410-408 Further spring

 Spring is here.
 Time to get started.

 Spring is coming when the snow melts and the earth appears, ready for farm work.
 The spirits of the earth have finished their winter dormancy and are coming out of the ground.

'Long time no see!
It's been a long time since I've seen you.
I'm looking forward to working with you again this year!
It's a New Year's Day.

 The energetic children have announced the arrival of spring.
 Festivities here and there are over, now it's time to get back to tinkering in the dirt!

All right, gentlemen, let's go for it.

 Since it was the end of the season, we held a ceremony with all the residents of the farm.

 There are a lot of people here.
 There must be at least three or four hundred people here.

 Anyway, everyone shared their motivation and started to work with "Eeyore".

 We set to work on the farm.

 First, the Goblin team led by Gobukichi cut the weeds that were growing even under the snow at the speed of the lawnmower.
 I touched the soil, which had been plowed by the Orcs with power and was in just the right condition, and prayed that the crops would sprout.

'Grow well!'

 Now it actually grows.
 You don't have to sow seeds to get them to sprout.

 It's because of the ability of the "supreme bearer" that resides in my hands.

 It is the ability to draw out the latent potential of anything I touch beyond its limits, or rather, to draw out what is not latent.

 The soil touched by me is able to exceed its limits and sprout seeds that I haven't even sown.
 What's that? However, this ability allows me to grow crops from my previous world that don't exist in this one.
 Through years of breeding and improvement, I can grow produce from my former world that is very tasty.

 The taste of these products is very popular in this world, which is probably one of the reasons why they were so popular at the Farm Fair and at Okubo Castle.
 We served farm food at those events, too.
 Mostly beans and flour.

 After that, we scattered the hyper fish manure created by the mermaid team, and then we said, 'Please grow up healthy,' and we put our hands together for a break.
 Now they will start to sprout tomorrow.

 The fertilizer that the mermaids make from the fish monster will make the crops grow ridiculously fast.

 It grows faster and tastes better, too.
 So our farm's crops are proud to be the best in the world....

 But we are not without our faults.

 For example, the crops sprouted by the Bearer of Excellence do not have any seeds.
 There is a part of the plant that should be called a seed, but when you try to plant it, it doesn't grow.
 When I dug them up to see if they were seeds, I couldn't find any. It seems to be decomposed as soon as possible and returned to the soil.

 Probably a pseudo-crop produced by the 'supreme bearer'. They thrive and are treated so that they do not affect the original ecosystem.

 Anyway, the crops I produce will last only a generation.
 So even now, the beginning is from the "supreme bearer".

 We can't keep doing that forever, so a new attempt is being made.

 This is an attempt to grow our world's original seeds, which are imported from outside.

 The duo of Lettuce Rate and Holkosfone are taking the lead in this endeavor, and although they have ambitions to "rule the world with beans," they are not satisfied with the beans that come from the "supreme bearer" that will only last for one generation....
 Only by multiplying and prospering can they cover the world with beans! So I also ordered beans indigenous to this world that can do that, and I'm growing them in parallel with the beans I generate.

 .........By the way, beans are the seeds themselves, so they are likely to be affected by the invalidation of the seeds by the 'supreme bearer'.
 The beans just don't grow if you plant them, but their taste and processing seem to be the same as normal beans.
 It's a wonder.

 And as for the lettuce rates of this world's indigenous beans that can reproduce and thrive, I hear there's a problem with that too.

"They don't taste much better...!

 After all, the wilder crops of this world are no match for the improved crops of the other world.

We can't have the taste of the beans that Ceja grows for us to be able to attract the public. "This is one long and short...?
"Don't give up, let's keep at it, lettuce rate.

 That's how I wanted to support their positive attitude.
'If you cross a good bean with a good bean, you'll get an even better bean, won't you?' And I gave them a hint.
 It's a true breeding principle, but the girls, being honest at heart, took the idea and started crossing beans with beans from this world.

