407-405 Princess judgment

 Thus the rebellion in Grand Balgue territory was put down in less than a day.
 Fortunately, we were able to capture the ringleader and his party without any casualties in this battle.
 There were no civilian or even combatant soldiers killed.
 It was a miracle.

'This is all thanks to the saints.

 Mr. Dalkish shook my hands and thanked me.
 He was so angry at me earlier.

'It was only with the support of the saints that I was able to subdue him like picking up a kitten. It's only because of the power that separates us from the norm that we can successfully subdue everything!

 I tried to blow it all away with my powers.
 That was a bit too much of a joke, wasn't it?

'What about the mastermind, my lord?'
''That's a complication...?

 After hearing the details, what is it, the lord here was also a victim?

It's as if he was brainwashed with legal magic.

 That's not right!

It was the remnants of the Order. They approached the Grand Balg Lord Osennim and forced him to listen to their words by brainwashing him with magic to incite him to revolt. Fortunately, we were able to capture that sorcerer as well, so I'm not worried...!

 Even if the worst person is the one who was pulling the strings behind the scenes........
 I heard everyone is at a loss as to how to deal with the lord who was being manipulated.

''If the lord was just plain bad, we would just frankly dismiss him and be done with it...''

 There are too many extenuating circumstances for him to have been manipulated regardless of his self-will.
 Is he guilty in the first place? So, I hear they're in big trouble right now.

...so cut off my head right here and now.

 Is this the lord who is supposed to be the most evil person this time, saying solemnly.

''My outburst has created a crack in the trust between us and the Demon Lord's Army, the most important army at this time of year. The only way to fill that crack is to pay for it with our lives!
Well no, but it's the remnants of the cult that manipulated the Lord, isn't it?
"And yet, legal magic cannot deceive the heart of the utterly innocent! I fell into their trap because I had ambitions to be king one day, and they saw right through me!

 Surrounding the blame-filled lord, the other lords all looked at each other, ''We're in trouble...? The other lords all had this look on their faces, ''It's going to be troublesome.......''

 If they were all lords of the same lords, everyone knew this war criminal lord and everyone knew each other.
 Deciding to execute his acquaintance would be the most difficult thing to keep awake at the limit.
 If this person was not at fault for the core of the crime, it was even worse.

 If possible, I'd like to keep things quiet, but considering the trustworthy relationship between me and the Demon King's Army, I can't hand down vague punishments to the traitor.
 Only by crying over the hillbilly's back, can the rule of law be maintained.

 If it works, it doesn't work.

 Just when we were all struggling to find a way out of this dilemma....


 Was that a voice calling out for me?
 Where are they calling from?


 So where are we going to find them?
 Is that it?

 A dot of shadow in the blue sky above us.
 From the silhouette, 'Is it a bird?' I thought, but no.

 The wings spread out to the left and right are certainly bird-like, but they are too big for a bird.
 And the center of the bird is very close to the ground.
 The silhouette of a fascinating woman.

 The person with wings was the angel Horcosfon.
 And Holkosfon is flying in the sky with another person in his arms.

'Ceja! I'm calling you, so why don't you just find out!
Lettuce Rate?

 Princess Lettuce Slate, the exiled princess, has arrived.
 You flew here, hanging from a holcos phone?

Let's get you down!
'Yes! Toh!

 Lettuce Rate fell from the air away from the Holkosphone.
 From the looks of it, it had an altitude of twenty meters, but it didn't let that stop it from landing in a spectacular five-point ground-rotation and rushing towards me with its momentum.

"Ceja! What the hell are you waiting for here? We don't have many more days until the event date! Hurry up and go back and finish up!

 Apparently, they were in a hurry and came to pester me.
 Even though the Wind Cloud Oakbo Castle is in danger of being held due to the rebellion, the rest of the members of the team are determined to do it as planned anyway, so the rest of us stay on site and work hard to prepare.

 Everyone believes that we can put down the rebellion and hold the event, but there are some people who are intolerant, and that's exactly what this guy is, a lettuce rate!

