416-414 Life with a cat

 That's how the cat took up residence on our farm.
 The No Life King, to be exact.

He is one of the strongest No-Life Kings called "Three Wise and One Fool", and he is also the oldest of them all at four thousand years old.
 He is even longer than even the doctor.

 But in reality, he is a cat.
 The cat is taking a nap in a sunny place.

 A dog was watching him. It was a wolf-shaped monster, Porgy.
 It had a very melancholy expression.


 I, who couldn't see it, called out to him.

The pile of hay is for Porgy, so I'd appreciate it if you don't invade it.
'It's a comfortable place to sleep. "It's a comfortable place to sleep. It's animal nature for the strongest to take the top spot.

 Porgy looked up at me with more and more sadness in his eyes.

 A dog that loses its bed to a cat.
 This happens all the time.

We'll make a better bed for you, how about this one...?
I'll tell you when I've finished your new bunk.

 You cat...!
 If you're going to act like that, we're going to have to take the last resort, too!

'Ooh! All the spirits of the earth! There's a cat in here!

 I know your weaknesses!
 Expose yourself to the adorableness of a child who doesn't know how to add or subtract!

 And the spirits of the earth come.

''Let's kill them!
Let the cat die.
"It's time to get out of here!

 Huh? Is the death toll thicker than you thought?
 As for me, I was planning on making him tired of being cute and cuddly, but isn't the response too much more destructive than before?

We've realized that!
I've noticed!
The cat breaks the house!

 Without stopping to chase the doctor around, the spirits say

"Scratch the wall!
You must break the alarm!
You will spread the evil around!
They were all over the place!
I won't allow you to hurt the house!

 The job I gave the spirits as the master of the farm was to clean the house.

 They sweep and rinse the house day and night to keep it clean.
 To those children, the cat is a grudge enemy of the house by its very existence.

 The other day I was dazzled by the cat's cuteness and lost sight of it, but I guess I took the time to notice it!

The cat is going to be kicked out!
I won't forgive you!

 The spirit of the earth chasing the cat around.
 They really don't know their limits when they turn on a switch.......?

 The last time a high level spirit, Arakune, came in, they were beating up on her for exterminating vermin, and now she's the highest level No Life King.


"Wait, everyone...!

 He interrupts the cat and the spirits.

'Doku no Sugosujin-sama!
I can't kill it!
Kokijin, kill the cat!

 No, it's you guys who are trying to kill it.

 In order to appease these excited spirits, we must persuade them with the feeling of treading on thin ice.

''I understand how you guys feel. It's true that cats can make your house dirty and hurt you.

 I guess that's the fate of pet ownership.
 If we want our pets to heal us, we have to come to terms with the problem somewhere.

 But right now, the spirits of the earth are in the position of 'scavengers' and look at cats from that perspective alone.
 Persuasion that appeals to their emotions will not work.

 So, we decided to try a different approach.

"But cats are useful!
What's going on?

 OK.... the spirits are biting!

'What the cat would benefit the house. It's ... catching mice!
"[? !"]

 The spirits' expressions changed.
 They were shocked, as if they had been struck by lightning.

''That's right! That's right!
A rat is a terrible thing to be a cat.
Nibbling at the bare bottom!
It's time to eat the food!
''We are going to spread the plague around... ugh!

 The spirits, their hate for rats is more than cats.
 But how do these guys know so much about things, how do they know about the plague?

It's the cat that kills the mouse!
Cats are good!
''Whether it's a white cat or a crawly cat, a cat that takes mice is a good cat... ugh!

 The spirit's feelings towards the cat changed to the exact opposite.

''Cat, it's a big deal!
It's so cute!

 To praise the cats, they raised their bodies up, but this was a great annoyance to the cats.
 After raising and lowering the cat for a moment, the spirits, satisfied for a moment, went back to their work.

They're in a hurry to antagonize and welcome each other...?

 The remaining doctor wasn't much different from his tossed around pet, who had been tossed around too much.

The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that it's not a bad idea to have a good time.
"It's just as saintly as you said it would be. That's quite a curvy one...?

 The doctor reluctantly surrendered the bed, and Porgy jumped into the empty seat, delighted that he was the original occupant.
 ........But Porgy should show a little spirit to try to manage on his own.

''Don't you have any pride in being a dog?''
It's a wolf monster!

 What's more.

So, doctor, shall we put you to work as we promised?
What are you talking about? You're the one who has to work for a promise. I'm going to make my own bed. It has to be cool in summer and warm in winter, with just the right amount of space. Not too small and not too big.
You have some things to do first, don't you?

 They say they get rid of the rats in the house.
 That's how you contribute to the farm, though, and that's why you've been given the genies' blessing.

'Everyone does some kind of work if they live on the farm. 'Veal is enough not to work' is my motto!

 Some say that the pretty ones are contributing enough, but this is the time to do it.

'Let's catch a rat and see how qualified you are to be kept on the farm!

 The rats outside were fine because Porgy and his friends would come to suck on them, but as expected, they couldn't get indoors.

 It is indeed a problem to prevent rats lurking in the ceiling or under the porch.
 But if the cats can do something about it, I hope they can!


 But Dr. Brennan refused to play along.

I'm an elegant house cat. I'm an elegant house cat, and I'm proud of not working. I'm just grateful to be able to flatter them.
'I see.
"All right! We'll catch the rats! I'll hunt all of them, even if it takes 100,000!

 You just have to be honest from the start.

"Oh dear, I don't have a choice.

 The doctor's cat eyes stare at our main house.


 Then I cast what looked like an incantation, and instantly bot bot multiple things fell in front of me.
 It was a rat.

 Several dead rats.

''There are fewer than I thought? I've already gotten rid of it.
'Come to think of it, Prati regularly sets traps...?
"So I didn't have to do anything about it? But I've done my duty. Next time, you'll do your duty and make your bed.
Hey, hey...! But first, what the hell did you just do?
"Magical Meow.

 It's a cat that comes up to me and says nothing.

It's an anti-dungeon interception spell developed about 3,000 years ago. The spell kills any life forms that match the specified area setting. It's convenient because you can set the range and target conditions as you like.

 So he killed all the rats lurking in the main house and moved them around in a momentary shift...?

 ...I realized.
 After all, this cat wasn't just a cat.
 It had mastered magical wisdom that rivaled even the teacher's.

 He was an immortal high king.