406-404 A castle run by orcbos

 Yes, it's me.
 It's me.

 Let's go back in time a bit....
 It was right around the time we were about to launch from Mr. Darquish's territory.

    * * * *.

"Move Castle Oakovo.

 This was one of the ideas that came up in the planning meeting.
 I'm sure the guests will be very surprised when Okubo Castle starts to move.

 There's nothing more to it than that.
 If you ask me if anything will happen because the castle is moving, I can't really say that anything will happen because it's a user-challenged event.

 People who see it are surprised and that's it.
 But it looks fun, so we make it.

 That would be the hobby world.

 Orkla, Okuma, Okuninushi, and Oktober were working on the second 'new' attraction for Okubo Castle at the same time we were holding the exposition, and they had successfully completed the moving Okubo Castle.

'But it's only the keep, though.
''It's not as if we can move the entire castle.... It includes natural objects...

 Orcs who are also humbled.
 That's what I'm talking about.

''It's amazing just how much you can move it in the castle tower!

 Let me explain here that the keep is just a part of the castle. It's the thing that rises gleaming in the middle of the castle.
 It's the one that's on the wall of Nagoya castle.

 It doesn't have any particular meaning, but it's a symbolic facility of the castle, but that's why people will be surprised if you move it!
 So I tried to make it move.

''........You mean to move this to the battlefield?''

 The first thing that puzzled me when I was told the summary was Lord Dalkish.
 He is the first one to be puzzled.

''People will be gobsmacked, won't they?
You're right, they will get past you, but...?

 In a fight, you have to spook them to win.
 And in that regard, nothing is more effective than our moving castle of Okubo (the keep only)!

'Don't worry! The new mobile Okubo Castle has a whole lot more on board! It will surely help in the fight!

 And so, Okubo Castle went to war.

Okubo Castle, get going!

 With my call, the castle leaves the ground and advances at an appropriate speed.

It's really happening.

 Mr. Dalkish's jaw came off in astonishment and his eyeballs nearly popped out of his head.

'It's tremendous, Saint! So the power of the saint has gone so far!
Ha ha ha, not so much.
No, I've heard. In the saint's stronghold, there's a ship that can operate by its own power? This castle also has some sort of magic trick built into it that makes it run faster than human knowledge!

 Did you hear about the magic steamship?
 But this mobile Okubo castle has another power source.
 The power source is...!

"It's carried by the orcs.

 At the bottom of the keep, all the Orcs from our farm were lifting the castle and carrying it in a hurry.
 Like a mikoshi?

 In other words, a mobile Oakbo Castle.
 People power!

You didn't think it was going to be that primitive?
There's no way I'd ever do anything else...

 You're right, with wheels and caterpillars?
 It takes too much time and effort to develop a drive engine and make it practical.

 So, the most accessible drive engine.
 I've decided to rely on human power!
 No, orc power precisely because the orcs are carrying it?

'But are you sure? How could even an orc carry such a huge castle...?

 Darquish is right to be worried.
 I'm also a bit worried about whether the Orcs' strength can last until the battlefield, which is located in the next-door neighboring territory.
 I took a look at the bottom of the castle to see if the orcs could keep up their strength.
 The orcs carrying the castle up.

''Wasshoi, wasshoi!
It's lighter than I thought.
Hey, we don't all have to carry these things, do we? I'll take half of it.
'You mean it would be easier if we took shifts! You're so smart!

 It's not as bad as I thought.
 As expected of our Orcs, our Orcs are specially made. It's not hard to imagine that they could lift a whole castle tower.

"We're going to attack the battlefield like this!
We're going to blow your mind with our awesome mikoshi.
Whoa, whoa, whoa!

 Oh, when did you get into the groove of the fight mikoshi?
 The castle is on its way to the battlefield.

 Our strong Orcs trudge all the way to the destination, carrying the castle with ease...

    * * * *

 And when we actually got to the battlefield, our Oakbo Castle was the center of attention.
 From enemies and allies alike.

'It's amazing, Mr. Dalkish! We're standing out on the battlefield!
''It will be, but...?''

 Dalkish was puzzling over whether that was a good thing or a bad thing.

 Anyway, the war started.
 They refused to surrender, so they decided to attack.

"Catapults ready.

 It was like a gun barrel coming out of the middle of Oakbo Castle.
 This was one of the new projects of the Wind Cloud Okubo Castle.
 The human catapult, as it was called.