'Our beans are on a ride right now! The expo proved that the beans are going to be everyone's favorite! Now that we've conquered the Demon Kingdom, it's time for the Human Kingdom!

 You've just won the top spot at the Farm Fair, your own "Bean Pavilion".

We want to build on this momentum and move to the next level! For this year's Okubo Castle, we're shifting the target audience from attendees to spectators, and we're going to set up a stall-like facility to sell beans in a big way! But that winning plan won't be a total disaster if the event itself isn't held!
Didn't I tell you why? We need to do something about the rebellion here, or we can't hold the event itself! That's why I'm trying so hard to subdue it!
What! What happened? You're the one who's trying to thwart my ambitions?

 I point at them silently.
 The person I was pointing at was the one who was in the cult of the one who was being manipulated, because the poor lord who was being manipulated was poor.

''It's you, huh!
''Heehee! Are you the Lettuce Slate Princess? What do you say! If you stand up, you'll be the symbol of the anti-magic tribe taking back the human nation!

 The cultist's claim was indeed a good argument, but not at the current lettuce rate it reaches.

''Shut up! You interrupted an event for that kind of nonsense! You ruin the chance for so many people to interact with the beans?
d*mn you, Xu!

 Lettuce Rate's cannonball punch pierced the cultist.

 That one hurt.
 The farm work and the nourishment of the beans that I consume every day combine to make Lettuce Rate grow so massive that I couldn't even imagine it from the first meeting.
 Even with a bare-handed punch, Veerle and I can easily beat them at the first level of this dungeon.

"Guegh Granny!
I still won't forgive you! That's for green beans!
That's for peas!
"This is for the peas!
Yeah, for peas!
That's for the peas! For red beans! For the cashews! ........and this is for the peanuts!

 The cultists who were beaten up by the Lettuce Rate, which was no longer a rigid forceful warrior, were blown away by the raggedy zorkin.

''To those who despise the beans, there is only death.

 I said something rather scary.

''Princess Letaslate!''

 And then all the old brothers around him are all flipping out at the same time.
 Towards the lettuce rate.

'Oh my God, what's the matter?'
No, you're the princess.

 Don't look as if you just remembered.

 ........The people gathered here are the lords of the Lord Human Country.
 You will naturally know the face of Lettuce Rate, who was once one of the top of the human nation.

 .........Huh? Could this be super annoying?

'I did not know that the Princess Lettuce Slate was alive and long lost, and that her mists were not of this world...!
'Lift your head, Lord Zestodend. I'm not a princess now, but a bean-counterpart, Lettuce Rate.

 You're changing classes.

'So you don't even have to thank me. I can now accept the destruction of the human nation, too. To be honest, the beans are more important than that.

 Don't be blunt, that's not how it works.

'I hear you, it's always the Faith that's to blame in the end. So why don't you put all the blame on the Order?
But then the justice of the law will...!

 is the defendant, Osennim? Was it three? I was in charge.

''It's annoying. Well, I'll tell you what. Ceja, do you have a piece of paper and a pen?

 I handed him a set of writing instruments, and Lettuce Rate smoothly wrote something down.
 It's one of the most nurturing aspects of this guy I've seen in a long time.

I've written this here. "In the name of Princess Lettuce Slate of the Human Kingdom, the Order is immediately disbanded and the Priests are ordered to return to secular life without any exception.
I don't have any power after the destruction of the human nation, but the members of the cult who rely on the old power will have to obey this order. It's all you can do.

 You're right.
 I think I've never seen this guy so smart before.

"If we deliver this to the Demon King's Army, it will be a great help for them to crack down on the Order. As a reward for that, you can ask for forgiveness for Lord Grand Balg's sins. Now it's all settled! We're going back to Ceja and we're going to play Castle Okubo! And we'll sell the beans!

 After all, this guy was only thinking about beans.

 Thus, the rebellion riot in the human country was settled by the participation of the exiled princess Lettuce Rate in the blitz.