413-411 Spring international students

 Hello, my name is Lytesseus of the human race.

 It's been a long time since I moved to the farm of a saint for training and study.
 Now that the winter is over and a new year has begun, we are still doing what we do.

 During the winter months, we helped with the exposition, helped with and participated in the Aukbo Castle, and took part in putting down the rebellion.

 We were also involved in putting down the rebellion.
 I was one of the people who was thrown inside the Citadel Merkaide by a human catapult.

 I was the first to tell them to use me as bait to rescue the hostages.
 I wanted to fight with my buddy Eringire, and before I knew it, a separate team rescued the hostages and we won.

 So, in the spring, the festivities outside ended and we returned to the farm again.
 Now the farm is more like a family home again, but that doesn't make me feel safe.
 There is no one place where we can feel safe on the farm of the saint who surpasses all common sense.

 Especially for us foreign students, we were terribly afraid of the dawn of winter.

 In the spring, they would wake up.
 The ones most feared by us international students will wake up.

 And indeed they did.
 Today we are going to be overrun by them.

    * * * *

Long time no see!
We've returned!
I love you, sir!

 Spirits of the earth.
 For some reason, the spirits of the earth, which are supposed to be one with nature and formless, have become materialized on the farm.
 It's not enough for them, they start cleaning up.
 They say that's their mission given to them by the saints or something.

 And it seems that the area they clean includes the dormitory we live in...!

You guys aren't flipping out!
Now that we've returned, we're all free to live happily ever after!
There is not a speck of dust in the sky!

 And you're cleaning our room without even asking?
 You know what? What's wrong with that? Because?
 I thought it would be rather nice if they would be organized.

 That's a sweet, sweet idea.

'Let's get on with it!
I'm going to pick up your freshly mopped up pants.
We'll find out what's underneath.

 And without reservation, our private parts are invaded.
 There is no sanctuary! Everything is laid bare and exposed.

Wait a minute! Don't touch that part! I'll clean it up myself! I'll do it, ah!

 !" one of the students begged.

"I can't listen to you!
You will not find a rage.
There's no jibes!
I want you to do a thorough search underneath those belly buttons!

 It's like.
 It violates the secret realm of teenage boys, who are much more impressionable and sensitive than people around them think.

"I'm going to find out what's underneath the bed!

 Actually, these earth spirits hadn't been around for a while because they were not allowed to work during the winter months.
 I'm sure you'll be able to find a great deal more than you need to know about this.
 The timing of the attack was so unbearable!

 These spirits of the earth are our invaders!

Well, why bother, boys?
The spirits are coming to visit me, and I'm crying and screaming.

 That is, the girl students!
 In the meantime, the farm's dormitories are divided between men and women, but you can come and go as you please!

''What's so sad about meeting such cute little spirits?
'Hey, cute! I've missed you all winter!

 The girls pick up the spirits and hold them up.

 When they materialize, they look like cute little girls and are small and tumble.
 They are small and rollable, and their reactions are honest.

 That's why they're so popular among female students who like cute things, and whenever I see them, they end up being adored.

She's so cute!
"Cute, wow, wow, wow!

 A strange voice peculiar to girls.
 Why do girls lose control over cute things?

 On the other hand, the adorable spirits wriggled out of the girls' restraints and paper-thin embrace, wriggling away from the girls.

 They leapt from their chests and did a double spin in the air before landing.

It's Okizukimuyo!
We have the shame! I won't even look at it until it's done!
We'll catch up later.

 The spirits don't interrupt their work to play.
 That job is to trample our sanctuary of cleaning.

I'm serious.
So cute!
I'll see you later! You're gonna be cleaning our dormitory, right?
I'll have snacks waiting for you.

 Thus, the girls returned to their rooms to get ready to welcome the spirits and others.

 Why, well, the girls don't have an eye for something so cute.

 In order to escape from the reality of being overrun by the spirits, I decided to think about it.

 I'm a bit of a genie of the earth, but the girls are very fond of Porgy and his friends.

 Porgy and his friends are dogs that live on the farm and are actually some kind of wolf-type monsters, but I don't know much about them.

 Dogs are cute.
 To the girls, that's all they need.
 I often see girls petting Porgy and his friends before or after class.

 Porgy and his friends look confused, but they accept it with a resigned expression.

 Incidentally, Porgy is also popular with the boys, and they are happy to come over to us when we call them.
 Is it because they know exactly what part to stroke and how to moderate it?

We've found them! I found a wicked thing!

 And the Yoshamo's.

 The Yoshamo, which is a bird-shaped monster and is kept on the farm to get eggs, also has a niche fan base that tries to pick them up at every turn.
 A female fan.

 However, the Yoshamo are belligerent by nature and will inevitably attack you if you get close enough.
 I've often seen him try to pick her up and get kicked back, but recently I've seen him finally succeed in picking her up in yet another situation.

'A girl's obsession with cute things, it's amazing...'

 I looked up at the blue sky through the window and thought, "I found a kosuprei-sho!

I have found a kosuprei prize!
It's a time to piss off your girlfriend!

 With the wailing of the men who had been exposed for what they absolutely did not want others to see, I was beginning to think that it was time to report to the saint and let him rule the place.

 I understand.
 It's not the spirits' fault.

 It's Dr. Carp, the mermaid, who is instructing those girls to uproot the man's treasure.
 A saint of higher rank must intercede because he understands the vexation of men's emotions.
 I'm sure he does.

 I suppose so, but I'm getting quite parched inside.

 A cat.
 I noticed that the cat had slipped up to my feet.

 Oh, speaking of cute, little girls are cute and dogs are cute too.
 But cats are pretty cute too.

 Stroking the cat's supple body somehow soothed my heart.
 I guess cute things have a soothing effect on people's hearts after all.

 Aww, it's so cute.
 Cat-chan is cute.

 Oh, did we have cats on the farm?

 No, look, there are cats everywhere.

 Aww, cats are cute.