421-419 New Emperor's Development Report Part 5 Ramen Invasion

 My name is Ardheg.
 Prince Arowana is my best friend.

 I may be a dragon and Prince Arowana is a mermaid, but the bond that we share in our travels and our joys and sorrows is more than just a matter of race.

 Above all, Prince Arowana is a hero.

 When I was a mere dragon, I was given the task of finding a champion who is not a hero, or a hero who is not a champion, in order to succeed Gaiser Dragon.
 It was for this reason that they turned to the English-minded Prince Arowana, but in conclusion, he was a 'Hero and Champion'.

 Even though he fought alongside me, the dragon, he defeated Father Gaiser Dragon, even though he was a human being.

 This is truly the work of a hero.
 And since he was a mermaid royalty, he would later ascend the throne and become the Mermaid King.

 I am truly honored to be on such good terms with Prince Arowana.

 Some dragons look down on humans as a lowly race, but I disagree.

 That's not what I think.

Sister? Sister Marie....?

 Your sister doesn't stop glaring at Prince Arowana.

'Our life together.... our love nest...! At the advice of a lowly mermaid race........

 It's rude by all accounts to bite your nails in silence and shoot your guest an arrow-like gaze.

''Don't do it, sister! How dare you disrespect the prince!
No, have I done you any disservice? I'm sorry, I don't know much about the etiquette of dragons...?

 I and Prince Arowana were puzzled, while my father, who was watching from the side, was in human form...

"Nothing is going to happen with the two of us together, Park Nenin...!

 ........he said something incomprehensible.

 Anyway, the current me, Sister Marie and Father have transformed from their dragon form to human form to accommodate the guest, Arowana.

 Now that Prince Arowana has come to visit, the Dragon Emperor's Castle is complete.
 I'd like to host a banquet for our guests inside, but...

Oh yes. They're here!


 Who on earth has come?

 This is Sister Veerle.

 One of the Grinzel dragons who live in the farm of the Hall of Saints.
 And what brings him here?

Huh? Veerle...?

 Once Marie recognized Sister Veerle, she hid behind my back.

 I'm sure you'll remember the last time you were beaten by Veerle.
 I'm sure the memories of that time will come back to you as a nightmare.

You just showed up at my place again, with no warning. What's going on?
'Huh? What are you doing here? No dragon is going to make an appointment to come to visit humans. That's the freedom of a dragon!

 It was.
 I'm sorry, Prince Arowana. There's no such thing as politeness in the dragon's dictionary.

So, what are you seriously doing here? I don't know, I mean....

 The reason I was curious about the errand that Sister Veerle had visited me so far was because I was curious about the mysterious object that she had dragged in.

 What is that?
 A shed?

 There is just enough hut for one Ningen to fit in. And it's not just a hut. It had wheels on both sides so that it could be easily moved by pulling.
 It's the same as it was when Veerle's sister, who transformed into a human being, literally pulled it up here.

 I'm not sure I'm going to be able to find out what's going on, but I'm going to be able to find out.

You are curious about it? This one's bothering you, isn't it? It's called a food truck!

 It's not as if Sister Veerle wanted to show off her stall, but she was really proud of it.

If you want to serve ramen outside, this is the must-have item, master made it for us! With this, Ramen Stall Veerle-Tei has struck!
What's ramen?

 I don't understand the explanation of words I don't understand by using words I don't understand?

 But if the saint's house is behind this strange view, it makes sense.
 That human being only does things that we can't even imagine.

If the Saints are involved, I can't help but feel confused.

 Prince Arowana thinks so too, since he's known the High Priest a lot longer than I have.

 Never mind.

So, what kind of ramen is this? And what is your sister Veerle really doing here?
It's a slow dragon, isn't it? If I'm the one who pulled the stall, then I'll have no choice but to serve you ramen.

 I don't know.
 I don't know what ramen is in the first place, because I don't know what ramen is.

You don't even know what ramen is, that's a poor insight! A picture is worth a thousand words, you can't catch a tiger in a thousand words. Wait for me to show you the real thing right now!

 Saying that, Veerle sister, she hid on the other side of a hut called a stall.

 It's hard to see what's inside, because the perimeter of the stall is covered with hanging cloth.

 It's a good thing that you are doing something inside, but is it cooking?

It's coming in! It's three ramen shops!
Oh, I'm so sorry!

 Anybody else in the house besides Sister Veerle?
 Inside the stall?

 And shortly thereafter.....

    * * * *

Three ramen noodles!

 A dish to be placed in front of me, your sister Marie, and your father.
 The food?

 It's the first time I've seen the kind of thing I've ever seen, but there's a huge amount of something rather long and slender thrown in with the soup in a deep-bottomed plate.

 Seriously, what the hell is this?
 That's ramen?

Master taught me how to make ramen, and it's an excellent product. Take it in good faith!
Well, if a saint is involved in the production, don't you worry...?

 Not only me, but also Sister Marie and Father lift the bowl and carefully observe the food inside.

The food of the saint's house is not out of place! This is a great opportunity! Lord Veerle, let me have a bowl of food!

 Prince Arowana, who happened to be in the position to witness the event, also expressed interest in ramen.

"No, not you," he said.

 That's a bit surprising.
 I didn't think my sister Veerle would be so mean.

No, that's not it. It's my own version of the ramen that Master taught me, and I put my own spin on it. I tried too hard to make the ultimate ramen, and in doing so I went a little too far.

 That's him...?

"If a ningen eats it, it will either go mad and become immortal, or it will explode and die.
Only the same dragons could take this Veerle characteristic noodle. So I've come to see you.

 I see.
 But it's going to be okay, right?
 I was a little worried, but I had no choice but to try some of Sister Veerle's special ramen.
 It would be a waste if the food was wasted.

It's delicious.

 It was delicious.
 These long, thin ... what are they called noodles? The noodles are delicious and crunchy with every bite.

''How can a dragon cook...? But wait, I wonder if Ardhaeg likes a woman who can cook?
You're right, this is a very rich dragon's energy. A nincompoop would be in a world of hurt if it was ingested by a nincompoop...

 Marie and Father are tasting it too.

"Yes, it was good.

 The soup was basically delicious, so everyone ate it right away.

The soup was the one with the thickest dragon energy. That must be the secret of its taste, but how in the world did they transfer the dragon energy?
My father is a dragon who knows the difference! I'll tell you the difference! The secret to the deliciousness of this Viel's special ramen!

 The cloth on the stall the curtain is called a curtain? The curtain is rolled up to reveal the inside.

 What was inside the stall was.....
 It was a naked woman in some kind of very large pot.
 The pot was filled with other hot water and was boiling gooey.

''Ladies and gentlemen, have a nice day. My name is Seidl from Grinzel Dragon...''
'There's a lot of seedling broth seeping out of this soup! The secret of its deliciousness!

 When we saw and heard that, I, Sister Marie and Father all sobbed in unison.