394-392 Special customer

 It's me.
 I think the doctor has been acting weird lately.

 It's like he's not feeling well.
 No, I don't even know if the already dead No Life King should have any energy.

 Anyway, he looks lonely.

 Recently, a lot of farm residents, including myself, have been coming to the expo recently to run it, so I thought it might be related to that.
 While we are busy with the expo, many of the Orcgoblins and other residents have been staying behind to do some of the minor work during the winter months.

 The most important thing is that the teachers are busy with their students' classes, so they shouldn't be lonely...?

Do you want to go to the exposition too?
''No, no, no........?''

 It was clearly a reaction to being hit by a figure.
 Understandable and friendly.

''Why don't you just come? It's not like this is your first time in a human village, is it?

 You went to Dalkish-san's territory to summon the Three Mother Goddesses before, didn't you?
 At that time, you stepped on the soil of your homeland for the first time in a thousand years, and you looked so happy to see the people.

 If you came, we would be very happy too.

I've come to think about it now. I thought that I had done it so rashly.

 Has it been to a human settlement before?

'The No-Life King is an evil to mankind. Encounter means death. He is a mindless creature who, having been freed from death, despises life and does not regard life and death as dust.
What's the...?
"I don't think a No-Life King should cross paths with the living so casually...

 Teacher, by any chance.
 Are you reeling from the fact that Mr. Silverwolf scared you more than he should the other day, or that you saw other vicious no-life kings in person on a social tour?

It's okay, Doctor! The doctor is nothing like the other no-life kings! We know better than anyone that you are kind!
''No, but........?''

 A lot of people are going to have to wait until they are able to get their hands on some of these things.
 It's the same as in the past.

The only thing that matters is the fact that they're all in the same boat. Don't be so timid!
''Your teacher is very accommodating to us, aren't you!
He's not a bad guy! A good one!

 The teacher seems to be very excited about the fact that he encourages people, demons, mermaids and all races.

"You guys...!

 The teacher got courage from his students and decided to leave the farm again and go to the human village.
 This time it was for the complete purpose of sightseeing.

    * * * *.

 A special visitor was coming to the exposition.
 We had announced that in advance, so everyone was fidgety as the visitors made their way around the pavilion.

'Who is this special visitor...?
'A celebrity?'

 And so on.
 No one expected it to be not even a person. He's a former human being, though.

 And as soon as the teacher appears, the expo hall is thrown into a frightening quagmire...or even down to the bottom.

Geez, it's a monster!
It's the undead!
No, it's the No Life King!

 The miasma is the most common cause of death in the world.
 The miasma is already suppressed by magic, so it is purely out of fear of the No Life King.

''I knew it........!

 The doctor's heart was about to break, and that's when it happened.

'Sir! I'm so glad you came!

 Mr. Zedan, the Demon King, welcomed the teacher with all hands raised.
 Even the Demon King came to see me today.

"Oh, you didn't think you'd come here for me?
''Of course, I was taught by you. I was taught by you, of course, and I'm one of your students!

 I remember that the Demon King had retreated to the farm for a time and learned magic from his teacher.
 He was the Demon King who responded to that debt of gratitude.

''I'm here too!
"Even the Great Demon Lord?

 He was the father of the Demon King and the previous Demon King.
 He loves culture and had a big hand in organizing this fair.

''What a blessing...?

 The teacher was so moved that he almost cried.

 The visitors around him were also moved to tears.

It's the Demon King...?
''The Demon King and the Great Demon King. Did you guys reconcile?
You two greet the No-Life King together? How important is that?
Are we having a special guest today?
Demon King! Great Satan! No Life King! Which one is the most important customer? I can't even tell which one is the most likely!
Not all of them?

 Anyway, thanks to the warm welcome of the Demon King and the Great Demon King, the air around the teacher became soft.

''Come on, Master, let's look around the exposition together. If you like, you can visit the Demon City afterwards. I'll show you all the sights.
It will be a 1,000th anniversary of the No-Life King's visit to the Demon City as a guest. Enjoy your stay.

 The teacher was at the level of sobbing with tears at the treatment of a state guest from the highest authority.

''Thank you. ........I'm glad I came. I'm glad to be here.''

 By the way, the secret is that I was feeling like a grandchild (adult) who came to the city with his grandfather.

 Anyway, I'm glad to see that you are able to enjoy the exposition in this way.

    * * * *

 An aside.

 Besides the Demon King and the Great Demon King, there was another demon male who was interviewing the teacher.
 He seems to be a great man in his own right, but he doesn't seem to be very high and mighty in a somewhat loose atmosphere.

''Let me introduce you, Sensei. He's one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King's Army and the Demon Army Commander, Belfegamilia.''

 This guy?
 I've never seen him before.

"Oh, you. I have heard so much about you.
I've heard about you for a long time, too. I know it's a bit of a hassle, but I've always wanted to meet you.

 The teacher and Bellefegamilia shake hands with each other.
 What is this familiar atmosphere?
 It's like we know each other, isn't it?

I've heard about him for a long time. I know his apprentice.

 And the teacher.
 What do you mean that you know this master?

"I heard that one of the 'Three Sages and One Fool', who is on a par with our master, has become known as the Demon King, and I should have been the first to greet him, but I'm too much of a bother...
"I know. That's what a disciple of a master does.

 The two of them were at a high level, exchanging 'Hahahaha' and laughing at each other.

 From what I heard in detail, Belphegamilia was one of the top-ranked No-Life King's strongest, and it was Belphegamilia who was taught a secret breathing technique that allowed him to gain strength comparable to the No-Life King while he was still alive, he said.


 I can't even imagine!