389-387 Build a tower

 It has been a few days since the fair was held.
 Even so, the popularity of the fair has not waned and the number of visitors has been soaring.

 According to the management's tally, the one with the most visitors in each pavilion was Lettuce Rate's "Bean Pavilion".
 Surprisingly and 'Is that enough? It has a strong sense of humor, but its simplicity makes it easy to communicate with men and women of all ages. And it seems that the theme of food, an iron plate, was very effective.

 It seems that the ironic theme of food was effective.

My natto (fermented soybeans) also sold well because of its popularity.

 Holkosfon said.
'Seriously?' I thought.

 Next, the pavilion hosted by Viel was very popular.
I thought to myself, "They had a booth there? I was surprised that they had a booth in the pavilion and it was surprisingly popular.
 And it was surprisingly popular.

 When I asked what kind of theme they were exhibiting, I found out that it was a pavilion to introduce bread and udon noodles, and it was called the "Wheat Pavilion.

 The name of the pavilion was "Wheat Pavilion".

 Viel will bake bread and make udon noodles by himself, and at the same time show off the deliciousness of dishes made from wheat.
 I was momentarily surprised by the fact that the ville itself is the source of the food.
 .........though looking back on it, he could make bread and noodles before I knew it.
 Is it because he's a dragon that he can do anything if he wants to?

 Veerle had now become a genuine gluten jar.
 It seems he is trying to create a whirlwind of wheat in the land of evil.

 And it's very popular.
 I knew the food type is strong.

 At the moment, they're still trailing behind Lettuce Rate because it's hard to imagine the actual product from the title, but they've introduced pasta as a new menu item, and are preparing to add peperoncino, meat sauce, and Neapolitan to their menu.

 The battle for the top spot between Lettuce Rate and Viel is sure to heat up sooner or later, as people become aware of the deliciousness of flour.

 Other than that, the "Glass Pavilion" where Poel is located was well received because the pavilion building itself is unusual.
 Everything is made of glass, and the walls and roof are transparent.
 It is said to be called the "Crystal Palace" because of its brilliant and gorgeous exterior.
 It is very popular with visitors every day.

 Seeing such a lively atmosphere, I began to think to myself, "I'd like to do something like that too.

I want to do something like that too...

 It's too late now.
 I'd decided to sit on the sidelines before the event and not get particularly excited about it, but now that it's actually starting, it's looking much more fun than I thought it would be, and I'm starting to feel like I want to be a part of it.

 But you know what?
 I don't think I can beat Lettuce Rate or Veal by opening a pavilion now either.
 All the goodies have been taken away by the preceding teams.
 If I'm going to do it, I want to win, and if I can't win the event, I don't want to do it.

 So I'm going to take some other approach to the expo and bite the bullet.

 I have an idea.

    * * * *.

...Monuments, sir?

 I called Mr. Shaks immediately to discuss the matter with him.
 Since he is now in the position of chairman of the exposition's steering committee.

'Yes, I'd like to build it, but I'll do it.

 A monument is a monument.
 A structure that symbolizes something and bequeaths it to the future.

'I want to symbolize the farm fair, to give it shape! I want to work on that!
If it's what your saint wants to do, we can't oppose it. We have plenty of land to spare, and we can do things pretty freely, don't you think?

 The advantage of daring to set up the venue outside the city has emerged.
 We have the advantage of being able to use as much land as we want. There is also the fear of running out of space.

And when you say monuments, what kind of things do you plan to build?
The tower?

 Mr. Shaks looks stunned.

'You're building a tower with a monument?'
Because the World's Fair is all about the tower.
The fair?
The Expo and the World's Fair will be much the same.

 I want to build a very vivid tower and get people's attention too!
 That's why I'm building a tower.

 And then we'll add a splash to the expo.

 Good things come first, so the construction of the tower began immediately.
 The proposed construction site is an empty lot on the outskirts of the exposition site. As I've said many times, the exposition site set up outside the city is surrounded by vacant land and can be expanded as much as needed.

 So we called the construction-loving Oakbos together and started work.
 The Orcobos asked a question.

My lord, you are going to build a tower, what do you plan to build?
Good question!

 It's important to share an image.

 This time, even though the tower is a tower, its purpose of existence is not practical.
 It's just a symbolic element to enliven the exhibition.

We want to make it look flashy and artistic, something that will catch everyone's attention.
Like, for example, bang, arms wide open!
Both hands? In a tower?
And put a face to it!
You're gonna put your face on a tower?
"And your face will shine like the sun!
'Is it possible you're cracking something?!'

 Oakbo is sharp.

 It can't be helped. To tell the truth, that's the first thing that comes to mind when I hear the word "exhibition".
 I'm going to recreate that tower that blew the world's minds in another world, and then I'm going to blow their minds one more time!

 Anyway, I drew up a blueprint and actually started building the tower.
 Thanks to the bewildered help of Okubo and the others, it was also completed at high speed.

 An otherworldly version of the Monument Tower!

 At first glance, the exterior of the building is eye-catching.
 Flashy colors!
 I don't know why you have a face!

 Its so nonsensical appearance causes everyone who tries to pass by to look back.
 The tower itself is a huge structure, so the area that catches the eye covers a wide area.

'Nah, what the hell is that?
''The tower! But what a bizarre look, eh?
It's art! They make art out of buildings!
What an extraordinary scale!
"Where do you think this exposition is going to go to beat us up?

 It was mainly the craftsmen who reacted well.
 They were immersed in all the technical pavilions, but when they saw the monument's tower outside, they were shocked.
 If they were that surprised, it made it all worthwhile for us to build it.

 True art transcends the boundaries of the world and shakes people's hearts.
 I'm sure that every visitor to the exhibition will leave with an image of its bizarre appearance burned into their minds.

 I was very satisfied with the show....

'What the hell was that?'

 I heard that voice from the masses.

'Look up,'
Is there something coming down from the sky?

 Everyone starts to notice something unusual.
 I looked up and saw that there was something coming down from the sky.

 A shining speck of light is coming down from the bright sunny day to the surface of the earth.
 It was so bright that I thought the sun had fallen down, but no, it hadn't.

 It was shining like the sun, but it was smaller than the sun.
 Something small that shines like the sun.

 It ended up at the top of the monument tower I had built, of all things.
 What in the world was going on?

 The audience at the fair couldn't help but take notice.
 When all eyes were glued to the tower, the descending light made a move.

 From the top of the Monument Tower, it spoke out while glaring at the many people.

''........I am Apollo. I am the most beloved sun god from the father god Zeus.