387-385 Let's make a train


 The Farm Expo is finally happening.........
 It seems to have been well received.

 More than anything else, it seems that the artisans of the Demon City, which was the intention of holding the event this time, have been reached exactly.
 They were invited by the Pandemonium Chamber of Commerce and came to the event from the first day, but for some reason, they started coming back day after day.

 I don't know why they keep coming back every day, but the number of visitors seems to be increasing every day.

 They told me that all the artisans in the guild had come to visit, but they couldn't all come at once.
 That's why it was supposed to be a rule that they would take turns observing as many as they could.

 But after one visit, the craftsmen said, "I'm not going to visit all of them at once.

 However, the craftsmen who visited us once said, "I still have a lot to learn! I heard that the number of people in the pavilion is not decreasing and each pavilion is in a state of confinement.

 Not only the craftsmen but also the general public came to hear about it.
 The pace of the crowds far exceeded our expectations, and the expo hall was becoming more and more crowded with each passing day.

It's exceeding our expectations!

 After the fifth day of the exposition, Shax from the Pandemonium Chamber of Commerce came to wipe off the sweat and report back.

''I thought we were preparing to respond with a pretty bullish expectation of visitors, but.......but even that has been exceeded and it's starting to creak in various places. It looks like we might need to increase our staff significantly.

 I don't know, I haven't checked out the response much........

'Sometimes, Saints, the time frame for the exposition...?
Our original agreement was for about a month, wasn't it?

 I myself don't really know how long I'll be doing the exposition. So I decided to swallow Shakus-san's proposal for one month.

"Can't you extend it? At this pace, we can't satisfy all the visitors! Preferably in three months. No, about 6 months?

 I got a huge extension proposal.
 But we have our own farm life, and I don't want to be tied down to the exposition for too long.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this in the future.
 We've already created a transition point in a secret space in the exhibition hall, and we've been able to instantly move there.

 That's why when the closing time comes, I can use my transference magic to return to the farm and sleep again, but to ask me to continue doing that for half a year, let alone a month...!

'We'll have Okubo Castle at the end of winter, and we'll resume farming in the spring. After all, you can only do that during the winter.
Wha... okay! Then at least extend it to two months. Please, please........!

 Since Shax-san asked me to get down on my knees to ask me, I had no choice but to say 'yes', making it difficult for me to refuse too.

''I'm sorry, but.......there's one more thing I want to discuss with you.......!

 Mr. Shaks, more to come.

It's about transportation.

 As you know, the venue for the exposition is located on a flatland a bit far from the Demon City.
 It was a painstaking plan to get enough space to set up, but it seems that this is now becoming a problem.

Initially, we planned to solve the problem by dropping visitors off and picking them up in carriages. But the number of visitors far exceeded our expectations, so we couldn't do it anymore...!

 Shax-san is quite generous since he gave a carriage to run back and forth between the Demon City and the exposition hall for free, but I guess that means he still can't make it in time.

''In this situation, I think we have no choice but to put our trust in the wisdom of the saint once again.... Please, please........!

 You mean the traffic problem between the Demon City and the exposition site?
 If the problem was that the number of visitors was too many, it would have been even more of a problem to set up inside the Demon City, which was definitely smaller than it should have been.


 In other words, they wanted to get a lot of visitors to an exposition hall that was a bit far from the Demon City quickly and safely, right?
 If you have any idea of such a method........


 It's been a long time since I remembered a scene from the world before.
 A train, the most powerful public transportation system in the world.

 If we were to recreate that in another world, the traffic situation would be solved at once.

That's if we can recreate them...?

 I don't think that's possible.
 There are too many problems to solve before it's completed.

 But can't we adopt a train-like format where we can put a lot of people in a big box?
 And as long as we can get it moving somehow, we're good to go.
 I'll ask Okubo and the others to make one for me to try out...

    * * * *

 And a few hours after I told him to.
 It was quickly completed.

 The otherworldly carriage (unfinished) (prototype) (no wheels) (no power).
 Isn't this just a container?

 It's really a box for putting people on, with no other tricks.
 It's a tool for experimentation to see how to make it work........


 The construction techniques of Okubo and his team have been amazing lately!
 How did they manage to assemble this thing in just a few hours?
 Although made of wood, the size of the carriage is perfectly comparable to a carriage from the previous world.

 There are no chairs inside, and the construction is simple, but that doesn't mean you can build this in a few hours...

''Well, what's done can't be helped...!

 Let's face it.

'Do you have a good idea to put people on this and move them around?'
What? Well, is it still magic?

 It was an answer that was typical of the demon race, which is good at magic.

''But........telekinetic magic that would move things to this point? But it would require a considerable amount of magical power, and that would only be possible with the Four Heavenly Kings class. We can't possibly mobilize the Four Heavenly Kings to carry people...!

 If I asked them to do it, they would do it........
 But I'm sure the people of the Four Heavenly Kings have their own positions too. Let's not do anything rash.

"My Lord.

 That's when Okubo suddenly raised his hand.
 He's the kid who made this impromptu vehicle, so it's only natural that he's here, but what's going on?

I have an idea but why don't we let this guy pull it off?

 This guy?
 Oakbo showed a beast that looked as if the rock itself was walking on four legs.
 It looked like a rock, but it was a full-blown horse.

 Oakbo's beloved horse, the Gigant Rock.
 This horse was created by crossing the genes of a horse with a monster with some kind of awesome power as a homunculus horse, and even with Okubo's huge body on its back, it is able to run around quickly and easily.

 Its appearance is that of a heavy tank.

 Even among the homunculus horses that live in our house, he boasts of his power.
 But that doesn't mean...?

Are you sure you can move a car? "Don't worry, I'm not pushing him.
Let's see if you can't make him do it.

 and a rope in the vicinity tied the carriage to the Gigant Rock.
 The carriage doesn't even have wheels on it yet, though. The giant horse, which was proud of its strength, was light....

''Oh! She's gone!

 He pulled.
 A large drag mark was left on the ground, but....

"If we can attach the wheels later, we'll have enough room to go. That's great, Gigantorok, you didn't know you were so powerful!

 Competent, hardworking, and very much like his owner.

Well, then, let's get this carriage on its feet! Get the mana metal ready...!
Please hold.

 It was Mr. Shax who stopped it.

''I'm sorry, sir. Please refrain from using mana metal.''
We will provide you with an alternative high quality steel. Therefore, please refrain from using manna metal, as it could wreak havoc on the market! It would wreak havoc on the market!
''Ha, haha........?

 I nodded my head as Shax-san's sheer power pushed me away.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a way to make the most of your time in the city.
 So-called "horse train"?

 The road to the realization of the otherworldly train was still going to be a long one.