429-427 Sequel to the Mermaid

 That's how the marriage of Puffa, Prince of Arowana, was decided upon. They were to be together in the clear light of day.
 It will still take a little more time to prepare for the wedding, but once the ceremony takes place, Puffa will move to the Mermaid Royal Family and leave the farm.

 Will we finally have a graduate from our family...!
 I'm going to miss you and I'm very emotional...!

 Paffa himself was using the time he had left on the farm to mentor his younger students.
 He had already prepared a worthy successor named Discus, but he was going to do his best to train her because Angel had jumped in.

''Since I'm going to be Attai's successor, I'm not going to allow you to be a decorative topper, Ora! I'll work it up to the point where it's useful!
'Wow! My sister-in-law is as strict as my own sister!

 Angel's wailing voice echoed throughout the farm.
 Well, that's what she chose to do. I hope you'll do your best to get over it.

''Angel-chan........! Work hard and be a great witch...!

 Queen Sheila watches from the shadows.
 What are you doing here, my dear?

''No......... I'm sure I'm curious about little Angel who's training....... Isn't that her? It takes the longest of all our kids. He's been in a lot of trouble since he was born. But why is that? That's why it's even cuter...?

 It was a line that would have given Prathi a headache if she had been here to hear it.
 Fortunately, or rather, she's staying with her own child, Junior.

''........As I recall, the queen has been lenient with Angel for a long time now, right?

 I know.
 I've witnessed it.

 I didn't talk about it because it wasn't much of an event, so I didn't let it pass, but the truth is that when we visited the mermaid country in the past, Angel was always with us.
 The first time I came to the mermaid kingdom to see my grandson, and the time of the martial arts competition.
 I'm sure you'll find that you'll be able to find a lot of people who are willing to pay for your services.
 But that didn't mean we didn't have much to say about it, so we didn't go through with it.

 But Angel had been gooey and attached to Queen Sheila the whole time.
 The only time they were apart was at most when the queen was confronting Puffa.

 I didn't have much to say about it, so I didn't go through with it.

 Since that time, I had thought, 'The queen is very lenient with her second daughter.

''You understand...! Angel is a princess, too, and as a position of responsibility, she has to be raised strictly! But I didn't want her to hate me, so I coddled her. What a horrible mother you are!

 So instead, your eldest daughter disciplined you like a demon...?
 How well balanced is that...?

'But now that Puffa-san has come to marry you, it's encouraging to know that you have not only Prathi-chan, but also another sister who is even more strict. I'm sure Angel-chan will grow up to be a great lady now!

 Oh, my God.
 If you're disciplined by a double Prati and Puffa and that still doesn't work, there's nothing you can do about it...!

 When I was feeling that way about Angel's future and reassured....

"Ah, mamah!

 Angel, our own Angel, spotted his mother and ran over to her.
 Then he hugged her.

'Help me, my brother and sister-in-law! My brother and sister-in-law are much tougher than I expected! This is no different than Prathi's big sister, and mommy needs to say a word to her!

 A princess who spoils her mother without hesitation.
 But you can't. Queen Sheila welcomes Puffa's Spartan education for your own personal growth.

 I'm sure she approves of Puffa's discipline with a clear conscience.

Well, I think you're being a little hard on her.

 It was no good.
 A parent-fool was only a parent-fool.

'Hey, Mr Puffa? I don't think education can be too strict, you know? Can't we have candy and whip, whip and candy, candy and candy here, please?

 Finally, the whip is gone!
 In response, Puffa.........

''I can't do that! The day that Atai leaves the farm is right around the corner! By then, this guy needs to be finished, at least to the point where he can help with the discus, or the farm will be in trouble!
That said, just because you're strict with them doesn't mean they'll follow you.

 One of the warring parties in the war between wife and mother-in-law. A diagram of the conflict over the educational policy of the children (grandchildren)!

 Why is this breaking out even before Puffa gave birth to Prince Arowana's child?

