
 How much money and time would it take to prepare those materials...?

 Even if I knew that, the only thing that came over me was the realization that I couldn't imitate it, that I couldn't win.
 He couldn't stand up again in despair.

'You, too, as any leatherworker would know...'
"Ah, Lady Maelga.

 One of the elves who was working in the public space opened the door on the partition and came over to us.

'The snake is a symbol of immortality. It is said that they never die and live forever. Do you know why?
'Cause you're molting, right? In the olden days, people watched the snakes molt and thought that they would not die each time they were rejuvenated...! That can't be normal...!
'But there is a lesson to be learned. Like the serpent that sheds its old garments and becomes a new man, we, too, can shed the old skin that clings to our hearts and become our new selves. We too can shed the old skin that clings to our hearts and become our new selves.

 Oh, yeah? You see, I'm hopeless at winning because I can't get rid of my old ideas!
 You can't do the unknown if you've given up on it before you've even begun!

Although you are far inferior to us in terms of dexterity, there are still a few things you can do to try to imitate us. During the exposition, you'll be watching intently and taking in what you can.

 What a solid encouragement!

'You are indeed a calm Maelga-sama!

 Lady Maerga, calmly!

'I'll coolly go back to work. I have to get a fur coat for winter use by the end of the day.

 And with that, back to the workspace, Mr. Elf!

 The other elves greeted it........

"Squad leader. We can't make progress here after all!
'It's not a place I'm used to. Most of all, I don't feel comfortable in the public eye!

 I protest.

'We don't want to spoil it,'

 The squad leader cut it off with a single shot.

''This is also what you wished for. You want to show the demons what you can do. Then show them what you can do. The pride of our elves.

 That's great, calm Lady Maerga.

 Okay, I'm going to be here every day for the duration of the event!

 We're here to see Maelga.

 And stare at their skills and learn as much as you can!

 Next time I come, I'll bring as many of the guild's artisans with me as I can.