386-384 encounter and touch

 My name's Diablo.
 I'm ten years old.

 I perceive each day as a sparkling jewel with the raw sensibility and sensitivity of a young boy.
 Every day is an adventure.
 Always a new place to visit for the first time.

 Even if these days will fade into distant memories, I will live in the present to the fullest so that I can become an adult with a rich heart.

 I'm a city girl living in a magical city. I'm a city girl living in Mazak City, and I'm very fashion-conscious.
 I was born in Majo and grew up in hip-hop, so I am always up to date on the hottest trends.
 That's why I'm always on the lookout for the hottest trends.
 So what's today's topic that's going to shake me up...?


 It's a futile game that the previous Baal-sama did a lot of, right?
 I heard from a lot of people that you were forced to step down as Witch King!
 We haven't done any of this since Master Zedan became the Demon King, because it's useless!

 And now it's happening.
 It's all over my teenage friends in the area.

 I'm interested in it, too. I'm really interested in it, too.
 After all, Zedan ascended the throne before I can remember.

 In short, I've never been to any of the previous expositions.
 In other words, the upcoming expo will be my first ever.
 It's a must-see for me, right?

 I've asked my mom and dad for help.
 Take me to the expo next holiday!

 What? No!
 Too far and dangerous?
 It's too tiring and a waste of money?

 What's your reluctance to do anything about it, Mom? Is that what a married couple with a ten-year-old should do?
 Don't get defensive in life! Withdraw, and you'll get old.

 Let's go, let's go, let's go!
 No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
 No, no, no, no, no, no, no! Oh, whoohoohoohoohoohoohoohoohoo!
 ! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

 You're going? I can go?

 You see, that's my negotiating skills!

 Next time you're away from home, let's go to the expo with the whole family!

    * * *

 And that day!
 I'm going to the exposition!

 Lunch is ready! Canteen ready! I even wore a sun hat!
 My mom and dad are on my left and right, and all we have to do is move forward.

 We can't get to the venue?

 The fairgrounds are outside the Demon City, so it's not easy to get there!
 Pandemonium, our partner in the operation of the festival, is offering free carriages that go directly to the venue, but there are so many people that the sun goes down waiting for their turn to arrive!

 Sit! Oh, my God!
 So we're not going to the fair?

No, that's okay.

 That's what Dad said.

You can't get there by carriage, you can walk. I've been told by the coachman that it's within easy walking distance. I heard that the carriage is only there for safety reasons.

 Isn't that right, Dad!
 So it's much faster to walk than to wait for the carriage to take time to get there!

But you. There will be monsters out of the city, won't there? I'm scared.

 Mom says.
 That's right. My neighbor's sister says there are monsters out there, and they are crawling with them.
 If you run into one, you'll be dead, won't you?

 I guess the reason the Chamber of Commerce is sending out carriages is because they want to be on the lookout for monsters, and I'm a little scared too...!

Don't worry! My dad's retired now, but he was in the Demon King's Army once! If it's a few monsters, I'll come out and protect you and your mom and My Sun!

 You're awesome! I've never heard of that!

 So, if a monster shows up, my dad can take it all down with his fingertips, so you can cross the fields and go up the mountain in peace!
 It's a picnic!

    * * *

 And here we are, at the Exposition!
 It was a real walk in the park!

 But it's great, Mom and Dad!
 The expo hall is like a whole city!
 There's a bunch of buildings lined up, and the floor is paved and flat!
 It's probably nicer than the neighborhood we live in!

 I've never been to an expo before, but it's such a great festival!

I don't know if it's ever been this great...?
'It was held many times during Baal-sama's reign, but... They all seemed to be smaller than this one...?

 So the current fair is much better than the last one?

 Is it because we've moved to the age of Master Zedan?
 So Master Zedan is a more awesome demon king than Master Baal? My dad says so too!

You don't say that out loud!

 Mommy and Daddy are very angry at me!

 That aside, we've arrived, so let's take a quick look around!
 The building that houses the different exhibits they call it a pavilion!

 I need to go to that pavilion!
That's the Bean Pavilion!

What? Dad, I'd like to see the 'Okubo vs. Gobukichi Exhibition Match' that's going to be held at the special ring over there...?

 What? The Bean Pavilion is definitely more fun.
 It's my ghost telling me it's the right thing to do!

Well, let's go to the Bean Pavilion first...?

 Yes! That's how I love my dad!
 I went to the "Bean House" with my mom and my family...!

    * * *

'Ohohohoho! Welcome to my control of the 'Bean House'! This is my kingdom, so to speak! I am the ruler of this place, Lettuce Rate!

 Whoa! Mom!
 There's a funny lady here!
The lady in the Bean House is a bit of an unapproachable lady!
 Mum says, "Shh, don't look! That's what they say!

'Now that you've come to the mansion, you'll be coming home to the wonder of peas. Soybeans and red beans and peas! Go ahead and gobble it all up!

 They have all kinds of beans piled up in the museum!
 He said I can scoop up as many of those as I want!

Okay! Then I think I'll eat a mountain of food, Dad!

 Great job, Dad!
 I'm still growing and my stomach is still small, so I'll just eat it one piece at a time!

 And that crazy lady in the head is still speaking enthusiastically!

'That's not the only depth of the bean! There are some amazing foods that come from processing beans! For example, this soy milk!

 Soy milk?
 You're as white as milk! What kind of drink is this?

"Don't underestimate the importance of soy milk as a drink. It has certain special properties!

 Special effects?

My boobs will be big!

 Mommy suddenly started chugging soy milk in one gulp!

 Not yet! I'm a mother, but I still need more volume!
 You're a great guy who never gives up on a woman, mama!

 And when you finish your third cup of soy milk...!
 Dad even started eating things like natto (fermented soy beans)!

    * * *

The Bean Pavilion alone was more than enough for us to enjoy, and we visited the other pavilions as well.
In the Leather Pavilion, we were amazed by the impressive stuffed monsters, and in the Glass Pavilion, there was an all-glass, transparent building.
 And most importantly, the elven women were beautiful!

 At the Potions Hall with the mermaids, my mom was curious about beauty potions again.
 Dad ended up watching the "Okubo vs. Gobukichi Exhibition Match" and was very excited about it.

 Sounds like the adults had more fun in the end!
 But we couldn't see everything in one day, so we said let's go back!

 Fun fair!
 That's what's trending this year in Demon City!