 It's not a shell or a stone from a thrower that is fired with the barrel of a gun at the call.
 It was a person.

 This was a turret designed to shoot out people themselves!
 Let me explain.
 First of all, I'll cast a spell on the person I'm shooting out, so that they can absorb any impact once and stay safe.
 Then we shoot them out of the catapult.
 That's all.

 Now we can transport the person itself to a remote place by a bullet.
 Even jump over high walls.

 Now we can send our forces to the enemy's stronghold surrounded by the walls without any effort!

What a bold idea...! Saints, you had this kind of trick prepared in advance?
This is one of the new attractions.

 Me, responding to Mr. Dalkish's excitement and explaining it to him.

 The original idea was to make a flying attraction.
 Flying feels good, and I thought it would be fun to make a game where you fly and land on a target area.

 That's how we came up with the human catapult.

 Is it powered by rubber? Air? Gunpowder? Linear?
 This is also human-powered.
 I'm going to eject and get a push back from the orcs. That's all it takes to get a person to fly.

 There was a concern that the crucial shock-absorbing magic would be released when the Orcs pushed him back out, but we were able to solve this problem with refinement and practice.

 ''Come on, Orcbo Castle's human turret! Beyond the enemy's defenses and inside! Send in my best men!

By the way, a catapult? And the soldiers we're sending into the enemy's camp at...?
These are the international students who have come to study with us.

 A promising boy and girl who are living in our house on a farm study abroad project.
 They are catapulted out from time to time.

 As I said at the beginning, the farm is not going to be directly involved in the war.
 The reason is that once an Oakbo or Gobukichi or whatever comes directly to the front, it becomes a one-sided game, which could cast a shadow on the world's balance of power until later.

 Although I feel like it would be ruined once they set out at Oakbo Castle...!

 In this respect, foreign students are the ones who are expected to return to our society in the future.
 There is no problem for them to play an active role in the front line, in fact, it will be a spectacular debut for the future elites.

''Don't be timid. ''Don't be timid, if you guys can fully demonstrate what you're learning on a daily basis, you should be able to kick that level of enemy lines without a hitch...!

 The teacher who came with me because he was worried about his students.
 He's excited to be next to me.

I'm not missing a single one! You guys are strong! You can do it! You are not rotten oranges!'
Doctor, please calm down...

 If I get too excited and you leave, that's the worst one-sided game of all, right?

I'm afraid, however, there's no time to worry, and it looks like our side will win hands down.

 In fact, the inside of the city walls is a real-time situation.
 Verena uses her clairvoyant magic to show me the inside in detail.

''If it's demon race versus demon race, it won't be easy like this, being countered with inhibiting magic, though.......''

 The state of the enemy camp shown through Verena's magic was the heroic appearance of the normal warriors of the foreign students.
 As expected of them, they were strong, as they were being instructed by their teacher every day.

''Inside, there seems to be someone holding an important person hostage. Is this why the soldiers are compelled to follow...?

 Well then, let those people go and we'll settle the matter.
 And that's not going to happen........

''Then let's try to use the back of the house to push the envelope here!
The back of the hand?

 Actually, it's just what we want to use.
 The final weapon in this new, moving castle of Okubo.

Use the main gun!

 I was born a Japanese boy, and I can't escape the spell of big ship big gun policy.
 The only way to win is to unleash a big one.

 A blatantly yucky barrel of artillery extending from Oakbo Castle.
 It was several times larger than a human catapult.

''Firing from that barrel is the supremacy that rises from the Okubo! We will use the power of the ultimate orc as a beam cannon!
We've come all this way and you still need help?

 Well, everything in this castle of Oakovo is orc-dependent, is it not?

 In any case, the supreme energy that Okubo releases with all his might can annihilate a city like that one a hundred times if it flies in a directional manner!
 This is the perfect trump card for Castle Oakovo!

 The weapon, which uses the Orcobo's supremacy as a cannonball, is called the "Ha-Do Cannon"!
 I'm going to shoot you.

Oh, wait a minute.

 When I'm in a groove, Verena pours out.

We've just received a flag signal from a student who's rushing into enemy territory. I'm taking the enemy commander prisoner. Hmm, the battle is over.

 Without playing our best trump card, the battle ended in a landslide victory for us.

I'm glad to hear it, though!

 Mr. Dalkish was very angry at me.
 As you can imagine, the last one was too badly ridden.