420-418 New Emperor Development Report No. 4 Ryu Teijō Completed

 My name is Ardheg.
 I am the new Dragon Emperor.

 It's been several months since I took over the title of Dragon Emperor Gaiser Dragon.

 How have I been spending that time?

    * * * *

"...not again.

 Along with my father's cruel judgment, I also realized that I had failed in my attempt.

 Building the Dragon Emperor's Castle.
 I had yet to accomplish the first task I needed to tackle as a Geyser Dragon.

 For the sake of convenience, the topmost dragon, the Geyser Dragon, is allowed to have an advantage over other dragons in all matters.
 Creating the Dragon Emperor's Castle was one of them.

 Dragons usually own dungeons as their own dwelling places, but Gaither Dragons create their own dungeons to live in.

 They materialize the powerful mana emitted by the Dragon King and turn it into a dungeon.
 He is a powerful dragon by nature, but only the Geyser Dragon can create dungeons by himself.

 This is a castle-type dungeon that only the dragon emperor is allowed to create, and it is his own private dungeon.
 That is the Dragon Emperor's Castle.

 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this in the future.

 Since I had inherited the throne, I thought that I should follow in the footsteps of my predecessors, and so I set about building the Dragon Emperor's Castle.
 I'll build my own beautiful castle!
 Now that a few months have passed........

 ........it's not done yet.

'You're making progress, aren't you? ...well, it's getting better, compared to the first time?

 Follow up with your father, the previous Geyser Dragon.
 The fact that your father, who was arrogant and insolent, is taking care of you is unbearable.

But he's still small, right?

 The aspect of the Dragon Emperor's Castle that was materialized by my own ejected mana, which was erected in front of me, was... small.
 It's small.

 It's a decent size, I guess.
 Compared to the first one I built, as father said.

 Even so, if we apply it to the standards of the ningen group, it's as big as a common class would use to live alone?
 If we dare to call it a barn, it's a barn.

 That's the kind of atmosphere the Dragon Emperor's Castle had.

'I guess I don't have enough images. The amount of mana is sufficient, but if you don't have a clear image of how to materialize that mana, it won't take shape.

 My imagination is a bit of a dick.
 I can only realise a barn as far as the barn is concerned with my imagination, but when it comes to a huge castle, it's too big for me to keep up with the details.
 That's why it's impossible to materialize it, isn't it?

"This is the result of your hard work for the past few months?

 The first Dragon Emperor's Castle that he had created was a shack that was far from even this one.
 If only we could compare it to that, we might have made progress.

 However, the fact that it was not up to the required standard has not changed now or in the past.
 It's not enough at all.

''........Am I still not talented enough for the emperor's dragon......?
'Ohhhh..., you're dejected again! Come on, don't lose! Live life to the fullest!

 Your father encourages you to collapse at your own inadequacy.
 Lately, this has been happening all over again.

'.........you are a pathetic emperor........'

 That's what the other character here says. ................Dragon stuff?
 Anyway, it was Sister Bloody Mary who was with me anyway.

''It's incompetent to take so much time and effort to build a single Dragon Emperor's Castle. The fact that such a useless dragon is the representative of all dragons is nothing short of humiliating.

 Sister Marie was originally the second most talented of all dragons and was most vigorously aiming to become the next Geyser Dragon.

 That's probably why it's so hard to forgive a small boy like me for being appointed as the emperor's dragon for some reason.
 I'm sure it's not the first time he's ever come to my home, the planned site of the Dragon Emperor's City, to complain to me.

It's not a good idea to have a good time with your friends. You are lucky. I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this in the future.

 She was right.

 I just got lucky and became a Geyser Dragon.

 It's a good thing that you're able to defeat your father when he was active, because of the cooperation of his friends, and then the far more powerful Alexander and Veerle stepped aside, which allowed me to take over the position of his successor.
You can't help but feel like you were "forced" into it.

"I'm not worthy of being a Geyser Dragon after all!
"Oh, not again...?

