403-401 unpredictable war

 It was already really electric.
 On the first day we arrived to prepare for the second Okubo Castle, we were informed that it had been cancelled.

"Okubo Castle has been cancelled?

 How come?
 It's so sudden that I don't even know what to say!

I'm so sorry...!

 The one who apologizes flatly in front of me is the lord Dalkish.
 Oakbo Castle is located in the territory he governs, and we can't proceed with the events without his permission.
 Incidentally, he became this world's first international married couple after getting a demon tribe as his wife, and just recently, he seems to have had a long-awaited heir son.
 It was worth the effort of negotiating hard with that hard-to-get-together Hera Goddess.

 Be that as it may, Mr. Dalkish is now a standing event co-organizer.
 Since the profits from holding Okubo Castle extended to the territory, even he should have been positive about the second Oakubo Castle.

 So why the cancellation of the event after all this time?

That's it? The profit didn't reach the target? So there's no point in holding a second one?

 This is so unreasonable!

No, no, no...! In the first place, the previous profit figure was fixed last year, and we were able to earn many times more than the annual profit raised by the entire territory in just one event. I can't thank you enough.......!

 Then why did you stop...?

Oh! We didn't get a complaint?

 Some shill for some nasty little organization that says, 'This event is outrageous! Or something like that!

'If that's what you mean, I'm fine! We are backed by the most powerful person in the world, the Demon King! Ask him to beat the moral harassment out of him with power...!

 Let me tell you that the right argument is not always right!

'No, that's not what I'm saying...! Besides, the Demon King has also given his approval for this cancellation...!

 The Demon King is one of the participants!
 As one of the participants, the Demon King is one of the participants, "This is the year I'm going to break through the first gate! You were so eager to do it!

What's the reason for that? What kind of a reason could cause a cancellation of a meeting with a demon lord?
It was a mutiny.

 The words came out of Mr. Dalkish's mouth more disturbing than I expected.

Rebellion! Why did you do such a stupid thing, Mr. Dalkish!
'It wasn't me!

 Oh, it's not Mr. Dalkish.
 It was a surprise and a loss.

''The mastermind of the rebellion is the lord of the Grand Balg Domain, a large territory two neighbors from here. He had the delicate bloodline of being the grandson of the two previous human kings, and he was in an ambiguous position even after the destruction of the human nation, but I never thought he would start a rebellion...!

 Mr. Dalkish also had a blush on his face.

''Although the human country has been destroyed, the lords still have the duty to govern the warfare that occurs within the country. I must quickly gather my troops and work with the other lords and the Demon King's army to put down the rebellion.
And that's why they've cancelled Castle Okubo...?
If we can't put down the rebellion as soon as possible, there is a risk of warfare spreading throughout the former human country. This is certainly not the time to be holding a carefree festival.

 Oh, my God, yes.

''Even if it were to be held, the Grand Balg territory where the rebellion took place is a major transportation hub. People who live in many parts of the human country will come here through that territory.

 If that place is blocked off by war, the second Oakbo Castle will drop incomparably from the number of visitors it attracted in the first edition.
 No, this is not the dimension to worry about.

 If the rebellion is prolonged and the traffic in that something-or-other great territory continues to be blocked off, Dalkish-san's territory could be cut off from people and dry up.

''Is it likely that the rebellion will be put down soon?''

 The silence came back.

''.........I don't know. The other party is one of the most prominent great lords of the old human country. In addition to having an army and a large amount of materials, its central city, Melkaide, is a city with a defensive power that is known as a fortified city.......

 Dalkish-san's expression became cloudy.

''The walls surrounding the city are the largest, not just in the old human country, but even including the demon country. It is said to overwhelm the others in height and thickness. It's also one of the leading trading cities in the country, so if they were to rely on their stored supplies to siege the city, how many years would it take them to do so...?

 What's that story about Odawara Castle?

 It is true that if they are holed up in a solid fortress, they will not be able to attack it easily, and if the situation is bad, it will take years to defeat it.
 In a prolonged war, the burden will be on the attackers rather than the defenders, and in the worst case, they may not be able to hold the line of battle and will have to retreat.

 If the traffic is divided and the civil war continues, people will be more anxious.

 There will still be people who are dissatisfied with the rule of the Demon King's army, and
 If rebellions were to erupt here and there in response to the prolonged civil war, the human nation could be plunged into an unprecedented era of warfare.

The other side, perhaps realizing this, has not made any moves to attack us and has adopted a complete siege strategy. That alone would be enough to cut off traffic and damage the current regime....
It's definitely not a festive atmosphere...

 Even Mr. Darquish got his wish and finally had a boy with his wife.
 How sad that he had to go out to fight, leaving his newborn child behind.
 Even if it is a lord's duty.

 I don't like war.
 'Then let's crush the war,' he said.

''If that rebellion is put down immediately, the human nation will be safe, right?

 The second Oakbo Castle will also be held without delay.

'Oklahoma, Oklahoma,'

 He called out to the sub-leader orcs at his side.

''Have you completed the contraption in the example yet?''
Just be ready to move whenever you are.

 They're very reliable.

Hold on, sir! It's true that with the help of a saint, you could put down a rebellion in a second, but this is only a matter of a human nation! It must be settled by those who live in the human nation!

 As a lord, he is a firm and proud statement.

Don't worry. We have no intention of infringing on your profession. But as your friends, we'll do everything we can to help you.
'What are you doing?!'

 Mr. Darquish's expression was tighter than when he announced the rebellion.

'Because your generous help is unimaginable!
That's all right. Just a little help.

 First of all, me, Orcubo, and the rest of the farm people won't be involved in the fight.
 If we did, we would be directly involved.
 It doesn't mean that the people are going to take matters into their own hands.

 Then there's another thing.
 The stinkers that were slammed into Oakbo Castle should get their comeuppance at Oakbo Castle.

 Our involvement in this case with us is entirely through Oakbo Castle.
 We've been looking forward to Oakbo Castle since before winter and now you're trying to force us to cancel the event.

 We will not have our fun interrupted!
 We'll put down the rebellion today, and we'll hold the Wind Cloud Oakbo Castle as originally planned!

 I'm sorry.

I will support you.
You're really here to help us, aren't you! First of all, how do you plan to retaliate at Castle Okubo? They're in a territory far, far away, next door, next door!

 It is true that castles are regional bases.
 They exist to protect and cannot be used to strike out on the other side.

 A building cannot be moved from its place.

But entertainment is about making the impossible possible.

 One idea that came up during the planning meeting.

 The idea had been adopted and was already viable.

 Thanks to the hard work of Okura, Okuma, and Ok Ninusi and the others while we were building up the expo, we were able to do it.

 Then let's set out immediately.
 Any delay in putting down the rebellion will hinder the holding of the event.

 Normally we don't want to fight, but we do.
 For the sake of the festival, it's up to us, and Okubo Castle, to do the right thing.

 Sally forth!