426-424 King's bran pickles

 In the end, I spooned Puffa's side of the table because there was nothing I could do about it, and now I turned to the contestants.

 Queen Sheila, the Mermaid Queen, was now sitting around the table with her daughter Prathi, having a cup of tea.

'Mum, aren't you being too much of a wife tormentor? If you keep this up, your mean mother-in-law character is going to take hold, okay?
You're still bitter as ever, Prati. Prathi is as harsh as ever, but it can't be helped. If we get married, Arowana won't belong to me anymore. Arowana won't belong to me if we get married.
'But that doesn't mean your brother can't be married for life, does it? Especially since he's a prince. Puffa is a very talented man, so he's not much better.
'It's not something you can explain in those terms. Prathi will understand eventually. When she grows up and is old enough to get a bride.

 Queen Sheila has my Junior.
 To her, he's her grandson.

''Imagine if Junior, as an adult, took a cheeky-looking woman and said, 'I'm going to marry you'...?
"Yaaaaaahhhh? Oh no!

 Prathi was disturbed.
 You don't like it that much.

'I'll kill you! I'm going to kill that sassy b*tc*!
Right? Isn't it kind of sweet that I haven't killed you yet?
You didn't have any reaction when I got married.
Do you miss me? I've got a lot to say to you, Prathi, but generally, when a girl is going to be a bride, her father is upset. Daddy cried when he heard that you got married on land.

 Speaking of Dad, was it Mr. Nargus the Mermaid King?
 I didn't know there was such a conflict at the bottom of the ocean that we didn't know about...!

'Prathi, you should have a girl this time. That way you will understand. There is a difference between the way a daughter and a son, a father and a mother love each other.

 He said something significant.

 It's no wonder he has more life experiences than us.

 Maybe I should keep that in mind.
 Junior is a boy, so maybe it won't affect me that much, but it's possible that he's going to have two or three children in the future, and there's a good chance that it's a girl.

 My sweet daughter grows up to be my age....
 If the bastard who brought her in was a gangly pierced charlatan.

'Sir, bother me!

 It's hard!
 I didn't know it was this hard even before my daughter herself was born!

 We need to eradicate all the charlatans in the world!

That said, it's still a parent's selfishness, isn't it? It's just a nuisance to the children to wish them to stay as children forever. You know that, don't you?

 Queen Sheila sighed sadly.
 Also, His Majesty Nargus was still over there wrestling with the orc goblins.

"I mean," she said, "they were just harassing me with their 'express what a queen is like by marinating in bran. "I was a horrible mother-in-law," she would say.
I knew he was harassing you!
You can't talk about the queen in Nepali.

 I'm sure you do!
 I didn't think you only intended to harass me completely and completely!

But I'll stop bothering those kids. I'm sure they'll bring you some nukazuke that matches the subject matter. Whatever it is, we'll give them a pass. Then Arowana will be hers as opposed to mine.
Momma, it's a wise decision.

 Me and Prathi clapped in unison.
 This is the decision of a mother.
 Acknowledging that she has overcome the struggles that come with loving her son and has become a man.

''It's done!

 Oh, make a rumor and you'll be quick.

 Isn't that Puffa?
 With Prince Arowana in the back.

 You'll be able to see the difference.

'It's done at last! The Queen's Nukes" as you wish! I'm sure it will meet your needs!
That's right, mother!

 Can't we afford to get to Prince Arowana?
 What happened in that nukazuke factory when I left?

Let's see.

 In contrast, Sheila-san was calm.

 She had declared earlier that she would let him pass no matter what, but she would want to keep her dignity in check.
 For Puffa's sake, who had worked so hard to get to this point.

''You understand, don't you? If you can survive this ordeal, you will be the wife of Prince Arowana, and eventually the mermaid queen. Are you sure you are prepared to do so in your dish?
'Of course! Preparedness of Atai, and behold! This is how Atai arrived at the Queen's Nukes That name...!

 And a big tub to be placed in.

 Puffa, you brought a tub with you?

...It's durian noodles in salted water!

 Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Ahhhhhhhh?
 The smell of durian is strong as usual!

 Only half of them are peeking out of the tub, and numerous prickly protrusions are lined up all over the surface of the durian fruit.
 The fact that he has his eyes and nose there is a sign that he's not just a Dorian.

 This is Dorian's tree spirit, Dorian Chiou, isn't it?

"Oh, hi.
Thank you, man!
"It's the first time I've ever dipped into something called a boggy floor and it's surprisingly comfortable.
"I don't need to feel like it's my first time in a spa!

 Anyway, Dorian came out, and in an instant, all hell broke loose!

 Prathi quickly ran off with Junior in his arms.
 Nice decision, Prathi, because it's still too much stimulation for the baby!

What is this...?

 As expected of Queen Sheila, her cheeks twitch and she is speechless.
 You've done a good job of breaking the queen's heart.

''I'm very grateful that you listened to me! This stuff in the bran bed is durian! They call me the king of the fruit!

 I'm the one who taught it.
 Yes, the durian is the king of fruit, right?

"Dunk that king in the bog! This is the Queen's Nukes! I believe we have fulfilled your mother-in-law's order with flying colors!

 Puffa's eyes are bleary.
 I guess it's the end of a lot of straying, and Prince Arowana is in the same tension.

 Now, in response to this, Queen Sheila's judgment is........?

There are many things I would like to say to you, but first and foremost is one thing, isn't it?
Yes, sir.
Was it this Dorian? They call you the king of the fruit?
It is indeed.

 Don't answer yourself, Dorian.

''Oh yeah, you're so noble........


"What do you think we could do with 'The King's Nukes'?

 That's it.
 The theme was "The Queen's Nukes". It's slightly different from "The King".
 But even so, there was enough of a gap between the two that I couldn't stop myself from saying, "It's not a small matter.

 Everyone who was present here thought that it was Queen Sheila who mentioned it in the end.


 Puffa and Prince Arowana, all with a shattered look on their faces.

'Wow! It didn't work!

 I broke down crying.

'I can't, I can't! Now I can't marry the master any more!
"Don't worry, Puffa! I'll lay down my crown to be with you if it comes to this! We'll make a happy family together!

 Even Prince Arowana, who has been talking about rarely, has been cornered and tempered.
 There's even the stench of Dorian mixed in with this unseemly couple and it's getting noisy.

 To contain the situation.
 The only way to save the situation from becoming hell...!

 Queen Sheila is the only one who can decide.

He passed!

 Puffa, Prince Arowana, raises his face from staring at the ground.

'I acknowledge your, what the heck.......enthusiasm and hard work! If that's all you have, I'm sure you'll be able to build a happy family!
Really? Yay!

 It was decided ahead of time that whatever came up would pass, but it's hard to find a subject as difficult to force a pass as this one.

 Still, you did well, Princess Sheila.
 I'm amazed that you were able to pass that thing by force.

I did it! You did it, Puffa! Now we're officially husband and wife!
We made it! It was harder than fighting the Geyser Dragon!

 A man and woman crying and hugging each other, sharing the same joy.
 It's rare for a couple to have overcome such a steep obstacle to get together on our farm.

 I hope they're happy for that, happy for them.

'Ha, I've finally allowed it to happen.

 On the other hand, Queen Sheila, on the other hand, also looked as if a possession had fallen on her.

''So now the days of dominating Arowana are over, and the long, long war of wives and daughters-in-law is about to begin instead. It's as exciting as it is lonely.

 By the way, me and King Nagas ate the bran-soaked durian together.