405-403 Oak Castle's Moving Castle

 It's Osennim, lord of the Grand Balg territory, again.

 I have found myself in a desperate situation.
 I am surrounded by both human and demon armies as a traitor.

 And what's worse.
 And what's worse, something unidentifiable has appeared.

 What was that, really?

 As I was standing on the edge of the ramparts looking out, something huge caught my eye.

 It's so huge that at a glance it looks like a building.

 It's piled up with stone walls, and the top is........what is it, painted with mud?
 But the walls are so white and flat that it's hard to believe they're earthen walls.

 If I had to decide what to call that building based on its solid construction and scale, it would be a castle.
 It was a castle indeed.

A castle right in front of our city...?
Are you saying it was built for a siege, an overnight castle? No wait....?

 Neither the eagle nor the messenger of the Order could understand what happened next, and their minds went blank.

 The castle moved.
 It was slowly crawling on the ground, and was definitely moving toward us.

 The messenger and I screamed together.

The castle? The castle is moving!
You don't mean to tell me that's how you got here? On the ground!

 The unbelievable event is astonishingly unbelievable and confusing.

 What is going on? How did this happen? What is your goal? What would be the purpose of moving the castle?

 Just as I was starting to lose my train of thought as these questions erupted, I heard a call from the mysterious moving castle.

''Ahhhh, Myktes, Myktes, it's sunny today, but the waves are high.''

 What is it?

That's very loud, isn't it? How well does it sound that the castle is so far away from here?
'Are you making the voices themselves louder? Is it some kind of magic?

 You really don't know what's going to happen in the future, so you have to watch it with all your might.

''Saint, let me be the one to make the recommendation,''
'Oh, yeah? Then please.

 The owner of the huge voice changed from normal-looking to young and sharp.

''........Gohon, I tell you, Grand Balg Lord Osennim. I am Dalkish, Lord of the Warkia Frontier.''

 The Walkian frontier?
 What does that little lord of a small fiefdom want with me, a relative of the royal family?

"I'll be blunt. Surrender. I've been assured by the occupying authority of the Demon King's Army that I'll spare your life if you surrender now. Your actions are reckless from the point of view of victory or defeat, and are a nuisance to our people. I sincerely hope that you will now return to making a wise choice.

 That would be good too.

''Oh no, is the shock of the moving castle releasing your brainwashing? Magic Overlay!
"d*mn you, you young bastard! I am the man who will be king of the human race! A new dynasty of humanity begins with me! I'm going to guillotine you and the rest of the world for a change!
Well, that's a relief.

 A moving castle is a fake. What good is a moving castle going to do for the war?
 We should just ignore them and pay attention to the huge army that surrounds the city!

"Well, since you refuse to surrender, we'll just have to open fire.

 Can you hear me, too?

'Then experience it to your heart's content. This Okubo Castle what is it again? 

 Didn't you just rephrase that? I asked you again, didn't I?

 I don't know what it is, but the fortress surrounding my city Melkaide is the largest in the world.
 Even with the magical magic they use, it's impossible to break.

 If you want to fall prey to the arrows and stones that rain down from the top of these walls, then come at me!

"Catapult ready.

 What's going on in the upper part of that moving castle, and something big is coming out of it?
 What's that?

Armed and loaded, aim and fire!


 Something flew out, running over the looming behemoth!
 It was as if an arrow had been shot from a bow. But it was dozens of times bigger than a bow and arrow!

What the hell! What was shot out?

 Something that flies over our heads.
 It was so far away and flew so fast that we couldn't see it with the naked eye.

 Moreover, the unidentified mysterious object easily flew over the world's highest city walls and fell into the city's interior.


 My walls! Our city's ironclad defenses were breached so easily!

''Calm down, they might as well be rocks, judging by their size, but one or two of those things could fall into the city. It won't even cause a scratch in this big city!
"Idiot! A huge rock hitting a civilian would be a disaster! The people of the city I rule!

 I hurriedly had the soldiers check the situation, and they gave me an unexpected answer.

''My lord! An object thrown in from outside the city is not a rock!
Then what?
It's a person!


''Perhaps they're flying soldiers who have been treated with magic to absorb the impact and throwing them inside the city walls! More and more enemy troops are coming in! There's no way to prevent it!

 It's true that while I was listening to the report, something was being shot out of the castle and falling inside the soldiers.
 Are you saying that that something is the enemy soldiers themselves?

 How absurd!

'Yeah! Where the enemy enters, there will be one or two of them! We can surround them and kill them immediately!

 The messenger of the Order shouts for the eagles, but the response from the soldiers is not good.

''But the raiders are stronger than we thought, and even if we surround them, they won't be easy to take out.
What the...?
Although they are all children under 20 years old, their swordsmanship and magic are so skillful that no ordinary soldier could ever compete with them!

 In the meantime, the movements thrown from that castle are repeated, and I don't know how many projectiles have been put inside the city walls so far.

 If all of them are enemy soldiers, and all of them have the strength of a single horseman, then our city could be crumbled from the inside as it is!

''Eh, you useless bastards! Fight harder! Kill and clean up a few soldiers as soon as possible!

 The messenger of the Order also lost his cool and pushed the eagle away and ordered him away.
 Then another soldier came running in.

'Report! I see the purpose of the raiders!

 It is true that the opponents are not sending soldiers to us just for fun.
 In order to defeat us who are holed up inside the city walls, they must have some definite objective in mind.

 If they were to cut a small number of elites deep into enemy lines and aim at us....
 The most likely scenario was a single general fishing.

"Hee! Don't tell me it's here!

 The messenger of the cult noticed the same thing and got scared.

"Gather all the men you can find. Don't let the enemy get too close to us!
"With all due respect, sir, the enemy is not targeting you.


'You... or rather the families of the captains you're holding... The intruders got us out of there in one piece. And I want you to blow up all your friends on guard.
No way...! You think...?
If you get the hostages back, I have no reason to follow you! Bring my lord back to his senses!

 Seeing the messengers of the Order being beaten up by the soldiers, I thought to myself.
 It's not easy, is it?

Hey, what are you doing? Rude to the messenger of the Order...?

 What was I doing?