419-417 Gonkotsu Ramen

 This is how we all tasted the finished ramen.
 There are no ingredients.
 It was a trial product.
 To begin with, we haven't developed any ingredients for the ramen, such as chashu, pickled bamboo shoots, boiled egg, and bean sprouts.
 The ramen is likely to be an opportunity for development.

 For now, at least sprinkle some chopped scallions on top...


 Me, Veerle and Prathi try to eat it all at once.
 Churp churp churp churp churp....


 Veerle shouted first.

'Good one, master! At first I thought it was an udon patty, but this is unique! Especially not the juice! You've taken your time!

 It was a big hit.

Hmm, I like my udon noodles to be light and simple, but...?

 Prathi said as she made a mini ramen on the accompanying spoon.
 'I knew women had to make mini ramen noodles to feel good about themselves!

''I think some of them will like this one. .....................Gyaa Junior! You're not ready for this food! Go drink your mommy's titties!

 A rare example of abuse not becoming abuse.
 He managed to quiet Junior down as he reached for the ramen, and the ramen was a great success.

''Now we have a new trump card against that bean lady. ........But! It's a third-rate thing to do to cut loose on this!


I'm going to make even more changes to the master's ramen creation and create my own ultimate ramen! If you do that, you'll never be beaten by a bean girl and feather woman again!

 They say that too much is better than too little, right?

'I just had an idea that came to me while I was boiling the bones of a wild boar! Let's get on with it!
'What? Where are you going?

 I drank every single drop to the soup, and Veal ran out.
 I can't leave her alone, so I follow her.


 Prati stayed behind with Junior.
 You wash the bowl.

    * * * *

 Viel visited the brewery.
 Demigod Bacchus is in charge, a place where all kinds of drinks are produced.

'Why is Veerle here...?

 What does liquor and ramen have to do with it?

 Regardless of my doubts, Veerle pushes his way through the brewery and ends up at the far end.
 He kicks the liquor bottle there with a kick.

"Now is the time to wake up!
"What is it? What's that?

 A voice came from inside a sake bottle!

 It was particularly large among the sake bottles lined up inside the brewery, large enough to hold several people.
 A huge lizard floating inside the liquid that looks like sake.
 No, a dragon.

''Is this........?''

 I remembered.
 This thing is Grinzel's dragon Seedle!
 That's the dragon that came to the farm some time ago!

"Oh dear, Veerle, it's been a long time. You haven't seen me lately?
I'd forgotten all about you, but now I remember!

 Almost all dragons in existence are brothers and sisters.

 This Seadr and Veerle are like sisters to me.
 It's hard to understand why they're immersed in alcohol....

''There's another good brew maturing today. The dragon extract seeping out of me is the most delicious liquor you've ever tasted.

 It's hard to understand when it's explained to me.
 In short, it's like hub wine. It's hard to understand.

'He doesn't want you to wake up too much. I just want to breathe quietly and quietly until your father's successor is chosen.'
'Father would have defeated you long ago. Now Ardheg is the new Geyser Dragon.

 A startled, astonished drink bottle dragon.

"What's that? I've never heard of that before! Why doesn't anyone tell me that?
Forget it. I've got a new job. I've got a new job for you, so just get out of the bottle!

 Viel pulled his sister dragon out of the liquor bottle with a forcefulness that only a dragon can muster.
 Then he took her out of the brewery.


 The only thing left in that thing was a giant bottle of sake that only contained genuine sake. That liquor is full of the essence of the female dragon that was there a while ago....

''No way........?''

 What is Veerle trying to do? I'm beginning to understand what it is.

    * * * *.

Whew, the water is nice.

 My hunch was correct.
 It was a bad premonition, though.

 The dragon, Seadr, fresh out of the liquor bottle, was now being cooked in a pot.
 In a huge pot.

"I didn't think it was possible, but...?

 The viel must have been inspired by the pork bone soup.
 They're not using pork bones, but rather dragons to make ramen soup?

"The dragon that stands at the top of all living things! The soup from that dragon is supposed to be the best! Now we can definitely beat the bean girl and feather girl!
Haha, Sister Veerle thinks weird thoughts every time, don't she?

 This person being cooked-you said Mr. Seedle?
 She transformed from dragon form to human form when she was boiled, and fit perfectly into a giant pot that was just enough to hold one person.

 From there, it was hung over a direct fire, or perhaps it had the look of a drum bath.
 However, the water surface of the pot was bubbling and boiling, just like a bath from hell.

The water is very hot. I've been soaking in lukewarm water until now. It's a nice gap between hot and cold.

 If it were a hot water commercial, the temperature would be too dangerous to be offended by, but for the dragon, it's no different than lukewarm water.
 It's supposed to be a bathing scene with a humanized, s*xy and buxom Seadr, but it doesn't have any s*xuality to it.

When the soup comes out, season it. Add the onions.
So this is what you call bath salts! It's going to do wonders for your skin!

 While listening to the various misaligned exchanges, I left it alone, thinking that the dragons wouldn't stop when I stopped them.

 Returning to the main house, I served the ramen noodles in the tonkotsu soup that I had taken from the horned boar earlier to the residents who had gathered for the ramen.

 It's an annual event when the new dishes are ready.

 After some time had passed since the tonkotsu ramen was finished with great success, I went to look at the ville again.

    * * * *

It's done, master!

 They say it's finished.

 In the bowl that Veerle presents to me, the noodles floating in the broth with some kind of divine brilliance that I've never imagined.

'This is the ultimate dragon ramen! No, it's the dragon version of tonkotsu ramen, so it's dragon kotsu ramen. ........Gong Kotsu Ramen for short!

 Don't come trying to fold it up.

''I'm honored to be able to help you, Veerle-sister!

 Ms. Seadul still felt like a hot spring beauty, immersing herself in a hot pot with a drum bath.
 Did you move your residence from the liquor bottle to the pot?

Come on, master! Well, you'd better get out there and try it now! Me and Seadr's joint ramen!

 Well, listen to me.
 Why do you think I refuse to sample the food?

 Didn't we do a similar thing when we made Dragon Wine before?
 Do you remember what the creator, Bacchus, said to me when I tasted it?

''Drinking too much alcohol with dragon extracts is very powerful and will make you immortal.

 ...because I'm not!

'It's easy to imagine that the broth from the dragon is similar! It's too dangerous to eat!

 As I pointed out, Veerle put down his gonkotsu noodle and fell off his lap.

''Well I thought that was the case halfway through, too.
You'll stop when you find out.

 Why do we push on to the end?

 In the end, the gonkotsu ramen was consumed alone by Veer, who was able to accept the benefits of the ramen as a kindred spirit.