404-402 Poor Lord

 I am Osennim, Duke of Grand Balg.

 I am the man who will be the new King of Humanity!
 My mother, the wife of the former Grand Balg Lord and Lady of the Grand Balg, is the unmistakable beloved daughter of the previous Human King.

 Although she lost her royal status when she surrendered to my father, she still has royal and noble blood in her veins.
 And that bloodline has been passed down to me.

 That means I have the right to take the throne as the Man King!
 Of course, in peacetime, it would be sinful to wish for such a thing.
 I'm a vassal and a servant of the royal family.

 But! That revered royalty is gone!
 Every single one of them was executed by the evil Demon King's army! Maybe!

 Then I will have no choice but to stand up for myself, even if my blood runs thin.
 It is the duty of a noble bloodline that runs through this body.

 ........Although I thought that I was going to do it, I couldn't quite put it into practice, and for about two years I was complacent.

 Even if you revolt, you don't feel like you can win.

 The Demon King's Army was powerful. Even if we are a great fiefdom, it's not an opponent that the lord class can raise an army and fight properly.

 Moreover, the occupation and governance by the Demon King's Army is very generous right now.
 Low taxes, generous protection. Cheap taxes, generous protection, and the people are indulging in these practices, and they say, 'We'd rather be ruled by demons! 'I don't want to go back to the days when royalty and the Faith were overbearing! They can say as much as they like.

 They can't even expect the support of their own people, not to mention that they can't win with a decent army, no matter how you look at it, they have no chance.

 After two years of calm analysis of the situation, he realized that 'now is not the right time' and maintained an attitude of ostensible obedience.
 It's time to say, ''Is it time to go on like this?'' And just as his ambition was about to be quenched, he appeared.
 The messengers of the Order.

 The Order, a huge power that once ruled the human nation along with the royalty, the Order.


 That's why there were survivors.
 They had survived by hiding underground.

''.........Lord Osennim of Grand Balg is the one who is the sorrowful nation. The vessel that would become the leader of our times.

 The messenger of the Order who sneaked into my house secretly saw through my essence.
 I'm sure you think so too? I'm the future king, right?

It's time for you to stand up. Although the people are ostensibly in love with the demons, their true intentions are the opposite. They must be dreaming of returning to the age of human pride.

 I'm not so sure about that.
 I think you mean it when you say that the people's grasses have accepted the rule of the demon kingdom, don't you? Because it's nice to see the natural mana being returned and the administration being cleaned up, right?

f*cking ambitious person, you're a calm and collected man.

 Huh? What did you say?

No, that's all right. We, the Monastic Rebellion, are here to help you behind the scenes.

 What kind of clever name is that?

"The resistance is made up of the brave men and women of the Order who escaped the clutches of the Demon King's Army. Blessed be the god Zeus, and since we stand with you, we are assured of a public victory.

 Eh, but didn't the Order escape first when the Demon Lord's army invaded?
 You can never have too many allies, but you can't play with someone who might run away in the nick of time, can you?

"d*mn solid......... As expected of an old raccoon who has survived in this era of turmoil.

 Why are you being so cryptic?
 Hmmm, now that I've thought about it, joining forces with you guys would be too risky, so I think I'll just sit this one out for now.
 My chance to be the King of Men will come.

Shut up! Then they can control your mind with their magic!


It would be useless to an innocent person, but it would be enough to convince someone with undeserved ambition! No need to think about the messy details! You just need to push on with your foolish ambition.

    * * *

 Okay, I'm going to start a mutiny.
 So I've caused a rebellion.
 Why is that?

"We will bring justice to the wicked demon king's army and the foolish people who follow him.

 That's right!
 You have been sent by my confidant, the League of Religious Rebels!
 Cool name for an organization!

As you wish. Now, my lord, let's raise the specter of the revival of humanity from your domain. If a person as big as you move, I'm sure other lords and bureaucrats will respond in kind. Or even the most powerful members of the Adventurer's Guild.

 Hahaha, I'm not flattered.
 But the more allies we have, the better. Let's issue a proclamation to all the lords in human country.

''This is an excellent decision. Now the restoration of the Human Nation can be accomplished.

 So I wrote a lot of letters.
 I sent them.
 I received replies.

 It was very disappointing.

"My dear Lord Grand Balg. I did not think you'd be as stupid as you are.

 From the very beginning, the sentence is so powerful that it makes your face goop.

It is an ironclad rule for conquerors to eradicate bloodlines that are connected to the royal family, no matter how many relatives they are separated from. However, the generous Demon King's Army would only blame you if you were a clear-cut royal, and even allowed you to serve in important positions. Your act is a betrayal of that Demon King's army's favor.

 I don't need to say it with such force.

''I am also a foreign relative, but I am also allowed to be a lord. Therefore, I cannot allow you to do this. I'm not going to let you get away with this. I'll have your head on my shoulders to secure the lives of all the lords of humanity.

 This was a declaration of war, to say the least.
 What's the point of being sold a fight in response to a letter asking for cooperation?

 The other replies are full of harsh words such as 'traitor', 'traitor', 'does not deserve to live' and 'kill by our own hand'.
 I felt my heart breaking.

 In the end, even my son, whom I had sent as a hostage to the occupation authorities....

The fact that he had rebelled against me while I was being held hostage meant that he had abandoned me. That's why I'm going to kill you with my own hands!

 He replied.

'P.S. I handed the letter my dad sent me urging me to revolt straight to the Governor. 'Good grief.'

 Will the Demon King's army know that I'm planning a rebellion?
 What did you do, you stupid son?

I'll tell you what, you stupid father.

 Don't anticipate my feelings and put your response in a letter!

It's no use to us now. "There is no choice in the matter. We must mobilize our troops and prepare for battle. It's a matter of seconds, sir.

 Uh-huh. Yes.

"The city here in Merkaide, controlled by the Lord, is a fortified city surrounded by the largest walled city in the world. If we stick to the siege, it will take years to bring it down, and in the meantime, the main roads within the human world will be cut off and traffic will be paralyzed.

 That's right.
 The damage to the Demon King's Army, which is now on the side of the ruler, is immeasurable...?

''We have already unleashed our own men in every corner of the city, and have taken hostage the families of our garrison commanders. I won't be able to disobey your orders just in case. Get to know me. I declare a holy war to reclaim the holy human nation from the demons!

 What, you're really good at this?
 All right, Dad, I guess I should declare war!

    * * *

 The day after we announced the start of the war, the city of Melkaide, where I am from, was completely surrounded.

 The formation was a mixed army consisting of a vigilante corps led by the surrounding lords and a unit dispatched by the Demon King's army.

''........Isn't that too fast of a response?''
"Because you've been sending letters here and there inadvertently, haven't you?

 I knew it...?
 Because it was you, the messenger, who asked for allies.

 I was surprised that no one else came on board.

I'm afraid that's inevitable. We'll just have to do what we can to get out of this situation. Even if you don't have any backup, you'll still have this impregnable fortress city of Melkaide! We'll fight for years until we run out of power here!

 Can't we just keep fighting until we're done?
 Couldn't you be the Eagle King?
 No, wait, why did I want to be the man king?

 The moment I tried to remember something important, an event happened that didn't matter.

''My lord! Oh, my God! Enemy reinforcements!
Yeah, don't make a fuss about it. There are plenty of reinforcements coming in the future. We won't be able to last much longer if we're overreacting.
You're right, sir, but the reinforcements that have shown up this time are different, or...?

 What the hell is going on?

"They're attacking a whole castle!