'We have been asked by Prati to be as strict as possible.
'Nuh-uh! Prati-chan, did you switch sides?

 No, I thought Prati's position was the same as it was throughout the entire process.
 It's the sister who always remains my sister's enemy.

You can't get away with it.

 I've decided to change the subject because I'm starting to feel like it would be sterile to continue this topic any longer.
 I had to force it.

'I'm glad you're here to visit, but how long can you stay here? After all, the king and queen must be busy...?

 By the way, the king is still having fun with the wrestling.
 Even Prince Arowana has joined in, and a phantom grand finale that was not seen at the martial arts tournament is unfolding.

It's little Zos Saira.
That thing?

Zos Saira, the Witch of the Abyss.

Isn't she the one we've been looking for? Isn't she a wanted fugitive?

 Are you sure you're comfortable letting someone like that take over your administration?

I wouldn't worry about it. Don't worry, Zos Saira is a very capable person. It's not hard to understand why she can't handle politics.
'Maybe so!
'And Zos Saira, you are Mr. Puffa's teacher, aren't you? Paffa is going to be the queen and she won't look good if she's a criminal forever. We need her in some kind of position.
"You're going to hurt my teacher because of Atai?

 The person who shuddered most at this news was Puffa.
 It's not often that people talk about it, but they admit that Puffa was a disciple of Zos Saira.
 I've never seen him get involved in anything like that, though.

'Yes! What do you think about having Zos Saira act as a matchmaker for Arowana and Puffa's wedding? Won't Puffa be happy to see her master off?

 Puffa and I are both astonished.
 It's a very good idea to have a good idea of what you're looking for.

No....? But a matchmaker has to be a married man, right?

 I don't know if it's the same here. I don't know if it's the same here.

 You don't have to be married, do you?

Oh, I'm sure Zos Saira has a partner in mind. Or maybe Mr. Okubo?
Where do you get all this information from?

 Information that Okubo himself doesn't even know he has!
 And yet, in the land of mermaids, Queen Sheila is grasping it from afar.

'Wait! We're not sure of that yet! I don't know how things will turn out if I poke around at this point! Too sensitive!
Oh, yeah? Zos Saira, too, is thinking that if your apprentice becomes a married woman first, she'll be able to shrug her shoulders and let you marry her together at this time. If you have a partner, there's no need to stop, right?

 How did you have to go through all that trouble?

 Oh, shit! Even among the mermaids who are in love with each other, when she becomes the queen, her attributes are outstanding!
 You're trying to get more and more people around you to get married, not just yourself!

 You tried to stop your own son's marriage to the limit!
 Ah! So the ban on his son's marriage has been lifted and you've lost your grip?

'In fact, I've already arranged for one marriage to be consummated. If those two become husband and wife, Arowana and Puffa, I think it will help both of them.

 You're not suggesting...?

Queen Sheila, we are back.

 Before I knew it, the "Hellfire Witch" Lamp Eye was standing right beside me.

 He hadn't been seen at all during Queen Sheila's hospitality, but which way had he gone until now?

Oh, dear, you're home earlier than I expected. How did it go?
It went much smoother than I expected. The people of Mr. Hendler's family have been so kind as to welcome me. All thanks to the queen's help in advance!
It's all right. Hendler, the Betas' treasured son, is a good friend of Arowana, too. What better way to support the future of Arowana's administration than to have him as a member of the Kingsguard with you.

 You went behind my back and supported the wedding of Mr. Hendler to Lump-Eye!

 You scary queen! The situation is moving at a dizzying pace with this person's involvement!

''So, Saint. I regret to inform you that I have to leave the farm to start a new life. From now on, I will serve the mermaid kingdom as Lady Hendler's wife. I have trained my sisters-in-law, Veiltail and Crowntail, to guard Princess Platy at the farm.
Well, you'll have to talk to Platy about that!

 Anyway, congratulations to you guys on your wedding!

 It's always nice when a man and woman who love each other get together, no matter what the circumstances are!