422-420 New Emperor Development Report Part 6 Family Increase

"What the hell do we have to do to get them to eat?

 I shout on behalf of the whole group.
 My name is Ardhögg.

 My sister Veerle gave me a recipe for a dish that is outrageous.

 The same dragons are cooked in a pot for a long time, and the dragon element that seeps into the water is the key to the soup!
 You've got to be kidding me!

"Geho Geho Geho Geho...! Eeeeee.........?

 Your sister Marie is sobbing and choking.
 It's a good thing that you're not the only one.

You're not going to be able to find out what's left of your daughter's water...?

 Even your father, the previous Geyser Dragon, was intimidated by this, to the horror of Sister Veerle...?
 It's not just Sister Veerle who got away with it this time.

"I'm glad to hear that you like my taste.

 ........and the other Grinzel dragon waving his hand from inside the pot.

 Did you say his name was Seedle?

 The fact that I don't remember hearing it means that it's a subordinate dragon that isn't that powerful.

 It's a small, insignificant little thing from the point of view of your father and sister Marie, but even that little thing can overwhelm a powerful dragon in an unexpected way...?

This is the way the weak fight, to be feared...!
''I don't think so!

 This is how the female dragon that was the secret ingredient of the ramen noodles. She jumped out of the pot for good.

 The pot was boiling, so she was naked and soaking wet, but that's the dragon.
 The surface of her body immediately dries up with dragon magic, and clothing embodying mana covers her body.

 Her transformation into a human was a beautiful woman full of s*x appeal.
 The elegance and bewitching nature of her human form was no less than that of Sister Marie's human form.

You are Ardheg-sama, aren't you? New Geyser Dragon, I'm pleased to meet you.
Huh? Hm?

 For the insane way he appeared, his greeting was surprisingly polite.
 Courtesy was in the dragon's dictionary.

'This Seadr of the Grinzel Dragon wishes to extend its heartfelt congratulations to you on your accession to the throne of the Geyser Dragon, and pledges its absolute loyalty and eternal approval to you. And I pledge my absolute loyalty to you and my eternal approval.

 The way he fell to one knee and prostrated himself was the very courtesy of humanity's vassals.

 It was the first time anyone had ever done that to me.
 The other dragons are always complaining about me becoming a Geiger Dragon.
 They are all talkative and quarrelsome.

 Compared to that, Seadr is very soft spoken.

 Do they respect me?
 First time being respected as a Geyser Dragon!

Thank you. Having you say your blessing makes me feel like a Geyser Dragon for the first time.

 What a nice dragon.
 If this had been a common sense way of appearing, I wouldn't have had anything to say about it!

Fearful words, my dear. 'I am on the side of Master Ardhegg, am I right in thinking that?
'Of course! As long as you want it to be...!
'So you're not going to take away my power and wisdom?
"You're not going to turn me into a Lesser Dragon, are you? Find out for sure! And yet, he looks at me and says, "I'm sure you can find relief for my life!

 And yet you still cling to me?

Seadr was scared shitless when he heard that you were taking away his children's powers. He hid in a bottle until things got under control.
'Haha, that happened to me...'
You know what you did, don't you?

 Sister Veerle and father come to look after you in a harmonious manner.
 Don't be so calm, help me! Stop her!
 Mr. Seedl, are you just going to keep pushing yourself up against me?

You're not going to repeat your father's tyranny, are you, now that you've been replaced? You don't mind if I live?

 It's not as if I'm a threat to the other dragons as my father was.
 I'm not going to be able to tell you what to do with it.

 She hates that she's become that way more than anything else.
 That's why she's going to do everything in her power to flirt with me.

'If you guarantee my safety, I will serve you for the rest of my life! The new Mister Geyser Dragon! Make me your first servant! I'll do whatever you order me to do!

 The offer of total obedience is all for self-defense, I guess.
 The spirit of putting your own safety first is amazing. It's a good thing that I'm impressed.

"Ardheg-sama is my master! I'm going to adore Master Ardheg for the rest of my life! You are the most important person in my life! ........hmm?

 A hand is placed on Seadul's shoulder.

 The moment Seadul notices it and turns around, a stabbing body blow is delivered!


 Seadul lets out a moan that doesn't sound like a maiden and writhes around.

 And then sister Marie shook off the fist that touched Seiduul as if it was dirty.

''I heard there's a shameless person who is a dragon but imitates a thieving cat, is this guy?

 I asked you, you were right in front of me the whole time.
 Why did your sister Marie beat up Seadr?

'You need to remember that, don't you? Dragons are proud creatures, there is no such thing as a flirtation. If they lose their pride, they don't deserve to live, do they?
What? I was just trying to stay alive, and now you're putting yourself in danger!

 It really is.
 You can't get rid of them.

 It's a good thing that you're so eager to kill.

I know that one. It's that daytime drama my master mentioned.
''Marie's flames of jealousy melted away........ Seadr was also out of tune with his choice of words, but I guess he's a natural.......

 Your sister Veerle and your father are standing by knowingly.


 What happened to you, Marie?
 I'm scared, sister Mary!

Don't get too comfortable just because this little filthy dragon mocks you. You're only half a man. It's a hundred years too early to be floating on the sycophants!
'Yeah, right! We've got to brace ourselves!
'Yes! I will only praise you when I think you've done really well, and only then will you be happy! Don't be swayed by any other female sycophants!
I understand! From now on, I won't be happy about anyone's praise!
So I'm the good guy?

 ''Sister Marie.
 You can teach us how to be a champion, not to be swayed by every noise from outside.......

 What a blessing!

Um....I'd like to try ramen too...?
'It's no use. Then I'll make you a regular pork bone broth.

 Sister Veerle and Prince Arowana are also completely ignoring us and are having their way with us!

I think they've all realized that they can't keep up with us...

 On the other hand, over here in question, sister Marie and Seadr are competing with each other for some reason!

'It's not fair! You are naturally the strongest person in the world, so why do you need to flatter Lady Ardheg? I don't want you to be a distraction to my survival!
"Bah, don't be ridiculous! When have I ever flirted with Ardheg? I'm one of the strongest dragons in the world, and I'm instructing this half-man...
'Then keep your mouth shut! Don't interfere with my flirtatious survival strategy!
"So that's why you're acting like a dragon. If you're gonna flirt, why don't you flirt with me too? I'm very strong myself!
You don't understand... At times like these, it's good to focus on the strongest One and flirt with Him!

 We're having an incomprehensible argument.

"Whoa! This is ramen? It's just as good as the food invented by our saint.
Hey, Viel. Give me another bowl of ramen. Just the regular soup.
'What? There's still some seedling soup left, so I want whoever can consume it to consume it. You eat that one, father.

    * * *

 And so.

"I'll live here too.

 It's something decided.

'I've found Master Ardhegg to be a kind man, so it's definitely safer to stay by his side. It's a far cry from your cruel and inhumane father!
Ha-ha-ha. Ha-ha-ha, he's listening.

 Seadul doesn't realize that it was the previous Geyser Dragon who took the form of a child there.

'It helps that there's only more dragon wine and gonzo noodle soup that Seadul can't handle on the farm. Ardheg, don't ask for the rest, okay?

 Forced me to be troublesome?

 Thus, there's another roommate in my Dragon Emperor's Castle. This was coupled with an increase in the number of

'Oh no! I'm not ready to be flattered yet and I'm not ready to live with such a direct and flirtatious guy!

 And is Sister Marie still not back in her dungeon?