402-400 Planning Meeting

 Well, the expo is over and it's early days....
 We have to rev up our engines for the next event.

 The Wind Cloud Oakbo Castle.

 It all happened last winter.
Last winter, I listened to the wishes of the Orcs who wanted to build a castle and left the farm.
 The castle was named after the leader of the Orc team, and before I knew it, it was named after the leader of the Orc team.

 But building it on an outsider's land later became a problem, and the lord thought it was an act of invasion and attacked and used athletic equipment to intercept the attackers.

 In the end, Okubo Castle was a large scale participatory athletic event. And it became the site of that event.


 The first edition of Wind Cloud Okubo Castle was a great success, but that wasn't the end of it.

 Because it was so successful, there were many requests for a second event, so the decision was made to hold a second event in response to that.
 Exactly one year after last year's event, it was decided to hold a second one.
 It was the end of winter.

 It was the end of winter and we started preparing for the second event, the Wind Cloud Okubo Castle, at that time.

 Along the way, we had to make some sudden decisions, such as holding the Farm Fair, and our schedule got cut up.
 At the same time, preparations for the Wind Cloud Okubo Castle were also being made.

 The winter has become even less busy than usual, though.
 The Farmer's Exposition ended without incident, so we'll be concentrating on Okubo Castle.

 From here on, we'll be talking about preparations for the second Okubo Castle and the actual event for a while.

 I will now turn back the clock a bit and talk about the early stages of preparations for the event.

 It was right before winter, when the decision on the Farm Fair had not yet been made.

    * * * *.

'Err, so...'

 I will address the main group of people gathered here and state my agenda.

"We are conducting the second planning meeting for Wind Cloud Okubo Castle!

 Crackle, crackle, crackle........
 No, it's not really something to applaud?

 The fact that it's so exciting in the planning stages means that people are looking forward to it too.
 It's a big event during the busy winter months.

Let's do it, my boy!

 The one who is especially excited about it is Okubo.
 It's also the fact that his name is in the plan. And he's the one who started it all in the first place. We need him to be motivated.

 But I don't need to worry about him, his motivation for the event is maxed out, and the rest of the architecture-mad orcs are very enthusiastic about it.
 This single point alone was enough to guarantee the success of the event.

All of us orcs are going to make this event even more difficult than last time! My arms are going to be ringing as I don't want to let a single clear out!
'Shitty difficulty breeds disrepute, so make sure it's moderately clear, okay?

 The agenda for this year's event is to see what attractions will be available based on the lessons learned from last time.

 Okubo Castle is a user-participatory athletic event.
 Last year's event also featured thrilling challenges that required the use of the entire body, such as crossing an average platform and avoiding large rocks that tumbled down a slope.

This time, we're looking to use that experience to create a more severe game balance, and we hope that our customers will get a thrill, an excitement, and a sense of accomplishment from completing the event. Let's bounce ideas off of each other, shall we?

 I'm sure you have some thoughts on how we could have done this or been more aggressive at that event last year, so let's build up the event based on those.

Then, first and foremost, let me make a suggestion from this Oakbo!

 At any rate, it's the facial role of this event, Oakbo.
 I thought a suitably energetic proposal would be submitted.

This is the second attraction, and we're going to replace everything that was institutionalized in the first!

 That's so bold!

"Castle Okubo is constantly evolving! That's what we're going to show our users! Shattering the naive notion that last year's experience could give you an advantage! I'm going to show you a whole new Oakbo Castle!

 Okubo's tension gets crazy when he's involved in this event.
 It's a different story when your favorite is involved.

But if we have to replace all the attractions..., can you make a replacement?
"Don't worry! Our entire Orc team has already gathered our wisdom and come up with fifty-six and seven ideas!

 Oakbo wasn't the only one who was excited about the event.
 The Orcs are generally in a trance.

 If they were left to their own devices without pulling the reins at this point, wouldn't they be able to complete an outrageous Wind Cloud Oakbo Castle that would far exceed the previous one?

Please hold.

 Then, the long-awaited brakeman.
 It was one of the foreign students studying on the farm, a child from the human race.
 Why was he here?

I took part in last year's Castle Oakovo as a user.

 Event experience?
 You're right, user input is valuable!

How far have you come in the last year?
The third gate.

 This guy is way ahead of me, who retired at the second gate.
 This year, I'm going to clear all of them!

As someone who experienced last year's event, I can tell you that changing everything can be confusing. People who experienced last year's event and want to come back because they want to have the same experience as last year. If it's completely different, they'll be disappointed.

 Okubo snorts at the more solid opinion than he expected.

 That's the argument that always arises when making a sequel.

"I'm going to make a new ________ that's completely different from the previous one!
"If it's completely different, do an entirely new one.

 He said.
 I don't think there will ever be a resolution to that debate. It's important to both challenge the new and protect the old.
 So in this case, too, we'll take in each of the arguments in moderation.

"Let's keep the attractions that were popular last time and replace half of the old attractions with half of the new ones. Let's talk about which of the old attractions we should keep first.
Then let's switch out the third barrier attraction! It's my first time killing!

 He was filled with resentment towards the attraction he had been eliminated from.

'And Okubo. Five hundred dollars is too much, you need to narrow down the list of potential new attractions. Or at least no more than ten.
'Then this 'Hell! I urge you to adopt an attraction where 'iron balls fly in from all directions and at the same time the ground sinks and is swallowed by a sea of lava.'

 Why is the broken difficulty created by the creator's runaway consciousness unacceptable?
 This needs to be checked by a third party every single time.

'Master, master...'

 And in the fullness of time, Veerle joined in.
 To the meeting.

"I'll be there this time, won't I? Where are you going to put them?
''So I'm not letting you join!

 Realize that as soon as you, the dragon, come in, the game balance will be destroyed!
 You are forever banned from Castle Okubo!

Anyone else have an opinion? In order to push aside Veerle's suggestions, we need a lot of announcements!
Well, how about this?
Next time I'd like to make this kind of alteration to the castle tower. It has nothing to do with the attraction, but...

    * * *

 This was discussed in the late fall, just before winter.

 Looking back, I wonder if Veerle's exasperation at not being able to participate in the event over here exploded elsewhere?
 The "Wheat House" she opened at the Farm Fair was of great quality and brought a whirlwind of gluten to the Demon City...
 Veerle was able to enjoy the exposition to the fullest.

 While the fair was going on, the Orcs were also preparing for the second Orcobo Castle at the same time.
 Mainly, the sub-leadership of the orc team. Orkla, Orkma, Ork Ninusi, Ork Torver and others were leading the renovation of the castle.

 When the exposition had successfully reached its finale, and it was time for us to join them in preparing Oakbo Castle, a strange thing happened.

 The second, Wind Cloud Okubo Castle.
 It was announced that the event was cancelled.