 I'm sure you'll be able to find out more about this in the future.

I'm sure you'll be able to find it. I'm sure you've heard that Ardheg's guy is notoriously vulnerable. In the dragon world, tsundere is still uncharted territory, you know?''
"What's with the tsundere?
"I visited the saints the other day, and they told me. I told him about your behavior, and he said, 'Oh, you're just being charming.'
"So what is tsundere?

 I'm crying out in despair and they're arguing about tsundere, but they don't seem to be paying attention to me at all!

 Am I even worth bothering with?
 Never mind! If this happens, I'll go down in history as the weakest Geyser Dragon ever!

'Oh, it's a pain in the ass. Marie, comfort him.
"Why me?
You're the one who made me cry. It's a good time to be nice to them, and if you're nice to them now, they'll like you a lot. The delinquency after a twang is double the power of the gap effect.'
"Is that...?

 Oh, I don't feel like doing anything.
 Maybe I should stop acting like a geyser dragon and go back to being a normal dragon? And I was thinking momentarily....

"Hey, do you have a minute?

 Yes, sister Marie?
 I'm helpless right now. If you're going to curse again, please do it another time.

'Don't be so unfaithful. 'Don't be so unfaithful, you're acting like a nice enough Geyser Dragon. A fine one.'

 Don't say that again.
 That's a prelude to raising and dropping your sister Marie's kind words to you, isn't it?
 I'm not fooled.

''That's rough...?
'What's the matter with you that you can't at least build the Dragon Emperor's Castle! You're just a little clumsy, that's all. It's okay to have at least one generation of Geyser Dragons that didn't have a place to live among the many generations of Geyser Dragons.''
What do you think about that...?

 If you think about it, it's an amazing sight for your father to take the initiative to be the comedian.
 It's just that he's a previous generation Geyser Dragon, you know.

"If Ardhegg really wants to find a place to live, he can come to my dungeon!
My dungeon, the Black Widow's Mountain, is one of the most magnificent dungeons in the world, both in terms of size and interior design! It's as good a place as any for a Geyser Dragon to live!''
What's this guy talking about?
"All dragons are subject to the Geyser Dragon! If you want it, you'll have to offer it up as your own dungeon! 
"Hey, if you're going to play a sophomoric game, finish it. Don't indulge in delusions on the way.

 Sister Mary and Father were having a discussion, and then....
 We have a new visitor.

 Prince Arowana of the mermaid race.

"Lord Ardhegg! It's been a while!
Lord Arowana!

 Prince Arowana and Prince Arowana are best friends beyond their species.
 He and Prince Arowana are best friends beyond the borders of their own race, and they are also the best of friends who stood up to and defeated their father when they were both in the service.

 Even after I inherited the Geyser Dragon, he still comes to visit me from time to time.
 They transform into their human form to suit their opponent and give each other a massive friendship hug.

Don't be jealous of your husband's friendships, either.

 Marie's sister and father also transformed into human form together.

 But it's a problem.
 Even though I've welcomed my friend Prince Arowana, the castle I'm supposed to entertain him in is not yet complete.

 I'm not very good at imagining things!
 Even though the dragon has enough power!

'I see... Doesn't that mean that Lord Ardhaeg is unable to embody the image of the palace because it is lacking?


'Then why don't we use my mermaid's palace as a model to clarify the image? You will remember Lord Ardhegh well as he has come to visit you many times, won't you?

 I see.
 As you said, I remembered the palace of the mermaid royalty where Prince Arowana lived, and I embodied the Dragon Emperor's Castle.

 That's it.

 It's a little bit of a mermaid flavored design, but it's a huge structure that's big enough to be a castle!

'Great! With just one piece of advice from Prince Arowana, the Dragon Emperor's Castle has been completed!
No, it's Lord Ardhegg, the Dragon King!

 Such precise and concise advice, as expected of the future king of the mermaid race!

 By the way, Sister Marie stared at Prince Arowana's back with an abhorrent look in her eyes.