390-388 Tower of Babel's Sun

 I am Apollo, the sun god.

 I am one of the most beloved sons of Zeus, one of the most beloved sons of Zeus, the apex of the lineage of the God of Heaven.

 Zeus, God of the Father, will not be released from his imprisonment for the next 300 million years due to an error.
 In the meantime, it was my role, his most beloved son, to rule the skies in place of the Father.

 From the beginning, I have been in charge of the operation of the heavens with my sister god Artemis.
 I will rule the heavens until your father is released from prison for completing his duties!

 We need to develop a new one-shot gag for that!

 .........a one-shot gag.
 What's with your eyes?

 I am Apollo, the sun god.
 I am in charge of the management of the sun and the daytime operation of the heavens, but I am also the god of art and culture.

 Art is comedy and culture is comedy, isn't it?

 So, day and night, I continue to develop funny gags that will send the heaven, earth and sea into a whirlwind of laughter!
 Now for a good gag that will make everyone laugh!

 In order to avoid being told by Artemis, the moon god who is my sister and who controls the operation of the night, 'Your brother's gag is cold, you must die!

 It was one day when I was working tirelessly like that.

    * * * *.

 There's a lot of noise on earth, I thought.

 I was getting buzzed by the cultural sensors of Apollo, who is both the sun god and the god of art and culture.

 I looked down at the ground to see what was going on, and it was very noisy.
 Is it a gala?

 People on earth are gathered in one place and are making a lot of noise.
 As a god of art, I can't help but be intrigued by this kind of atmosphere.

 Let's see, is this such a lofty cultural gathering that it would suit my glasses?

 Isn't this an event for the demon clans?

 The demon race created by Father Zeus' brother, Uncle Hades, the Dark God, is out of my jurisdiction.
 They are unimportant, so to speak.

 The reason why your father was imprisoned in the first place is because the human race that he created was defeated by the demon race.
 In light of this, it is acceptable to hold a grudge against the demon tribe.

 Even if you are interested in the cultural gathering, if the demon tribe is hosting it, you must decide to ignore this Apollo.

 The cultural gathering that was silenced by the God of Art is nothing more pathetic than this!

 What was that about, anyway?

 A point in the event of demons on the ground.
 In a certain section, something is being built?

 It's already been held, but it's too far off to start building at that point, right? I also thought....

 What are they building?

 The tower?

 Mankind will build a tower. Father used to tell me that was a bad sign and that I should be careful.

 In this case!
 It's time for the Divine Manual that Father Zeus entrusted to me before his imprisonment!

 Six hundred and sixty-six items on how to behave as a god, how to punish mankind when they get carried away, etc.! It's richly detailed!
 I'm told that an experienced god from the outside world wrote down his actual experiences, so it's very reliable!

 If something goes wrong, your father had given you this manual to follow and embarrass the human race!

 It's times like these that I use the God's Manual....
 Search for the tower in the index, and then, and then, and then........!

 ...There it is!
 That's forty-nine thousand five hundred and seventy-two pages.

'When Mankind Began Building Towers, the Thought and Purpose'

 Um, what?

"Building a tower is proof of mankind's arrogance. It is the desire of men to build taller than the gods to climb to a higher place.

 What did you say?
 I didn't know that the construction of the tower had such a terrible meaning!

 Come to think of it, the demons had defeated the humans and become the rulers of the earth.
 On top of that, it was natural for them to challenge the Heavenly Goddess who controlled the human race behind the scenes to a fight to get rid of her.

 So this was the tower as a means to climb up to the heavens for that purpose? Is that so?

 This is a big deal!
 I must take measures as the Sun God to protect my father's absence!

 What should I do?
 Let's go back to the God's Manual and search for a solution!

What to do when mankind builds out a tower (example)


"Let's make it impossible for them to understand each other by scrambling their language. Then they won't be able to cooperate and they'll never build a tower again.


 What the hell does this manual say?
 The God who wrote it must have a bad character!
 The manner in which it was written is too insidious!

 As a colorfully bright sun god, I'd like to deal with it more peacefully.
 Also, he's the god of culture, so I want to give him a refined and vivacious ruling.

 Hmmm, what to do?
 Maybe it was because I was so engrossed in my troubles.

 I slipped and slipped, not paying attention to my feet....
 I fell over.


 And it was a bad place to rub it in.
 The heavenly realm where the gods live. Because I was at the edge of the clouds where the gods live and work....

 I fell from the clouds beautifully and went headlong to the ground.


 I fell.

 The realm of God in heaven is above the high clouds in the sky.
 So if he stepped off of it, the destination would be.......
 Yes, above ground.

    * * *


    * * *

 It seems to have fallen to the ground.


 It's been a long time since I've done that.
 In the past, the God of Heaven used to fall from the heavenly realm like this. My father would say, 'Oh, my foot slipped!' and every time he fell down and came back, he would increase the number of mistresses and children.

 But after the agreement was signed, such excuses are no longer accepted, and he is no longer careless.

 Moreover, I calmly looked around and realized that we were not on top of the tower in question.
 This is the top of the tower in question, isn't it?
 You fell here because you were too focused on it?

 Oh, and besides!
 All the demons in the party are looking at me!

 I'm standing on a ledge in a tower, and there are a lot of people watching me!
 This is just like...?
 Isn't this like my solo live performance (full house)?

 The demons looking up at me on the tower....

What's that...?
It's a god! It's a god...?
And that figure, the most brilliant of all the gods in heaven, is the sun god Apollo...?
Why would the God of the Sky come to a demon fair...?
The Lord of the Air...?

 I don't know, the audience is confused.
 The quality of a real comedian is to provide the audience with laughter and excitement and not to give them a moment to swoon.

 As the god of culture and art, I too must do my best to warm up the audience!

 Okay, now it's time to get that one out.
 I was actually going to premiere a new story at the upcoming God's Roundtable!
 I'm going to give you the fullest story that is sure to make you laugh out loud!

 I crossed my arms in the lower position and then........

"It's fun~

 With a bang, he raises his arms in the air!
 Right arm, left arm, both arms, upward!


 What do you think?
 The shape of his arms and his torso seem to form a letter "Y", and the word "Wai" is a very effective gag.
 How can mankind be so advanced that even the gods can't understand it?

 Crackle, crackle, crackle....

Crackle, crackle, crackle.....
"God bless this fair...!
I don't care if it's God in heaven or God on earth.
Thank God. Thank you....!

 It's so funny.........!

 I'm so happy!
 I thought that if I actually performed this in front of the gods, I'd get another one from my sister Artemis saying, 'That's why it's so boring, you're going to die!

 How very understanding of humanity! It's a culturally advanced creature!
 Because I'm a demon? Because I'm a demon race created by my personal Uncle Hades?
 Let's get over this right now and let's not talk about humans or demons.

"We, God of Heaven, do hereby pledge to bless and protect all human beings, regardless of race... "I hereby swear to bless and protect all human beings, regardless of their race...!
"Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa~?!

 That's right.
 There is no reason for those who understand the culture to fight with each other.

 This world is now united through gags!