412-410 Hammer Song and Tower of Dharma

 This is how I made the building blocks for Junior. He's a good dad.

 But I couldn't get enough of the building blocks, so I wanted to make another one.
 When I saw Junior piling up the stones at Sai-no-kawara (Sai no Kawara River), I remembered that it was a toy similar to that one.

 A toy very similar to that one.
 That is to say.....

"Daruma Drop!

 The toy is a cylindrical stack of pieces that you have to tap and pull out and drop one by one!
 The rule is that if you can beat it to the end without breaking it, it's OK.

 While it may take some time for junior to understand this toy, it's not a bad idea to have it ready for him/her to grow up.

 I've been wanting to play with it for a while now.
 It's a Daruma-drop.

 I used the leftover materials from the building blocks, so I used them to make this.
 I got the paint from Mieraal, and it was completed by coloring each piece gaily.

 This is the otherworldly Dharma doll.

 If you can make it in another world, anything can be 'Other World'.

"Only the face is a tragic result, but...

 It can't be helped.
The "supreme bearer" doesn't work on the artistic side of things, which is appreciated by the viewer!

 Oh well.

 I'll play Daruma himself.

"Right, there you go.

 A hammer strikes the second step from the bottom of the pile of cylindrical pieces.
 With a kerfuffle, the pieces fly out and the top part of the Dharma drops into the empty space.
 It settled in with no problem at all.

''.......Oh no, the 'supreme bearer' has been activated.

 The 'supreme bearer' who draws out the potential of what he has in his hands beyond the highest, will be able to knock out the pieces of the Dharma Drop with just the right amount of force through the mallet he holds.
 Or rather, he can do nothing else.

''I didn't think that the gift given to me by God would have made my body unable to enjoy the Daruma Drop...?

 I did enjoy it, though.
 I beat out all the pieces smoothly and promptly cleared the Daruma Drop.
 Musou, fun.

 But the simple structure of the game makes it easy to get bored. Especially if you have zero difficulty.
 After playing it for a while, I'll keep it until Junior is old enough to play it.


I thought, "What's this? Isn't that food?

 Veerle had already sniffed it out.

 Veerle, who comes in seconds when I make a new dish, was certifying it as an outlier because it wasn't food.
 Originally, he could have appeared when I was making the building blocks, but since he didn't produce any food, his sensors were probably delayed.

 Moreover, eventually the other residents were attracted to it and gathered around.

'Unusually, I thought they were making something other than food, but what's this all about?
Hmmm, a toy?
That's how they're supposed to play it. A wooden mallet goes off to the side.
Oh! What a novelty!
"Daruma-dropping, they call it! It's brilliant!

 Are we really doing that right now?

"Whoa! You blew the whole place up!
Those orcs have a hard time adjusting their strength.
'I don't like chiming in...?

 Daruma-dropping became a big deal on the farm before it became popular among the juniors.
 Orcs, goblins, elves, mermaids, satyrs, earth spirits, and foreign students all became obsessed with gouging out the belly of a daruma.

 Sometimes, I thought it would be nice to have that kind of waiwai waiwai waiwai waiwai waiwai, so I left it at that.
 And a few days later........

    * * * *.

 Things were developing in an unexpected way.

"What is this...?

 In front of me, there were swirling towers lined up in front of me.

 It's about four or five meters in diameter?
 It was such a huge structure, but it wasn't really a building.

 It was a toy.

 A giant toy that rivaled the building.

 Its name was the Gigant Dharma Drop!

''You guys made it...?''

 I look around at the throng of orcs, goblins and elves in disbelief.

 It seems that they were so impressed with the standard Dharma Drop that I created that they copied it many times over, making it the same shape but on a different scale.
 It would be easy to combine the building skills of an orc with the skill of an elf and the versatility of a goblin.

 But there is a difference between what they can do and what they do, which is the same, but separated.

 Why did you do it?
 Why did you actually make it just because you could?

Because it sounds fun, doesn't it?
I thought I'd give it a try and make it the new attraction at Oakborough Castle next year!

 Did you intend for that to happen?

 Anyway, this is the life-size Daruma-dropping game that began.

 The difference is not only in size.
 The top of the giant pieces piled up in the shape of a cylinder was not the face of a Daruma doll, but a person.

 It was a person.

 What a giant Daruma doll with a man on top!

'Hahahahaha! I'm glad you're here to beat me!
I mean, you've lost most of these functions.
'A sense of balance cultivated in the woods! I'm going to show you what the elves are really like!
I haven't been up in a long time.

 From the looks of it, standing at the top of the giant Dharma Drop were Veerle, Prati and Elon.
 And Panu, the satyr.

 I don't know why this choice was made, but the competition started anyway.

 On the ground, the orcs pounded with a wooden mallet the size of a rice cake making machine.
 If the object is large enough, it doesn't matter how strong it is, so the Orcs' movements were like full swing batting.

 Naturally, because the orcs were struck with all their might, it was a circular piece of daruma-dropping, flying through the air with tremendous force.

 The goblins were on the verge of catching the surrounding onlookers as they were about to jump into the air.
 And at the top.

''Ugh! "Kyah! ''Ha!'' Huh...!

 The four women riding on the summit, the upper pieces are pulled down by gravity.
 The impact and shaking is so great that it would normally be difficult to stand.

"Isn't that why...?

 This is the element of victory or defeat in the giant Daruma-dropping game that is not found in the original Daruma-dropping.

 If the person on top couldn't keep their balance and fell on impact, they would fail as well.

 The bottom player quickly punches out the piece, and the top player uses his sense of balance to stay on his feet.
 Is this the essence of this competition?

It's stronger than I thought...? The recoil is going to send me flying...!
"Gubuhuhahahaha, you're only a low life form if you're distracted like this!

 At the top, Veerle was still showing off the dignity of the strongest creature dragon.
 No matter how vigorously it fell, it didn't falter, as if the impact wasn't felt.

''Huh? If your posture is as solid as that, you can drop the piece with a bang at the bottom too!
I'll be the first one to reach the bottom! I'll take the top!

 Did we have a rule about that?
 You can shoot out all the pieces and get the top players to the ground. The fastest one to do so is the winner.

 Well, in that case, the top player's sense of balance is directly related to the winner.
 It's because the bottom can't punch the next piece until the top is stable.
 It's directly related to how fast and slow the pace is.

'But Veerle's stability isn't half bad...!

 He didn't move slightly, as if the impact hadn't been felt at all.
 This would allow the riders below to continue hitting at a high pace and easily pull away from the rest of the field.

 As expected of Veerle.
 The dragon is always flying in the air, so does that mean he has a good sense of balance in the air!
 It's like we're really floating!

...Oh, wait a minute?

 Doesn't that Viel guy really float?
 The same levitation magic that is used when flying in dragon form is also used in the human version.

It's not fair! I can't feel the vibrations coming through if I do that!
Wow, I've been found out!

 I got caught up in the spotlight because I was carelessly running at the front of the pack.
 Veerle is disqualified for violating the rules.

 The first other person to reach the ground and win the top crown was not Prati or Aileron, but Panu the satyr.
 She was a dark horse, but as a goat-beast, she was able to traverse the roughest terrain in the mountains and could climb vertical cliffs with ease.

 Her sense of balance was also the best on the farm.

 This is how a new kind of fun was born on the farm.
 It's a new way to have fun on a farm, and it's sure to spread to the rest of the world.