427-425 Successor of fermentation

 And so it was finally decided that Prince Arowana and Puffa would be married.

 Hooray for them!

 Many of them also applaud the congratulations.

I wish you the best of luck.

 Who just licked his tongue?
 Well, I guess I was jealous of someone who wanted to get married anyway but couldn't yet.

 More importantly, there are two of them now.

'Alright! We're going back to mermaid country now! In fact, preparations for the ceremony have been arranged in various places and are on standby! All that's left to do is welcome the bride and we can do it right away!
'Yes! As expected of a master!

 The two of them embrace each other without hesitation of being noticed.
 The tension is out of control, but that's how long you've been putting up with it, isn't it?

 Well, I wish you happiness.
 Still, isn't it too hasty to get married immediately?

You can't wait until the end of the day.

 Queen Sheila points out on my behalf.

Of course. They're ready for the ceremony, but they haven't even got around to arranging the guests. Not everyone comes that day after inviting them.
"Two is enough for me to say my vows!
That's not going to happen. You are the future mermaid king and queen of mermaids, so you should invite important people from all over the world to a big party. That's the duty of a champion.

 Just a few minutes ago, I was asking 'What is royalty? It's hard not to listen to the couple who have been asking themselves the same question over and over again until they break down, so it's hard not to listen.

'And Mr. Puffa. Don't you have some work left to do? Is there anything we should do before we get married?
No, sir.
"Don't give me a strong, clear, immediate answer.

 Dazzled by the marriage, Puffa could see nothing else.

'You have important work to do on this farm, haven't you? Are you going to throw that out of the blue and leave for a bride?

 It is true if you ask me.

 The potions technology possessed by the mermaid race is essential to their farms.
 They make fertilizer that makes crops grow incredibly fast, coolants that are used to rapidly cool rooms to make refrigerators, and other common medicines to cure injuries and illnesses, all of which rely on the secret arts of mermaids.

 Puffa is in charge of making fermented food.
 In the past, Prathi was in charge of this task, but as the farm grew, he took over the responsibility.

 If Puffa is going to marry Prince Arowana, he can't continue to live on the farm.
 As it has been said many times, being the king's wife comes with a reasonable amount of responsibility.

'.........Puffa is leaving the farm.......'

 Until now, his mind had been too focused on the goal of the marriage itself to turn his attention to it, but together, Puffa would naturally live with Prince Arowana in mermaid country.

 'Here ... I can't stay on the farm.

Well the farm will be in a lot of trouble. The amount of space they're going to have to fill with Atai's capable hands is quite large.
You're being an a**h*le.

 But he is right, and the farm's fermented food department will not be able to stand if Puffa is gone.

 Prathi can't be in charge like she used to be.
 She was replaced because she couldn't handle it anymore.

'Don't worry, I've already taken care of that.

 The girl Puffa was pulling from somewhere.
 The girl who appeared suddenly looked familiar.

"You're one of Angel's friends...
Discus! I'm going to take over Miss Puffa's successor!

 An heir?
 Such a big deal.

 This girl must have been one of the cronies of Angel, the second princess of the mermaid nation who came to the farm some time ago.
 You'll find that the Six Sorceresses, including her sister Platy, were beaten back while challenging them, and since then they've been working hard on the shorthanded farm.
 He was treated like an apprentice to the Six Witches.

 Discus is one of them.

I've trained him in all of Atai's pickling techniques. I've trained him in all of Atai's pickling techniques, and he's more than capable of taking over the fermentation department.

 I was only an amateur when I came here.

After Atai left, you can leave everything to him. "When it comes to making pickles, he's already as good as Atai. I wouldn't mind giving her the name 'The Frozen Witch'.

 I know you're in tears, sister, but it's only in the area of making fermented foods that you've caught up with your sister, right?
 Wouldn't it be better to start with another area of expertise and let them rape a witch?

I mean, you've done a really good job of training your successor.
You're dead! I've made all kinds of preparations to leave as soon as we get married!

 Puffa's obsession with marriage was tremendous.


"...you're okay with it? I'll rely on you, but...?

 In the meantime, I'll ask the mermaid girl, Discus, who has been appointed to replace her.
 'If you're going to take Puffa's place, you'll be asked to live on the farm indefinitely for now, as you'd expect.

''Yes! I promised Missus! I'm going to finish up Miss's territory for you, Atai!

 So then, all is well.

 The marriage between Puffa and Prince Arowana seemed to be going smoothly, but...

"Wait a minute!

 Something stopped me.

 Who are you?
 It was all going to come together.

I disagree with that decision! To succeed your sister-in-law, wasn't it just me, Paffa?

 Who are you...


 Angel, the second princess of the mermaid kingdom!
 Prince Arowana and Prathi's sister!

Princess Angel here is running for the job of pickle maker. Quickly put me in my place!
I don't want to.

 I ask you, why would I ever want to take your place in Puffa's place?
 Even though he's already handpicked and groomed and appointed his successor?

Because... It was founded by Prathi and developed by Puffa's sister-in-law, right? Then if I take over, the mermaid sisters of the Mermaid King family will continue the tradition for generations to come!
"Don't be so selfish as to create a tradition.

 I'm not obsessed with that.
 We don't have a pedigree on our farm.

 It's a matter of merit, character, and motivation, and we'll take the discus who was nominated by his predecessor.

"Oh no, no, no! It would make me feel equal to your sisters if I had the same job as them! I want to be in charge too!
"Is that your motive?

 It's so impure!

Hey, come on, Mom! Please do me a favor from your mom!

 and Angel, who puts his trust in Queen Sheila.

 If Angel is the sister of Prince Arowana and Prati, then of course she is Queen Sheila's daughter.
 How will Queen Sheila respond to her daughter's indulgence?

How will Queen Sheila respond to her daughter's selfishness? My son-in-law, will you do Angel a favor for me?
"Swallowed it all?

 You think you can go easy on my daughter, do you, Queen?
 Prince Arowana and Prathi are so strict, I thought you'd have to discipline them.

You know mama... she has a big soft spot for kids.

 The eldest daughter, Prati, said with a bitter look on her face.

The fact that the firmness of me and my brother, the indulgence is concentrated on Angel, who is just underneath, and she's a total idiot sister...?
But because of that, Prathi disciplines me like a demon, and I've managed to maintain a standard that I can present to the public. The first thing that comes to mind is the fact that it's a good kid.

 Even Prince Arowana was stunned.

'Alright, we'll just have to play the game now!

 Angel took the liberty of saying.

'Which one of you would be better suited to succeed your sister-in-law Puffa! We're going to have to make pickles!