430-428 Sake revenge plan

 While the mermaids' celebrations continue, there are still some unresolved issues smoldering under the surface at the farm.
 Actually, there are so many of them.

 Today I visited the brewery to solve one of them.

 One of the many facilities on our farm.
 It was a facility hosted by Bacchus, the god of alcohol, that produces all kinds of liquor ... and vinegar.

 Working there are the priestesses of the Bacchus cult.
 They are all of you who drink, drink, and believe that alcohol is the joy of life.

 Its guru is Bacchus, the god of alcohol.
 He's also the object of my faith.

 They say he was born thousands of years ago to a god and a man, and is said to be a demigod, a half god.
 He transcends a lot of things just because he's half god's blood mixed in, and he doesn't die or age.
 He is more immortal than the No-Life King and wanders the earth forever.
 The only reason he wanders the earth is for drinking.

 After all, at one point, all the demigods had moved to the God Realm, but he was the only one left on earth because of drinking.
 He was the only one who stayed on earth because he was the only one who was able to meet and drink new alcoholic beverages on earth and create new alcoholic beverages for himself.

 It is said that he refused to join the official gods because of this, making him an unprecedented drinker.

 So Bacchus lives on a farm and makes sake.

 It's not that I asked him to do anything, it's just that when I noticed it, it was something like that.

 As expected of a god, even if he's only half a god. He is too free to do what he does.

 But now Bacchus, very depressed, was nodding off in a corner of the brewery.

''.........You haven't recovered yet?''

 Even though it's been a long time since then.

 Yes, Bacchus has been depressed lately.
 He's a man of action, but he doesn't do anything, and leaves his important work to his followers.

 That's why the brewery itself is running without any problems, but that's no reason to leave Bacchus alone as he is.

...No, in fact, I've left it wide open.

 After all, it's been ever since the exposition ended....

 The reason why Bacchus has become so depressed is because of the exposition.

 The event that took place in the Devil's Land the other winter.
 A farm fair.

 There, the farm members presented what they had cultivated, and it was very well received.

 As a matter of fact, Bacchus had also exhibited at the expo.
 The theme, of course, was alcohol.

 Bacchus came to the farm and presented for the first time my otherworldly knowledge and the many unusual drinks made from the farm's unusual crops.

 Naturally, he was impressed.

 A long line of people lined up at the "Sake House" Bacchus hosted, and all the drinkers in the Demon City gathered there.
 The number of customers was great. I think it was in a position to compete with Lettuce Rate's "Bean House" and Viel's "Wheat House" for the highest number of visitors.

 But it was not to be.

 Instead of being crowned the number one in terms of number of visitors, Bacchus's Sake Pavilion disappeared without a chance to compete for the top spot.

 The reason for this is that the only thing on display is alcohol.
 If you drink, you get drunk.

The Liquor House has been flooded with a large number of drunks around it.

 They got drunk and tangled up with people around them, lying down on the side of the road, and to top it all off, they threw up.

 The whole exposition was closed on the same day because of the danger to public safety.
 Bacchus's "Liquor Pavilion" became a phantom pavilion that was only open on the first day.

 This seemed to be a great shock to him.
 Even now, long after the exhibition had ended, Bacchus was still depressed.

'My liquor..., my liquor was not accepted like this...!

 He's letting out all those ramblings.

'What went wrong...? My drink is not supposed to make me feel bad...? The sake made by the god of sake is a good sake that will never be forgotten!

 That said, though.

 I've heard that food and drink made on the farm is much tastier than outside.
 I've heard that the food and drink made on the farm is much better than the food outside.
 Such a pattern was overflowing.

 Especially Bacchus, who seemed to be really into the expo, brought out all kinds of sake from the farm.

 Not to mention the most popular wines in this world.
 Beer, sake, high alcohol spirits, and of course the most popular wines in the world.
 I tried to bring out as much fruit wine as I could, and even tried to include a bottle of ryuzu on the menu, but I had to stop myself from doing so in a hurry.

 That's how enthusiastic they were about it.
 And yet, it was cancelled.
 I can't blame them for being shocked.

If they'd at least limited it to low strength sake, we wouldn't have had any drunkenness problems...
"We were going to serve whiskey and shochu with water! And yet before you know it, it's straight...!

 That's very drunk.

Well, so would I. I wanted the whole fair to go off without a hitch, and I couldn't afford to let any trouble happen.

 In fact, during the course of the event, we received several requests to reopen the Sake House, but in the end we did not accept them until the very end.
 We couldn't guarantee that we wouldn't serve drunks again, or that they wouldn't cause trouble.

'Because nothing is more unbelievable than the word of a drunkard,'
Oh my God! Drinking could bring peace to the world! All the people in the world could be friends with alcohol!

 You could say that all mistakes also arise from drinking, though.

 But, well, it's heartbreaking to see Bacchus so discouraged as he is.
 From the finale of the exposition to today, there's been so many things to do, like Castle Okubo, the attack of Dr. No-Life King, and the fiasco of Prince Arowana and Puffa's marriage, that it's been hard to get to grips with them.

 It's time to encourage Bacchus in earnest.

Please, saints! I failed at the expo, but I want to spread the word about the wonders of booze to the world! Give me another chance! What do you have?

 That being said, are we supposed to serve farm-made alcohol in public again?

 I can't allow it because I can see that I'm going to get drunk and get in trouble again anyway.
 They say it's too good to drink until you're drunk.
 How ironic.

It is an absolute requirement to prevent drunkenness. The worst thing that could happen at the exposition was to get vomited on. But if it goes beyond that and you get into a knife fight, it's a joke.

 That said, if you drink and don't get drunk, it's not alcohol.

 It's a matter of degree.
 It's okay to be drunk. Just don't get so drunk that you cause trouble for the people around you.

 No one gets drunk as planned with the intention of getting drunk from the beginning.
 That is the fear of alcohol.

'So we need a way to eliminate... or at least reduce the number of people who get too drunk.

 Why are you drunk?
 It's because you drink.
 We get drunk beyond our limits because we drink too much.

 So how can we cut down on the amount of alcohol we drink? Can you make it so I don't drink all the time?


 That's right.
 It's bad enough that he only drinks.

'Just make him eat and drink other things, not alcohol. That was the easy part.

 Come to think of it, they only served alcohol at the exposition.
 Is it because he is the god of alcohol and has no interest in anything but alcohol?

If they only served alcohol, of course they would get drunk!
'What? What? What did I do wrong?

 You demigod!

 We've found a solution to the problem.
 Put out something other than alcohol!

 You drink a drink, put something in between and then drink again.
 This cycle dilutes the alcohol in the body and prevents intoxication.

 In other words.....


 We need a snack of booze!

 Thus the policy was decided. As a first step towards organizing a liquor revenge event, we'll create a snack of otherworldly liquor!