399-397 Unexpected rare visitor elven thief attack

 My name is Eto.

 I am an elf who has been allowed to incorporate only half of the word "El", sacred to elves, into my name, still out of the elven lineage.

 Unable to live in the forest of my homeland, I run away and wander about aimlessly.
 More and more of my people stay with me, and before I know it, we have grown into a large group.

 The name "Tsuji Kaze no Sodegiri-Dan" was chosen because a group needs a name for itself.

'Tsuji Kaze no Sodekiri-dan'.

 In these times, the only livelihood for elves out of the forest is that of bandits.
 Our group naturally became a gang to steal from the rich and rich, and became a feared bandit group in every major city.

 We are the twin pillars of the two major groups of thieves in the elven world outside the forest, the Tsuji Kaze Band and the Stone Grinding Band of Thunderstorm.
 I'm sure you'll find that you'll be able to find a way to make the most out of your time with us.

 Since then, we haven't heard of them, and they've either spontaneously disappeared or, even if they were to rebuild, it would take a long time to do so.
 In other words, in the meantime, we, the 'Tsuji Kaze Sode Cutter', are in charge!

 We can enter any mansion as much as we like without having to fight with our competitors!

 Today, we're going to steal from all the crooks!

    * * *

Well, gentlemen, let's get down to business, shall we?

A total of seventy-eight members of the "Tsuji Kaze Sobekiri Gang" were gathered together in their secret hiding place.

''Head, are you working?
Have you found your new prey?

 The lively members were already boiling over.

 I'm not afraid to answer with my dignity as a master.

It's a big place to go to steal this time. If we succeed, we could all be playing for the rest of our lives.

 It's a treasure trove of treasure, and the security is thin.
 Less work, more profit. Low risk, high reward.
 Such a dreamy place to steal was discovered.

 The place..........

It's an expo!
An expo!

 That's right.
 An exposition is currently being held on the outskirts of the Magic City.
 There are a lot of farm products there that have been talked about for a long time.

The farm? That brand's?
The one that has recently appeared on the market like a star, dominating all the talk.
That brand that is coveted by the celebrities in the Magic City and now fetches an eye-poppingly high price!

 My fellow members, thank you for explaining.

 It's just like that farm brand. The expo is organized by the farm producers.
 Therefore, there was a lot of products made by them.

'We've been unable to locate the workshop and consider whether or not to break in, but this is the perfect opportunity. We will promptly infiltrate the exposition hall and bring back the treasure with our hands full!
Heads! I want to hear it!

 The group's member elves raise their hands.

''Our 'Tsuji Kaze Sleeves Cutters' aren't just bandits, they are righteous bandits! We should only target those who are rich and not robbing the poor, especially the rogue merchants and bad agents who are raking in the rough by abusive means!
'Yes, sir! Is this time the other party piling on the bad deeds that should be stolen from us!

 Huh, everyone is very particular about what they do.
 It's true that I, as the head of the group, haven't forgotten the pride of our group.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for when you're in the market.

''Don't worry, these people like the Farm also have the qualifications to be robbed by us righteous bandits.
Are you okay? What the hell kind of evil do you think you're doing?

 What kind of dirty things do you do?
 Well, I'll tell you.

We didn't do anything bad.
Hear me out. They have not done any of the common misdeeds of the world, but there is another kind of stain that is unforgivable, one that is unforgivable to us elves. And that is unforgivable to us elves.
To us elves? What do you mean, head?

 So let's make a big announcement here.

There's an elf among the artisans working on the farm!
""What did you say?"

 Well, I'm still surprised.

"We elves are a race that lives in the forest. Even if we are away from the forest, we will never forget our life in the forest. We don't sleep and wake up under the roof. That is the pride of the elves.
That's right, head!
'But the elves who belong to the farm forget their pride, live under a roof and work with fire! Like the oily demons and the human race!

 Is this what an elf should be allowed to do?

Not allowed!
"No pride! Shame on you!
It is an insult to our entire race of elves!
They must be punished! Punish me!

 They're angry, aren't they? I feel the same way.

"No more retribution for an elf who has forgotten his pride! Therefore, I've decided that the exposition hall is a target for our thievery! Steal the luxuries they've created by throwing away their elven pride and sell them for a throwaway price!
""That's the Tenchu!"

 We, the Sobekiri Gang of the Tsuji Kaze, have made up our minds.
 We join forces with everyone else and head to the expo site.

    * * * *

 When it comes to thieves sneaking in, it's night.

 The exposition hall at night is different from the daytime, with not a single soul in sight and full of silence.

''There's really no one here, is there?''

 Even though it was after hours, we were expecting at least some security guards to be there....
 Thanks to that, it was really easy to sneak in.

It's not a level of carelessness........ Is the manager of this venue an idiot?''

 Not only is the security lacking, but they haven't been guarding it since the beginning.
 It's as if they are asking us to steal anything and everything.

 Well, if you're such an idiot, it's good for us too.
 If you're not wary of stealing, it's 'it's OK to steal'.
 I'm going to take all of them as a favor to you.

"But you know what I'm talking about, don't you? There are only four kinds of pottery, leatherwork, woodwork, and glasswork to steal!

 Preliminary research shows that the elves are only involved in the production of those four species.
 If you mess with anything else, the pride of the righteous will be lost.

''This is only a heavenly tribute to the elves who have broken their pride!
Okay! I know what I'm doing, head!

 The first stop is the pavilion where the pottery is displayed. I heard that some of the pottery there is worth hundreds of gold coins per piece.

 It's hard to understand how such a mere piece of clay can be worth such a high price, but we could make a lot of money just to get such a piece.

''You got there in the meantime.

 So this is the Pottery Museum.

Then I'm sorry to trouble you. I'm here to get you a souvenir...

 I stepped inside the pavilion.
 It was that moment.

 A huge face stood in front of me, close to the front of the pavilion.


 A face! A face with a simple structure that looked like scribble?
 But a face as huge as my entire body appeared as soon as I stepped into the pavilion!
 What is that, a ghost?

I thought you were unmanned!
"Jeez, it's a djinn! That's a djinn!
A magical creature in the form of a spirit? That magical creature that a high-ranking magician uses to create them?

 You've been laying a security detail to hide that thing?
 Well, that's why they're out in the open!

Let's get out of here! There's no way our powers are a match for Jin!
Can't hit a bullet? Will it slip through?
That's why I said it won't work. But their attacks hit us, which is so unfair!
I triggered the trap, so even if we leave the building, they'll still come after us!
Oh, no! There's more and more of them! More and more of them! They'll be all over us!
There's nowhere to run!

 Surrounded by a bunch of magical spirits, we thieves have no way out.

 Our mission to infiltrate the exposition has thus become a total failure.