 That was last year.
 We have hyper-fish manure, so the results of the crosses were immediately apparent, and then one day in the springtime....

Hey Ceja! Look, look, look!

 I came to show him the results of my research.

'I found out something interesting! If you cross a variety that produces round beans with a variety that produces wrinkled beans, for some reason the odds of producing round beans are higher! It's not 50-50!
"It's a mystery, lettuce rate.

 ...lettuce rates have been the first to discover Mendel's Law.
 In this world.

 I left it at this minute, thinking that the law of dominant recessiveness would find itself on its own.

 Other than that, a spring-like scene....

 Is it the foreign students?

 They are learning on our farm to become the future leaders of the Devil's Country, Mermaid Country, and Old Human Country.

 No, a lot of couples have been forming for a long time, but the pinkness of love has become even more intense in the spring.......

 It's spring.

''Hey, hey, Litisseus, do you like me?''
You like it?
Ask me if I like it too.
Do you like me, Mr. Ellingia?
'Don't get cocky! There's no way I'm going to like you!
It's not fair to pout at that point in time.
'Oh, no, no, no! I love it!

 The flowers of love are in full bloom.

 In the first place, all living things are born to fall in love, and they are the ones who should fall in love the most at this time.

 That's why it's fine to fall in love, but it's hard to guess what's going on with them when they're so dense.

"Let's be unhappy!

 Finally, some people began to lose their minds to the overly rich color of love.

It's the "Frozen Witch" Puffa.

 It's a good thing that you're not the only one who has the skills to make the world's finest potions.

You're younger than me, and you've never been happier than you are now! This is inexcusable! Songgokphone! I'm going to blow up every bit of sweet air these guys generate and be done with it!
Miss Aisa.

 The free angel Son Gokhon, who had come to play, hurriedly seized Manakanon as he turned to him without hesitation.

''Wah! No, no, no, no, no, no!  What are you doing, Puffa! Sunggokphong shouldn't listen to Pfa in this state either!''
Because...! Because they want to erase these guys from the world even though they can't marry yet.

 But you're also engaged, you know.
 And to Arowana, the prince of the mermaid kingdom.
 If you're his wife, you'll be the queen of mermaids in the future.

Why are you jealous of others when you have such a high rank?
Engagement and marriage are not the same thing! In the case of you, you're too far away to see each other often, which makes it all the more frustrating! I feel like destroying other people's happiness!

Although I say 'only once in a while', didn't you see Prince Arowana here yesterday?
 And he said he'd be back tomorrow.

'Ah! I can't take it anymore! I want to marry you, I want to marry you, I want to marry you! I want to see my master, I want to see him every day, I want to see him every minute of the day.
"Miss, pull yourself together. I'll drink with you to relieve your sorrows.

 Supported by Songgokphong, Pfa headed for the brewery controlled by Bacchus.
 Perhaps he would drink painfully in the daytime and get desperate.

That's a bad trend...
Ugh, Platy?

 Before I knew it, Prathi was standing next to me.
 Junior held her tightly too.

'As for my sister-in-law, I laughed for a while and watched the situation where she wanted to marry me but couldn't and bit her teeth. I'm getting tired of it by now. I can't even be a bait and switch when it gets that painful in the first place.

 It's hard to tell whether he was kind-hearted or devilish.

'As expected, I thought I could marry my older brother after he won the martial arts swimming championships in a row, but I still didn't forgive him,'
'I don't forgive you for that, or rather I feel like I made you woozy, but...?
I was going to drag it out as long as I could, laugh at it, but it got boring quicker than I expected. It's a good idea to sponsor them and show them your gratitude in this situation, all things considered.

 Prati, I say to my future brother and sister-in-law.

 I want to support Prince Arowana and Puffa too. Do we agree on the general policy?

 With that in mind, I've already set my goals for this year.

 This year, I will marry Prince Arowana and Puffa.