415-413 Supreme King of Immortality

"Sneeze, don't let them know you're here.

 The cat shattered!
 The cat!

"Calm down, Your Holiness, that's no ordinary cat.
"It borrows the body of a cat, but the astral body in which it resides is not the same as that of an eagle. Like an eagle.

 You're like your teacher.
 You mean...?

"A No-Life King like me. I'm the oldest of all the No-Life Kings.

 Dr. No-Life King?
 That's what this cat is!

I am no more than a little over a thousand years old compared to this one. I'm only a little over 1,000 years old compared to this guy. I've learned everything I need to know in my eternal life, and yet I still use the body of a cat to roam the world in search of knowledge. That is the way to be a doctor.
Oh, no!

 He's so cute! He's just like his teacher inside, even though he fawns over people all the time.
 So he's a hawkish grandfather?
 Isn't that a scam?

I'm not a swindle, I'm a cute cat.
"Cats have the right to be loved.

 He wags his tail and thumps the floor while lying down.
 That arrogant attitude is just like a cat's!

But how did the No-Life King turn into a cat?
I'm not transformed. "I didn't transform, that cat's body is a real cat. That cat's body is that of a real cat, and not the body of a doctor.

 The doctor explained on his behalf.

The doctor's main body is still stored deep in the headquarters dungeon. The doctor is possessed by a cat, sending its astral body flying because of that 'main body'.
The No-Life King's body is a hybrid of body and astral body, so it shouldn't deteriorate over time, but after 4,000 years of moving it, it's going to get old. I thought, "Well, it's going to die out if I don't move it," so I kept it intact and used the cats' bodies instead.
"I've wanted to think about it for a while now, but why the cat?
"Cats are cute!
"Cute, but...?

 Oh my God.
 It was the cat that appeared on the farm, the No Life King.

 I thought it was odd that I saw him on a farm where cats were not supposed to be present, but I didn't think it was a good idea.
 I didn't know there was such a great cat in the farm.

 The No Life King, one of the world's worst disasters!
 And the most awesome of them all!

Yes, I am one of the Three Sages and One Fool, the most powerful of all the No-Life Kings. I'm the No-Life King with the longest life expectancy of all of them.
You're the doctor who came up with that weird title, aren't you?
'I put you among the "Three Sages". You'll be glad you did. The criterion for selection is that you must be able to win with a Geyser Dragon and a tern.

 One of these awesome no-life kings comes to our farm!
 What's the farthest thing from cute and tense about cats?

"There's no need to be afraid. "Don't be afraid, this guy's foundation is definitely cats.

 Through the mouth of a cat, says the doctor?

I'm connected to cats all over the world through the astral network I've built through my years of magical research. I'm connected to cats all over the world through the astral network I've built up through my years of magical research, and I share my senses by borrowing their bodies whenever and wherever I need them. Thanks to this, we can observe any event in the world in real time.
But can you perceive that much with your cat's sensory organs?
It's going to be okay. The eyes, ears, nose and whiskers of a cat are much more efficient than those of humans.

 The doctor said, "Except for the tongue, though.

I'm not trying to override your personality, or even your cat's. I won't do anything that would bother the cats.

 But then the doctor starts licking his own paws.

 It's true, it's a cat.
 He can't concentrate for a second and grooms himself.

 But now we know what the No-Life King is.
 It's an oddity among the ultimate transcendent No-Life King.

 He uses only his spirit body, away from his decaying body, and inhabits a specific animal on earth.
 From the doctor's description, I assume that he can possess every cat in the world, and that every cat in the world is his eyes and ears.

 If such a thing is possible, there is nothing he cannot know in the world.
 Even though his original body had decayed to the point where it could no longer be used, he still came up with such a crazy idea.

'It's pretty amazing that a No Life King's body can live long enough to decay...?

 Prathi said with a shudder.

''Nya, it's not such a bad thing, since I was able to live in a cat's body thanks to you. I wanted to be a cat at least once in my life.
"Maybe in 2,000 years, I'll try it myself.

 The doctor said so, and two (one and one?) There was a huge laugh during the

 No Life King joke.
 It's too transcendent for me to laugh at!

''........So what does the doctor want at the saint-sama's farm?''

 'What are you talking about?' the doctor asked.

'What are you talking about? The teacher introduced me to this place. I told him it sounded interesting and that I was going to observe.
'I did say that in the Mana newsletter, but that was a couple of years ago. Why now?'
"What do you mean by that, No. 2? A year or two isn't much of a margin of error for a No-Life King.
"Come to think of it, that's true. You've been spending so much time with the living lately that you've lost your temper.
"This is proof of your youth. Chitose is still full of energy.

 Another Transcendentalist joke!

Does that mean that...? This monster cat was visited by a teacher?
I'm sorry. It's only a matter of time before he finds out about this place, and I thought it would be better to tell you than to be accused of not telling you later.

 It's like being a junior to such a bitter senior....
 Is that what the doctor would be, a no life king called Dr.?

He has an insatiable appetite for knowledge. Four thousand years after becoming the No-Life King, he is still in search of new knowledge. That's why he's possessed by cats, everywhere in the world.
It's an important condition to be near mankind in order to gain knowledge. Cats and dogs are the most natural people to be with mankind. And cats are the only ones who can climb on top of the table and not be scolded.

 You know how we get angry in our house, right?

The world is always full of new knowledge. Some no-life kings feel like they've learned everything in just a few hundred years, but they've reached their limits. The world is always new, as long as you have a fresh mind. That's what immortality is all about!

 The cat...!
 The cat said something significant.

This farm is very interesting. Even if you hadn't introduced me to the farm, I would have noticed it and visited it. You're not to blame.
I don't blame you...?
Besides, if you want to keep this a secret, you're not thinking straight these days. You've done some pretty spectacular things in both demon and human countries.

 Are you talking about the Farm Fair and Castle Okubo...?
 Is that part of the point you're making?

"Don't worry, I'm not as tactless as the gods in the sky. "Don't worry, I'm not as tactless as the gods in the sky.
So you're saying you won't overreach on the farm?
"I am an observer. "I just stare at them in silence.

 The No Life King stretched out in the form of a cat.
 He looked like a soothing cat itself.

''What do you think, do you want to get rid of me?
"...No, if you say there's no danger, I know the doctor and I can't be indefensible. Stay as long as you like.

 Cute little cat.
 It's a bargain just to be there.
 If such a cat would come to live with us from over there, it would be OK.

 Even though we already have Porgy and his friends on our farm.
 It's great to have a cat in addition to a dog!

 Well, I dare say there's a problem....

'Wow, it's a cat!
'It's so cute!

 The spirits of the earth noticed the cats' presence.
 They too seemed to love the cuteness of cats, and they instantly swarmed around them.

''They are so cute, so cute!''
Stroke it!
"Stroking his belly! Stroking your head!
You will pick your chin up!
He pats his tummy!
Grab the tail!
You will turn your ears upside down!
You must plug the hole in your nose!
As soon as he yawns, he pulls his thumb out of his mouth.

 Do whatever you want.
 It was standard behavior for children in front of a cat.


 Surrounded by them, Dr.

Oh, he's gone!
Neco has escaped!

 A cat's natural enemy, a child.
 They don't know how to take it easy because they are young, and they chase you because they are cute.
 It's a complete thank you nuisance to cats.

It's not a good idea to go after them. I hate children! Hey! Go away eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.''

 Technically, I'm a spirit and not a child.

 Even the Supreme No-Life King's doctor had only one weakness.
 Because he's a cat.
 I'm not good with children.