401-399 What the Expo Brings

 The exposition is coming to an end.

 Initially planned to be held for one month, it was so popular that it was extended to two months.
 Although it's a slow winter season, it's not so busy because we are also preparing to hold Okubo Castle in the human country.

 I've almost digested those less busy two months.

 The expo was just a transfer of what we were doing on the farm, but a lot happened in the past two months.

 First of all, each pavilion had the highest rate of visitors.

 Lettuce Rate & Holkosfone's "Bean Pavilion" and Viel's "Wheat Pavilion" were battling it out for the top spot.

 It's a predictable flow, but food-related products are still strong.
 Regular visitors who come to these two pavilions with no particular purpose in mind always stop by and try the bean and wheat dishes, and they become repeat customers.

 It seems that the farm's ingredients are as tasty as drugs for the people of this world.
 At first, I thought it wasn't flashy enough to be a "bean vs. wheat" showdown between staple food and staple food, but it turned out to be a heated battle because the ingredients were farm products.

 Also, there were no other side dishes on display.

 During the exhibition period, the competition was fierce, but the wheat from Wiehl's was better than the other wheat.
 They not only introduced breads, but also udon and pasta, and sales steadily increased, but halfway through, Lettuce Rate's Bean House and Horcosfon's Natto House merged.

But the combination of the addictive nature of natto and the diversity of beans made it possible for them to regain their momentum and overwhelm Veal.

''Nunnu~! I can't afford to lose to a ningen with the pride of dragons and wheat on the line~!''

 I don't know if he said this or not, but when it came to the climax of the game, Veerle forbade it.

 It's a good idea to have a good idea of what to expect when you're in a position to make a good impression.

 Fruit bread, fruit udon noodles, fruit spaghetti, and other items that would normally make you question your sanity were a huge success due to the novelty and the deliciousness of the fruits themselves.

 The victory was confirmed by a decisive margin, but I thought I should be careful because it was against humanity.
 It was then.
 Even Dorian's tree spirit Dorian Caiou came over to cheer him on.

''Master Veerle! I can help you too!
What the hell? ! You're not coming! It stinks so bad, people will run away! If you want to help, you better go to the feather woman! Go sabotage my business with a stench!''

 I don't know if I said that or not.
 Sure enough, Viel's 'Wheat House' was contaminated by the stench of durian, and it was shut down earlier than expected before the grand finale.

 It seems the deliciousness of durian was still too early for this world.
 Well, it was good to see that the relationship between Veerle and the tree spirits was good.

 Just like that, the Grand Prix crown was given to the duo of Lettuce Rate & Horcosfon.
 It feels like another step forward in their ambition to control the world with beans and natto.

 There were many other accomplishments as well, and the team of artisans who were the impetus for the original expo seemed to have had a productive period.

 The elves were able to show off their skills to the artisans in the Demon City who visited every day, and the placement of the workshops of the new elves as aftercare went smoothly.

 As for Eto and the others who went to the fairgrounds to steal....

 After that, we negotiated with the Demon King and things went smoothly, and Eto and the rest of the "Tsuji Kaze Sobe-Kiri Gang" atoned for their sins by treating them as laborers in their respective artisan guilds.

 Now they participate in each elf pavilion and are being drilled in the basic techniques by the old elves such as Elon and Maerga.
 It seems that they will further pass it on to the craftsmen of each demon race.

 It was a treatment that would kill two birds with one stone, raising the level of craftsmanship in the Demon City and encouraging the rootless elves to settle down.

 In addition, the 'Mermaid Pavilion' was organized by Prati in addition to others.
 The mermaid medicine worked well for various injuries and illnesses, and the place was crowded with injured and sick people every day.

 It seems that the development of medicine and pharmacology in the demon kingdom has been lagging behind due to the presence of magic, so Prati's "Mermaid House" seems to have greatly enlightened the people.
 The Demon King who stands at the top of the nation and Prince Arowana are mabuddies, and there may come a day when trade is established and mermaid potions are distributed in the Demon Kingdom.

