388-386 Ryoma goes

 Thus, the horse train, which allows the Gigant Rock to pull carriages, was officially adopted.
 With its power, it could pull even when the train was fully loaded, making it a very convenient means of transportation.

 As for the speed, it is estimated that the Gigantorok is a power type of train, and it can only run at best for people.
 But that's not a problem.
 The exposition site and the demon city are not that far apart from each other from the start. The problem is the danger caused by letting ordinary citizens walk in the field outside the city.

 The guests will be enchanted by the teacher to ward off monsters, and if you have Okubo as a servant, there is no danger.

 The only problem is.....

"One Gigant Rock isn't going to be enough for you, is it?

 The Gigant Rock is also a living organism.
 Even though it was a homunculus horse synthesized with a monster, if it was alive, it would be tired and hungry.

 It would be absurd to keep going back and forth between the exposition hall and the Magic City to transport visitors.
 That's exactly what I'm suggesting, running all day long like a train. This is beyond the dimension of working like a carriage horse.

"But considering the speed of the Gigant Rock, we can't take a break...?

 As I said before, the speed at which the Gigant Rock is pulling a carriage and running is only as fast as a person can run at best.
 If they were to do this while taking breaks, they would only make a few round trips a day.

 If we were to do this with breaks in between, we would only be able to run a few round trips a day, and we would not be able to reach our original goal of efficiently transporting as many passengers as possible.

"If we had at least one more cow, we could take it in turns to pick up and drop off the guests efficiently...!

 Okubo comes up with a brilliant idea, but it's not very practical.
 The Gigantorok is the most powerful horse on earth, and it's hard to imagine anyone else being able to pull a carriage like that.

 I don't think any other horse could pull a carriage as unorthodox as the Gigantorok," he says.

"I don't think the Mimic Octopus could do it either...

 The Mimic Octopus is Gobukichi's favorite horse, a fast and agile sprinting horse with unmatched speed and agility, but that's why you can't expect him to be a powerhouse.

''If there's anyone else...!

 Oh, there he is.
 There he is.
 The greatest horse of all.

    * * * *.

 Dragon horse Sakamoto.
 That's my horse.

 A homomunculus horse that came to our house because he wanted a horse to move around the farm to begin with.
 Naturally, he became my favorite horse because of his ability to outperform the Mimic Octopus and the Gigant Rock, but....

 Right now, it was grazing on its own in a vacant lot on the farm.

"Hey, come here!

 It doesn't respond when I call it, but it doesn't respond.
 It may not be unheard because it reacts only to the ear and moves.
 It's ignoring me intentionally.
 Why is that?

She's sulking because she hasn't been bothered for a long time.

 Okubo, who came with me, told me to give him some advice.

 Come to think of it, Okubo and Gobbledygookichi had a lot of contact with their beloved horses in one way or another, and often appeared astride them.
 However, I don't remember riding him at all recently...?

It's a good thing that you're not the only one.
I don't think I was on the road much before that, do you?

 Now that I think about it, I can see why...?
 So you think Sakamoto, the Dragon Horse, is feeling like an abandoned puppy?

I'm sorry! I'm sorry for leaving you alone!

 In my defense, I'm a farmer at heart and I was afraid of riding a horse, but it hurt you, didn't it?
 But it hurt you, didn't it?

But that's okay! I've got work to do today! It's a special job that only you can do!

 When I said that, Sakamoto raised his head, which had been lowered to graze, and turned to me.
 A good response.

 The horse was hungry to be needed, after all.
 I tried to respond to that guy's hopes, and I explained this mission to him....


 I was kind of pissed off.
 It's a very good idea to have a good idea of what you're talking about. It's not a good idea.
 This is indeed a homunculus horse that was created using the genes of a dragon. He's so proud and troublesome.

''But hey, I called out to Sakamoto because I thought he was the only horse that could do this...''

 He responds with a twitch.

'It was originally a project that started because the Gigant Rock can do it. After all, only the Gigant Rock can do something like this, right?

 Sakamoto lets out another angry cry.
 The translation is, 'Don't be silly! There is nothing that other horses can do that I can't do! I can't do anything that other horses can't do.

 He is a horse who has ridden well in the past.
 Maybe it's because he's inherited the dragon gene, but he's very proud and easy to provoke.

You did it, didn't you? I'm going to prove to you that there is no better horse on this farm than me!

 I'm going to prove to you that there is no better horse than me!
 But how is it that we are able to understand each other's intentions so well?

    * * *

 Then Sakamoto actually decided to try pulling the carriage.

 It was still a prototype carriage with no passengers and no wheels on it, but Sakamoto kept pulling it........

Oh, my God.

 She jumped.
 You beat him to run?

 I knew that he could fly, being a dragon horse.
 I didn't think he'd fly with a carriage he was pulling!
 The carriage you're pulling is floating parallel to Sakamoto's. What does that mean?

This is the power of the dragon!

 Puzzled, Veerle appeared.
 Bring it on, commentator!

We dragons use dragon magic to take the weight off when we fly. No wonder Sakamoto, with half my blood in his veins, could do it.

 He was the genetic donor for Sakamoto!

'Sakamoto must have worked his magic on the back of the truck to make the weight disappear. That's why we can pull them together and fly. Well, that's only natural if you've inherited my power!

 He piled on that part of the appeal and Veerle had left.
 He would go to Junior again.

 As expected of a dragon horse, Sakamoto. He's done more than I could have ever imagined.
 If the whole carriage floats, we don't have to put on the wheels we were going to put on.
 Because it floats.
 This is truly linear!
 Isn't this an otherworldly linear carriage with a train in one step?

 There may be too much going on...!

 Now it's all in one fell swoop!
 If we let Sakamoto pull it, we can drop off and pick up a lot of customers safely, comfortably, and in the fastest way possible!

 No matter how heavy a load Sakamoto had him pull, he was able to travel without losing the slightest bit of speed because he could eliminate the weight itself.

 The distance between the demon city and the exposition hall can be reached in a few seconds.
 The ability to travel faster would allow for sufficient breaks, and every problem was solved.

 That's a done deal!

    * * *

 .........So the next day, the other world's linear carriage by Sakamoto opened right away, bringing many visitors from the magical city to the venue.

 Because of the curiosity, the linear carriage itself became a part of the exposition, and some people even came to the exposition for the purpose of riding the carriage.

 Sakamoto himself was still not happy about the idea of imitating a carriage horse, but he soon got into a good mood when the passengers said, 'Wow!
 This is just like Veerle.

 Thus, while Sakamoto played a big role in a long time and comforted his emptiness, the problems at the expo were solved and it was an all-or-nothing result.

 Behind that.........

''It can't be helped, Sakamoto is your beloved horse, so you can't be a match for him. There's something good about you.

 There was Oakbo consoling the Gigant Rock, which was being shoveled out of service.
 He was a gentle man who could care for his horse.