395-393 One of the visitors to the exposition

 My name is Viktorin.
 I'm a magical technician of the demon tribe.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find a lot of good reasons to be interested in this.

 It's a very good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.


 Some of the monsters spawned from dungeons can be used.
 During the war with the humans, many serviceable mimic monsters were sent to the front lines.

 However, with the end of the Human-Demon War, the imitation monster market is rapidly shrinking.
 The demand for them was falling.

''Can't we do something about it?''

 The client requested that I modify the monster to be

 Stronger and more ferocious.
 Seeing a modified monster that was far stronger than before, the high and mighty of the Demon King's army would be stimulated by the desire to use it to fight a war.

''No, I wanted you to adjust it so that it could make fine movements for peaceful use...?

 Don't tell everyone, client!
 You are a magical engineer genius, Victorin! We know all about it, sir!

In fact, I will create the strongest and worst monster that even exceeds the power of the Demon King!

    * * *

 ........it happened right after the end of the Human-Magic War.

 It took me more than a year to complete the project, but it was worth it.
 It's done!

 A personal creation, a modified monster with ultimate power.

 I call it the Custom Orc Destroyer!

 I used an orc as a modifier element because it was the most affordable.
 The one with the highest basic combat power as an anthropomorphic monster is the giant ogre, but it's valuable because it's strong, and modifying an originally strong one to make it even stronger doesn't have much of an impact.
 On the other hand, goblins are small and hard to add features to, and skeletons and bones are all you can do with them.

 That's why I decided on an orc that's in the middle of the pack in many ways.
 The mods worked wonders!

 The magic makes it possible to reduce traditional muscle strength by 1.5 times. Up to seven times more! Not only did it increase his arm strength, but also his agility, and in operational trials it reduced the time it took a traditional orc to defeat a skeleton by 17%!

 The results are good.
 In my opinion, I recognize that the performance is close to that of the Warrior Orcs, which is a mutant breed of Orcs.
 Sorry for the bragging rights, but I'll stop bragging soon enough anyway.

 Many people, including the Demon King, will be witnessing the performance of my custom orc.

 From what I hear, there will be a fitting unveiling of my newly completed masterpiece.

 I hear there's an exposition going on!
 It seems to be a long time since the fair was held, but that's not the point.

 I heard there will be some special oaks on display at the fair.

 You are cocky in spite of my masterpiece orc.
 Let's go to the exposition and crush that cheeky orc with my orc!

 It will be a fair and there will be a lot of people watching. A perfect place to attract attention and advertise my achievements!

 Yes, my masterpiece, the Custom Oak Destroyer!
 Your debut performance is about to be announced!

    * * *

 Then we actually rode into the exposition....
 Our masterpiece orc's debut battle was over in less than a moment.
 It was a splendid instantaneous killing.


 This was my scream as I witnessed the unbelievable truth.
 The one who was instantly killed was my modified Orc.

 I was blown off my entire body with a single finger from the other side.

''It doesn't feel very good...''

 The orc on the other side says.
 .........................Say it!

"...our people have been tampered with like an article. As if we were objects.

 Orcs speak as if they have a personality?
 Even though the anthropomorphic monsters don't even have the wisdom to use their words, let alone have self-consciousness!

''It's not a very tasteful act. I stood up to it because I was challenged, but I hope that this is the only time I will have to deal with such a bad tasteful matchup.

 And the orc who tells you off in a gentlemanly tone, "What is this orc?

 What in the world is this Orc?
 Not only did he blow up my masterpiece with a single finger, but he has the wisdom and decency to speak the language fluently and criticize his opponent logically?

'No! This is some kind of mistake! The orcs I've poured my heart and soul into improving cannot be defeated! This time you'll take on this guy, Custom Oak Destroyer #3!
Are you still here...?
'No. 3 looks the best adjusted of all the custom orcs that have reached the level of perfection! I'm sure the custom oak that was just hit was a failure that didn't adjust well! They must not have been able to deliver conventional performance at all!
No, not at all.

 What's the state of the other orc...?

'How can you treat your own subordinates as objects, much less trust them...? Then we'll have to show them. An absolutely decisive defeat that cannot be perverted in any way.

 Then it didn't take more than a moment.
 Not only the big three, but all of them, not only the big three, but also the two, four, and five to eight that I brought along with me, were blown away and defeated in an instant.

 Even if the custom orcs I developed were bunched together, they were no match for me.......?

Mr. Okubo, you are overreaching.

 A goblin speaks to you from beside you...?
 Don't goblins have the ability to understand human language?

It's just a matter of time before you get serious and you won't last a second. If you're serious, you won't last more than a moment.
''That's why I wanted to let you know that there are so many people out there, and I wanted to let you know that in their eyes, monster modification is of no benefit. Don't you feel the same way, Lord Gobukichi?
Well, that's true, but...

 Not only are there orcs, but even goblins are in an unusual atmosphere!
 Could it be that these guys are........mutants?

"Warrior Orcs? Spartan goblins?

 Among orcs and goblins, there are rare individuals who mutate and have abilities dozens of times greater than normal.
 If such a mutated individual appeared on the battlefield, the results of battle would be tens of times greater.

 My orc modification work was also aimed at a mutant Warrior Orc.
 But now, there are actually Warrior Orcs?

''No, there are not, but...''

 If these great orcs aren't Warrior Orcs, then what are they?

"...when a Warrior Orc mutates further and becomes a Legatus Orc.
"It mutates further into a three-stage mutated Julius Caesar Orc. That's me.
"Triple mutation.

 You don't know that?
 How is that even possible? There's a 1 in tens of thousands chance of a single mutation!
 And the probability of that mutation occurring in the same individual 3 times in a row is 1 in tens of thousands... 1 in tens of thousands?
 That's freaky...?

"By the way, Gobukichi-dono over there is also a three-stage mutant.
This is Takehaya Susano-o-Goblin.

 .........oh no, I'm in shock and I'm unconscious!

 Two individuals with three levels of mutation that could be the probability of such a trillion or kyo?
 Compared to that, my modified orc is just child's play...?

"Oi, oi, oi, oi, oi...

 Then a new person comes along!
 I was startled by what this time was, but it was relievingly normal.

I heard there was some trouble. I'm worried about you, so I came to check on you. Isn't this the time for an exhibition match event between Okubo and Gobukichi?
I had planned to do so, but this guest, with his own orcs in tow, challenged me to do so. I am sorry that things did not work out as planned for you, my lord.

 My Lord?
 Is that what that diamond-studded three-stage mutant called the Hutu man?

 You mean to tell me that he is the owner of the mutants?
 And the creator?

Tell me! Tell me about it!
"Whoa, what?

 I cling to the man.

"The secret to creating a high-powered, triple-mutated monster! I admire your outstanding skills!
'I don't know what you're talking about, but it's not my fault that Okubo, Govt. Yoshi and the others have grown up to this point. They grew up on their own.

 Oh no...?
 It's almost as if the orc-goblins are a whole person...?

If I had to choose, I'd say it was affection.
The more love you give them, the stronger they become.

 Yeah, right!
 What I was missing was love! They just regarded the orcs as goods, so they never moved on from there!

Okay....! The scales have fallen from my eyes........!
"? Is that so...?
'I will treat my orcs with love from now on, too! I believe they will grow up to be miracles!

 Because love is the power to believe in miracles!
 I will raise my orcs to great heights with all the love I can muster!

What the hell...?
He's at an age when he wants to be that kind of crazy.