423-421 People who want to get married

 Yes it's me.

 Let's get on with implementing the goals I set for this year that I set at the start of spring.

 Huh? Late enough?
 Don't be so harsh. I have a lot of work to do, too, and it has to be in order.

 That's why I set a goal for this year.

To marry Prince Arowana and Puffa.

 I've made a number of couples on my farm so far.
 I've even earned the nickname 'matchmaking farm' because of the number of couples I've made. That's what I call it.
 But it's a fact that we've made so many couples happen.

 Among them, Prince Arowana and Puffa are a relatively new couple.

 With Prince Arowana, who is promised to be the future King of Mermaids.
 Puffa, one of the Six Witches, a heretic of the mermaid world.

 Regime and heresy.
 Order and chaos.
 A leader and an outlaw.

 They seem to be opposites, but they're so close to each other that they've come to like each other.
 But it was love at first sight for Puffa.

 For a period of time, they trained as warriors, and their relationship grew stronger.
 It seemed like they were in love with each other and it seemed like it was just a matter of time before they got married, but when it came time to get married, they didn't.

 But when it came to the question of whether they would actually get married, they didn't. It's been a countdown since last year.

 So, we decided to get together to discuss what to do about it.

 Don't think that this is an unnecessary meddling.

 It is a vital mission of living beings to breed and raise their children, which should take precedence over anything else.
 The importance of this mission is heightened in a different world where civilization's help is still insufficient and harsh.

 Marriage is an important first step.
 The people around them must work together as one!

 So it's a meeting.
 All concerned parties gathered at my house on the farm to sit around the table and discuss.

 The topic of discussion: "Why can't Prince Arowana and Puffa get married? (sighs)

 First, let us hear from our own people.

 Prince Arowana, Puffa himself.

"I want to marry...! I want to marry you...!

 Already Puffa was crying as she plopped down on the desk.
 She must have wanted to marry Prince Arowana so badly. And yet I can't marry him. Why?

"...I would first like to thank everyone who has gathered here. For all you have done for me and Puffa, we are grateful.

 He was a disciplined Prince Arowana.
 This is the kind of person that makes everyone like him and he is worthy to be the next Mermaid King.

'The truth is, I'm sorry for taking up everyone's precious time for us. I probably should have declined, but lately...

 Yes, sir.

"Let's go to the farm and have a pleasant chat among our friends. Usually, it's me, High Priestess, and High Priestess. Then, I realized that both you and the Holy Father have already had a child. ...So, we can only talk about our children!

 Yes, I'm sorry.
 I'm sorry, my dear.

It's a great time for fathers to talk about how cute our kids are and how hard it is to raise them, but I'm single, so I'm not allowed to join in! Every time one of us is left behind, I think! I want to get married too! And he wants to have a child!

 I'm sorry, I'm really sorry for being so serious.
 It's true that lately, more than 90% of our chats with the Demon King have been about his children.

 The Demon King and this boy is only slightly older than my Junior, and his experiences are very helpful!

 But beside that, you were making Prince Arowana feel alienated!
 I'm sorry!

 But if that's the case, then Prince Arowana is just as eager to get married as Puffa, right?
 You want them both so badly, you can't marry them, so why not?

 Let's examine that area first.

Then let's let Mr. Hendler speak first.
"As you wish.

 The speaker is Mr. Hendler, the oratorical mermaid.
 He is a male mermaid loyal to Prince Arowana.

 He usually lives in the mermaid kingdom and knows more about the situation there than us who live on the ground. He knows the atmosphere of Namma.
 That's why I asked him to come to the meeting.

 Since Prince Arowana is a prince, he has to be aware of the national sentiment in his behavior.
 A public figure cannot decide his own life by his own will alone.

 In contrast, her lover Pfafa is one of the most feared six witches in the mermaid kingdom.
 If she were to marry the prince, there would be some hindrance.

 If the prince is the future king, his wife is the future queen.

 If a witch becomes the queen, the country will fall apart! Like.

 I thought I was afraid of such a headwind that I wouldn't go through with the marriage....

''That's not true, is it?''

 Mr. Hendler gave a calm analysis of the situation.

It's true that the Six Witches have a reputation for being outlaws, but they are also the most admired and respected potions master in the mermaid kingdom. When it comes to the love affair between the Six Witches and the Prince, there are many people who will congratulate them.

 Yeah, I know.
 But it's not all of them, is it?

"I mean, old guard, I mean, I just don't want to be an outlaw after all! Isn't there a force that says...?
Of course I'm here. No, I was there.


Well, since the recent purges have resulted in the arrest or downfall of all those who opposed the royalists. If we fail to act now, there will be consequences. They don't have the guts to question the prince's story of marriage.

 It's even more so since the catalyst for the purge was the story of Prati's relationship with the princess.

'Therefore, I see no cause for concern about your marriage in terms of public sentiment. It may be presumptuous of me, sir, but I am very much in favor of your marriage.

 That's a very clever way to end the evening, Mr. Hendler, a real debater.

May I also say something?

 It was Lamp Eye who raised his hand.
 Like Puffa, she is one of the Six Witches and is called the 'Hellfire Witch'.

 What good idea from her as well...?

"You must also discuss my marriage with Mr. Hendler.
'Hey Gorah!'

 ..................it was simply a request.
 Lamp Eye is a couple with Mr. Hendler.

'These seats! It's being discussed for the sake of Atai and your husband! Don't stick your head out of your ass!

 Puffa also grabbed onto the lamp eye in a serious manner.

''It's time for us to officially be together. We need your support, not just for you guys, but for us as well!
"You can marry her if you want, you guys! Attai and the others! I can't do that, so I need everyone to help me!

 It's true.

 Both Prince Arowana and Puffa want to marry each other so badly that they can't do it, which means that there are obstacles outside of their feelings.
 The fact that they can't do so means that there are obstacles outside of their feelings.

 But that is not the national sentiment of the mermaid nation.
 Mr. Hendler's report earlier proves it.

 So what else...?

You know what to do.

 It was here that Prathi finally spoke up.
 She had been at the meeting, but she had been silent for a long time with Junior in her arms.

'Your brother and Puffa. What's standing in the way of their marriage is more than anything else ... it's your mum.
Yeah, of course.
It's pretty obvious, isn't it?
That's right...!
''That's right!''

 The last person to utter a furious voice was none other than Puffa himself.

 Sheila Cannu, the Mermaid Queen.

 She is the wife of His Majesty's current Mermaid King Nagas, Prince Arowana and mother of Prati.
 She is opposed to her eldest son's marriage....

I don't think Mom can let her children go, either. She doesn't want Puffa to get her brother's attention. You have to admit that you're married to him, but you're trying to delay it as long as you can...

 And to this day, there is no progress.
 I can understand the feelings of Queen Sheila's mother, but as expected, I feel sorry for the two of them any longer.

 I've got to do something to help them.

At the heart of the matter is my mother. If you can convince her, they can get married.

 Prati, continue.

'That's where I got an idea for you!