393-391 The whisper of the Holy Sword after a long absence

 It's the Evil Sacred Sword Dry Schwartz.

 Did you forget about me?
 It's a holy sword that's used as a weapon by the Lord, called a saint.
 It doesn't matter if the sword has a will, it's a holy sword.

 It's been a very long time since I've heard a word about this, but it's alive.
 Well, it can't be helped that we haven't heard from you to the point where people are thinking you're dead. After all, there wasn't much to talk about at all.

 Originally our swords were created by the Dark God Hades to defeat the human race.
 The seven holy swords would fight each other and bite each other, and the one that survived would become the strongest true holy sword and crush the human race.
 That was the system.

 But unexpectedly, the broken holy sword revived and turned the battle between the holy swords upside down.
 In the meantime, the demon tribe defeated the human tribe and put an end to the war. With that, the holy swords were no longer needed in the first place.

 How are we supposed to claim our existence on top of that!
 It's done!
 We are no longer part of the Holy Sword!

 If this was a graceful existence, it would be so cleanly ended that it wouldn't matter if it disappeared smoothly, 'My role is over...'!

 The holy swords don't have to fight anymore!
 After all the fighting, the race of men that should have been destroyed has been defeated!

 So what are we going to do now? What is the reason for our existence?

  For a while.

 While I was blocked up, I didn't want to fight with whatever they did to me, and no matter how much the Lord treated me roughly, I had no reaction.

 Or using me as a knife.
 Or using me as a saw.

 Or instead of an axe, or a grass cutter sickle, or a plane, or a chisel, or a carving knife, or a thread cutter, or a cutting scissors, or a high branch cutting scissors, or a cake knife, or a butter knife!
 Like a kettle with a knife!
 Like a food processor!

 I'm sorry I was distracted.

 I'm not mad at you.

 Because I am the Holy Sword that has already lost its role.
 Even though I could have been thrown away, I'm grateful that people still use it.

 Food, wood, and even stone.
 As long as I can cut anything, it's proof that I'm happy.

 Lately, I've been enjoying thinking about how to keep the ingredients fresh.

 I might as well just become a knife, and that would be fun for the rest of my life.
 That's what I kept thinking every day.

 .........but still.
 Hasn't my life been a bit of a bear these days?

 There are so many opportunities for the Lord to use me as a proper weapon.

 The one that made an impression on me was when I went to the bottom of the ocean the other day.
 At first I wondered what He was thinking. You dipped me, the sword, into the sea. Salt water. Saltwater, saltwater, I'm going to die! But I'm a holy sword.

 It wasn't made of anything more than salt water.

 And that's where the battle was supposed to take place.
 I don't know what it is, but it's a series of fierce mermaid battles!
 ........well, my strongest Lord won most of his opponents with one twist without me.......
 But my last opponent! It's the trident, the sea god's weapon! It was a replica, though.

 My first battle between God's weapons!
 I'm so excited!
 I recently remembered something I forgot, that it was originally created for this! It was the best moment in my life.

 Is something coming?
 Am I experiencing the biggest wave ever?

 I had a feeling that this was the place to be.
 But wait, you can't get carried away here.
 I know that the sword that is me, when I'm in a groove, I fall into a huge pit.
 It's always been like that before.

 That's why I'm going to discipline my mind not to get carried away this time, too.
 I'm not going to have bad expectations!

 I had been guarding my heart like that....
 But then something even more distressing struck me.

    * * * *

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm pleased to bring you to the gallery.

 The guy hosting the event says ostentatiously.

 I don't know who he is.
 It's probably the locals you hired for the exposition.

You've already surprised your ears with your travels around the various pavilions. I'm sure you're thinking, "Well, I'm used to surprises. You've already surprised your ears and ears, and you're probably thinking, 'I'm used to being surprised, a few things don't surprise me. But what is still surprising is the magnificence of this exhibition.

 And then the host, the man who hosted the event, removed the cloth curtain that was hanging over me with a bang.
 Seeing my sword exposed, the audience shouted in amazement.

''It's a holy sword! The Demon King carried the Angry Sacred Sword Ainrot, his brother's sword. Its name is the Evil Sacred Sword Dry Schwartz! This is your first sighting in the Devil's Land!

 All the attention and admiration is flying towards me!

 Great! I haven't seen this much attention since the human race picked me up a thousand years ago!
 No, it seems like the excitement of attention is greater now!
 As expected of a demon race created by the God of Hades, who was also created by the God of Hades, you seem to know exactly what I'm worth!


 I've skipped a step here, so let's talk about the details.

 It all started with this thing called an exposition.
 It's the kind of thing the guys are into right now.

 We're setting up all sorts of events... but don't we have one item that could be a highlight of the expo? That's what we were talking about.

 It's rare, it's famous, and just hearing the name makes you want to come see it. That kind of thing.

 After much discussion, they chose me!

 For the exhibit that should be the highlight of the farm expo!
 And so I am set up in the Special Exhibition Hall, surrounded by a large crowd of onlookers.
 An exhibition hall!
 A mansion built just for me!

That's the Holy Sword...?
It's the same sword that the Demon Lord wears...?
What a mischievous, jet-black sword...?
Mom, I'm scared.

 They've been watching. Seen and feared...!
 Awe-inspiring yet mesmerizing...!

 Yes! This is what a holy sword should be!

 I am the Holy Sword! It's not a knife or a saw!
 It's a horrible, deadly madness of slashing to all life!

 It feels so good!
 It feels too good!

 I'm climaxing in the pleasure of being exposed to the admiring gaze....

I bought it!

 You know what that sounds like?

'I bought that sword! How much does it cost? No, I'll pay you whatever you want! "Will you give me that holy sword?

 Who is it?
 Among the countless onlookers, a miserable old man is screaming 'buy, buy, buy'?

 In response, the man who was hosting the event gave him a troubled look....

''I'm sorry. This holy sword is not on display for the purpose of selling it. It is loaned to you on the promise that we will return it to its owner...!
'Then let me see the owner! We'll negotiate and buy it outright! A holy sword like the Demon King's things. If you get it, it will be the best foil for my family lineage!

 My goodness.
 I don't blame you for wanting a superior me, but a weakling like you isn't fit to be my master, is it?

 That's exactly what we need to be the strongest like the Lord now........

'Wait a minute! That holy sword is mine! How much does the owner want? I can pay him 200 gold pieces right now!
Stop sticking your nose in my face for a small price! Then here are five hundred gold coins!
One thousand two hundred!
Please wait! This is not an auction! Please don't fish out the price!

 There was an ugly fight going on over me.
 And with money.
 How dare they try to get me with money.

    * * * *.

 The Lord notices me lying at his feet and picks me up.
 Just like the first time I met him.

'Isn't that the Holy Sword? Why is it here when it's supposed to be in the exhibit hall?
'Didn't you crawl all the way up here on your own again? We've been through this before.
You're a hard man to blame.

 I have pride in being a sword myself.
 It's better to have someone who uses it everyday, whether it's a knife or a saw, than to be used as an ornament by someone who has no ability.
 And even more so if the person you admit to being the master is the strongest person on earth.

''I told you I'd definitely come for you later.
'He's a lonely man. You miss your husband more than I thought you would.

 Say what you want.
 I'm not going to let anyone else dump me while our Lord is alive anyway.

 By the way.
 My sudden disappearance from the exhibition hall has led to all the visitors being suspected of theft, and they are banned from entering and leaving the museum until the Lord comes to the rescue with me.