425-423 Worried Puffer

 Prathi's strategy regrettably failed to break through the situation.

''Gnnnnn........? The strategy I thought of was...!

 Prathi looked very frustrated, but let's be glad that we were able to take the final step.

 I've been told that as long as I pass the final test, he will allow me to marry him.

 Sheila is the current queen.
 She won't do anything sneaky to change her words, and she doesn't want her daughter and son to hate her.

 That's why this is the final stage.
 Get over this problem and this time we will marry Prince Arowana and Puffa!

 I thought...!

    * * * *


 Puffa let out a terrific roar, which was not typical for a woman.

 The reason for this was because of the final test given to her by Queen Sheila.
 If he could only clear it, he could marry her, so he bravely tackled it, but he was stalled.

 The process didn't go as far as he wanted and he was about to roar in frustration.

"What the hell is the queen's bogeymen...? What the hell is that?!

 'The queen's baking soda.

 That was Queen Sheila's final challenge to Puffa.

 If a good dip is the proof of a good wife.
 She had to prove by soaking in bran that Puffa was fit to marry Prince Arowana and become queen.

 The ordeal was to produce a baking dish to prove that Puffa was fit to be queen.

 Was that really so outrageous?

 What is the queen's pickles?
 In the first place, the princess would not have the luxury of making pickles by herself.

 It was the farthest thing from the princess and her nobles, so to speak, and I wondered how they could represent the queen.

 So Puffa was at a loss for words.

'Nuno-no-no-no-no! I don't know. How can I make the pickles look like a queen?

 I'm not sure I have any ideas.
 He was just writhing in agony as if he was exasperated.

 Prince Arowana, on the other hand, is watching his fiancée's lasciviousness from a step back.

I'm sorry, Pfa........! You've put yourself through all this trouble to marry me...!

 He was in tears, chastising himself.

 I wonder where this guy was when he was in direct conflict with Queen Sheila?
 Well, I know that when a wife and mother-in-law are at odds with each other, you don't want to be the enemy of either of them....

"Don't worry, Puffa! I'll go through the ordeal with you! If we, who will eventually become husband and wife, work together, I'm sure we'll be able to get over it like we once did when we defeated the Geyser Dragon!

 An ordeal that was put on par with something awesome.

'Thank you sir! So, tell me, what kind of marinade would be best for the Queen to marinate in?
I have no idea!
Stand back!

 Prince Arowana is treated as a useless husband even before he gets married.
 It doesn't help that he's actually unreliable.
 It's sad.

"My queen my pickles don't make any sense at all. How can you make a pickles look like a queen? Do you want your pickles to be upscale?

 That's the most honest way to go about it.
 Just because it's a luxury product makes it feel royal.

 It doesn't feel like it's wrong, though.

'No, no! It's only 'rich man's pickles' at best! I can't even describe what it's like to be royalty, let alone a queen!

 I think there are other problems, though.

 In any case, just making it a high quality product won't make it a "Queen's Nukazuke".
 It won't be able to satisfy Sheila-san.

''I know, I know, I know.......! Your mother-in-law is trying to tell Atai what a queen is through this ordeal.......

 Have you already called me "mother-in-law"?

'I'm trying to tap into that mindset so that Atai can support her husband as a queen after they are married! Hoping that Atai would make a good queen to support the master at his feet!

 Do you think so?
 I get the sense that all you intend to do is harass the young woman who is taking your son away from you as best you can, right?

 But I'm sure that doesn't bother Puffa either.
 Now, let's get you out of this mess.

"Don't worry, Puffa! I've got an aide for you!
What? Help?

 You came to help me at my request.

 Queen Astares and Grashara!

"Oh? The Demon Queen?

 A light dwells in Puffa's eyes.

"Speaking of the Demon Queen, she is the Demon King's wife! Demon Queen! I see!

 Do you get it, Puffa?
 Yes, the two active queens must know what it means to be a queen's wife.
 If they would listen to them, they would be able to understand the essence of a queen and use it in their baking.

'That's great, saint! How did you come up with such a breakthrough in such a short period of time! That's a saint!
"Ha-ha, yeah I'm great.

 It's great that Astares and the others were able to call me and come right over on such short notice.
 How are you doing? A queen is never too busy, is she?

'If the saints call you, you should cancel any plans you have and run to them.
'The saints will always be there for me! We need to seize the occasional opportunity to return the favor this way!

 The muscular Second Queen Grashara.
 She made a clenched fist and spoke with enthusiasm.

 ........Since both of them were originally members of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King's Army, they gushed with an aura of military personnel rather than a queen.
 I'm starting to feel a little uneasy about whether it was a good idea to rely on them.

Moreover, if Puffa-dono eventually becomes the mermaid queen, she will be on a par with us. We must help each other, as we are the queens of the neighboring countries.
You want to hear what it's like to be a queen? I'm on it! We're the older guys and we're going to make sure we teach you a lesson!
'A queen is..... It can be summed up in one word.
'What a surprise! I have one word of truth that is indispensable to me as a queen!
'Then I shall announce that word at the same time. I hope it will be of some help to Lord Puffa.
I know what to do! I'm talking to you! Se-no...!

 What are the qualities needed for a queen to be...?




 Then the battle began.

'Muscles? What muscles? I mean, it's totally a power-type idea! You haven't changed since you were in charge of the Four Heavenly Kings' meat fight, you!
You're not the only one! Ruthless! The queen is the worst person to have it! Treat them with charity and generosity, Queen!

 I don't know why, but I'm getting very worried about the future of the Demon Kingdom.

 I called the two current people to be the queen's reference, but they are not helpful at all.
 This won't solve Puffa's problems!

"Muscles...? Well, is there any way to marinate the meat? And ruthless. Quick freezing may give a different taste to the pickles. To begin with, cooling is the 18th of Atai, the 'Frozen Cold Witch'!

 I'm referring to it!
 No. Puffa's mind is stuck in a stew, unable to make sense of things.
 I'm afraid I'm going to get lost in this mess.

 The important thing is that the existing queen demons are useless because of infighting. Is there anyone else in this room who can help Puffa?

That's where I come in.

 The angel Holkosfon is here.

'I offer you ingredients worthy of 'The Queen's Nukes'. I petition you to consider it.
It's natto, anyway.

 Holkosfone has become the rare character who can read the punchline just by appearing on the scene, Holkosfone.

'Natto, sir.'
I know that!

 You're going to pickle natto with bran?
 No way! The true horror of natto is that it can be!

 Too many times we let people think they'll never have it, and then when they try it, it's good!

But no! It's time to change the thought routine of trying to punch in everything with natto!

 To begin with, I wonder if natto (fermented soybeans) would do any good for this theme, "The Queen's Nukazuke"?

But Master Puffa seems to be willing to consider it.

 When I turned around, I saw Puffa staring at Natto, muttering to himself.

Do you want to wrap it in a cloth or something? I got some vajra silk from Batty's place...
"Don't push forward, eh, eh, eh!

 Puffa's hesitation was getting worse and worse.
 Will they really be able to pass the ordeal that Sheila-san put out at this point!