 I think Prathi created that opportunity.

 By the way, before I knew it, Prati taught the mermaid who was scouting the area the method of the terrestrial humanization potion, so that she could return to her original form and return to the sea at any time.
 But when the trade began in earnest, she was given the responsibility to be the local commander, and she said she would stay in the demon kingdom for the time being.

 Other than that, the family members and boyfriends came to the "Clothing Hall" run by Bati, and the "Liquor Hall" in Bacchus was shut down early because of the overflow of drunken people who began to bother the surroundings.

 Aside from the organizers, I began to visit the venue five times a week from the first day the teacher arrived.

 At first, people were afraid of the teacher because he was the No-Life King, but they gradually became more open to him, and by the last day, he was treated like a specialty.

 The rumor that if you ask the teacher to pick up your child, he or she will help him or her to grow up healthy has spread, and many mothers are willing to ask him or her to pick up their sons and daughters when they meet him or her at the expo.

 The children were scared and cried out, but the teacher laughed and picked them up and gave them memories (not traumas) that will stay with them forever.

 It was suddenly noisy for the teacher, who has spent time alone in the depths of the millennial dungeon, and I hope you enjoyed it.

 Also, Demon King-san called his brothers who live in the region after the exposition, and he was happy to see them again after a long time.
 They're also making progress in repairing their relationship with their father, the Great Demon King, and the Demon Kingdom will continue to be safe from now on.

    * * * *

 Such an achievement.........
 The Farm Fair has successfully completed its stipulated period of operation and has reached its finale.

 There were many requests for more, but the expo ended on time, once and for all.
 On the final day, the event drew to a close with a record-breaking number of visitors.

Good night!

 After the last customer was dismissed, we had a launch party with just the exposition staff.
 The food was lavish in its own right.

'I didn't know what to expect at first, but it was pretty fun,'
'That was awesome! I've had the first handful of responses to the awesome power of the beans!

 and lettuce rates.
 This guy who made the pavilion the most prosperous may have enjoyed the expo the most.

This is the end of the expo. We're going to eat and drink tonight because we're tired, but we've got to make sure we clean up after ourselves tomorrow.

 This venue.
 It is good that it was built in a hurry for the exhibition, but it is necessary only during the exhibition.
 Once it is over, it is no longer needed.

You're right. What are you going to do with it?
We'll destroy it without a trace, okay?

 Isn't that what expositions are all about?
 When the festival is over, it will all be gone, and its transience is good.

So, tomorrow, I want you to start taking things apart, Orc team.
Yes, sir.

 Okubo and his team seem to know this, and they have no hesitation in destroying their own work.
 They believe that crash and build is the key to do-it-yourself projects.

"No, wait, wait, wait, wait!

 That's where Mr. Shax comes in to cling to me.
 The chairman of the Pandemonium Trading Company, the so-called great merchant.

 He's also one of the organizers of the exposition, so he was present at the launch, but what's going on?

'I can't believe you're tearing down these amazing buildings! Please don't! There's plenty of ways to reuse it.
That's all right. We'll take them apart in the proper order and reuse the building materials.
''In that sense of repurposing, ah!''

 He was something of a stubborn Mr. Shaks.

But I don't think leaving a group of buildings this far away from the city won't help," he said. The end result is that they will be left alone. It would be dangerous if it became a place for thieves and monsters to live...
''Ugh. ........Then at least leave that tower alone!

 The Sun Tower of Babel?

That tower will remain a symbol of this fair forever. Please, please, not that tower! It will be the ultimate tourist attraction as the tower where God descended!

 It's true that that tower where the Sun God Apollo descended.
 If you destroy it, Apollo gets displeased and says 'I'll destroy the demons after all', then that's a problem.

I understand. Let's keep that tower.

 I worked on the tower myself, and I'm very attached to it.

 It's a good thing that we've decided on a plan for dealing with the aftermath, and the long and frenzied exposition has now come to an end.

The next step is Okubo Castle........the events will continue.......?